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Wooden Waffles Update: Day 1 & 2!

Feb 9 2007 / Friday

ebday1Evelien, frontside board on day 1

Day 1:

Last Saturday the etnies Wooden Waffles tour started in skatepark The Promise in Heerlen, a small city in the south of Holland.

A total of three cars, all filled with various Dutch and Belgian etnies teamriders, left from various cities in the Benelux. Around 1 pm all three vehicles made it to the skatepark.

The Promise is not really centrally located in Holland, and therefore not too many Dutch skateboarders visit the park. It is one of the best ones without any doubt. Decent obstacles, the whole place is super clean and a super friendly staff.

Some of the locals where so stoked to see the etnies riders in their local park, that the spray painted a bunch of logos all over the park. Now that's a warm welcome!

Back to the riders. From the second they came into the park they where in "shred-mode." Douwe Macare, no warm up kickflip front board on the big rail. Nelson Mosikili executed his new trick; cab back lip on the small rail. Felipe Barea nollie heeled the big drive with easy.

Bart Naafs,
31 years old and frontside nosegrinds down the small hubba. No problemo! Sidney Laturperissa skates with a big smile. This smile got even bigger after he bigspin flipped the big driveway. Forget the hour trying and the big-ass flatspots that he ended up with. Skateboarding is fun! Hein Schellekens took care of the gab in the quarterpipe. Frontside ollie over the channel to frontside lipslide.

Evelien Bouilliart, best female skateboarder in Europe, hands down. Street skills like no other chica! How about backside smith grinds down the small rail? And in between she thought some other girls how to ollie. They where stoked to see Evelien rip and they where even more stoked to get a private "how to ollie" class!

Axel Cruysberghs turned 12 a few months ago and learns a new trick easier then most of us. He flew over the snowboard jump, grinded the rail, flipped over the hips and even hit his head on the floor in between this all. Little man, big ripper!

The Dutch etnies team made another Belgian friend this day. Newly Belgian etnies rider Jonathan Franc came to Heerlen and blended in without any problems. Besides being a super humble kid he has some sick skills on his skateboard!

Rachid Addoe showed up a little later, but emptied his bag of trick in no time. He gets more consisted ever day.

Day 2:

We stayed the night in a hotel in Gent (Belgium), that was harder to find then we thaught. Sunday around noon we drove to Oostende for the next stop. Stopped at a bakery in Oostende for some bread and waffles.

Got to skatepark De Veiling around 2 pm. The park was pretty crowded, and dust was lying everywhere. The dust got airtime as most etnies riders started skating. The park is pretty simple, but it has some cool obstacles. The main obstacles were a driveway with no flatbottom. So you had to make the trick or eat shit.

Over the next few hours this obstacles was annihilated. Some riders even stepped up their tricks by doing them to flat. Like Douwe (fs flip & shifty flip), Rachid (bs flip) and Felipe (360 flip)!

All in all it was a successful weekend. Be sure to check the photo gallery!

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