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Baco-a-go-go Halloween Jam!

Oct 31 2007 / Wednesday


Why even go to comps anymore? Contests come and go. There’s an event pretty much every weekend. There’s not too much to set them apart. They all seem to blend together: same format, same tricks, same dudes winning, blah blah blah. They just seem so clinical and easily forgettable and not really even a true representation of what riding is about in my opinion anyways.

I remember when it used to be fun going to comps, seeing your friends. It wasn’t so much about the results or the comp itself, as much as hanging out with everyone you only get to see once in a while. Time for a change in my opinion!


Baco comps have been around for a good few years now, not necessarily the biggest comps and definitely not about the next big trick or boosting anyone’s egos. They’ve taken it back to what an event used to mean to me. Good times and fun.

What better time to have a get together than Halloween or have an event if you’re interested in having fun with your buddies? Baco does everything they can to make sure whoever shows up has a really good time. Obviously being an event based around Halloween, costumes are a must. And not just after hours. Many guys (and girls) rode the comp in full costumes, whether it be a Tony Neyer in his gladiator outfit, Brian Kachinky’s Pillsbury Dough Boy to Mark Mulville as Paul Stanley from Kiss in complete reunion tour make up, the event is all about fun and even the audience shows up in full garb. Good times.


Some people are probably regretting some choices they made at the event. Outside the park they had a tattoo booth set up with free tattoos. Yeah, real tattoo’s, none of this henna shit! There’s definitely people waking up today with Morgan Wade and Dave Freimuth’s names tattooed on their asses. And not just one or two people, either.

Back to the comp. Highlights from the day (if they can be considered highlights?) were a streaking BMXer, complete with swinging junk, not sure that went over too well with some of the parents in attendance but what can you expect when the event has a beer sponsor? BMXers aren’t normal by any means!


When it came to riding, some good stuff went down. The usual comp tricks like flips and spins from certain individuals, but also more tech stuff that riders would appreciate. And having a jam format finals is always the way to go. It lets guys get creative and also try things multiple times without being penalized because of it. Having Catfish behind the mic is nothing but a side splitting comedy fest. At the end of the day when the smoke cleared, Morgan came out on top, but it wasn’t without a fight. Some guys either stuck to one area of the park doing their thing. Some guys just went fast and did fewer tricks but had style and some guys stuck to one style of tricks. I guess Morgan must have had a good mix of everything. Can’t wait till next year. Thanks Chad.



1. Morgan Wade. 280 points
2. Mark Mulville. 279 points
3. Johnny Devlin. 273 points
4. Anthony Watkinson. A4/etnies. 263 points
5. Brian Hunt. 259 points
6. Anthony Napolitan. 255 points
7. Karl Poynter. 253 points
8. Zak Earley. 246 points
9. Tom Villareal. 242 points
10. Craig Mast. 241 points

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