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Marie-France Roy!

Oct 23 2007 / Tuesday

etnies blog image

Now that you are on the ThirtyTwo Pro Team do you feel that you are at the top of your game?
Me? No, I’m still a baby. I’ve got lots of work to do.

What riders are at the top of snowboarding right now?
For women I would say Leanne Pelosi. She’s been killing it for several years. Also Tara Dakides, Hana Beamen and Natasha Zurek are up there.

Who are your sponsors?
Rome, Oakley, Red Bull, etnies, Whistler Blackcomb, Axis Board Shop and Magical Go-Go Wax. Not only do they make wax but they also make snorkels for when you ride in powder, that’s going to be the new style.

Current snowboarders that you look up to?
There are a bunch. Some have more style than others. Some are more consistent,. Some are more technical. I like to see people ride with personality, like Laura Hadar. You can tell she’s a badass. Andrew Hardingham. He’s not that well known but he’s gnarly and he does these home videos that are super fun to watch.

Who influenced you to get to this point?
Tara Dakides, Barrett Christy, Nicola Thost, JP Walker. I don’t know what tricks they did to influence me back then but I thought they looked happy when I would watch their video parts.

What’s up with contests?
Here’s the thing with women riders and contests: the more conservative you are the more likely you are to land your ticks, which then leads to contest wins. Women riders are not at that level of throwing huge tricks and landing every time like the guys are, but contests are a good place to get exposure. Guys, well they can’t be conservative because tons of riders will land their runs but women aren’t to that point yet. Sometimes straight airs and 360s will still win some of the women contests.

Where does the most progression for the sport take place?
Free-riding and filming. You get the whole winter to try to learn new tricks and to land them on film so what comes out of those days is your best. With contests you can land lame tricks and win. I don’t want to win off a backside three ‘cause I will feel like shit. I would rather try harder tricks and not land them than win off a three or a straight air.

How can they make contests better for the progression of the sport and for riders?
I wish the judges would pay more attention. It’s too obvious when someone throws a rad trick and they don’t win. You think "Were the judges even watching?" But sometimes you will win and you will feel like you don’t deserve it. Everyone knows who should have won.

Contests you are entering this year?
Vail Sessions, Vans Cup, Abominable Snowjam, GvR. Go Regular!

Any scariest moments?
I have had a lot of those. Sometimes when you are in the air and you know you are going down. You feel like "This is the end of my season and my career!" That happened at Super Park last year when we were hitting this 85-footer and I landed on the knuckle and bounced halfway down the landing. But I was fine.

Where is home?
Whistler Blackcomb. That’s where I live now.

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in a really small town about an hour outside of Quebec, it’s absolutely beautiful there. There was no park at the local mountain, La Massif, just a lot of free-riding. I would ride with my brothers in the woods. We were always trying to find powder. La Massif doesn’t really have a lot of cliffs because all the cliffs they do have are surrounded by trees.

What’s your favorite part of snowboarding?
Riding with your friends and having fun. It’s fun to do contests, but the best is in the Spring with your friends, trying new tricks and ugly grabs.

What new tricks you are working on?
I want to learn all four sevens. I can’t do backside or cab sevens yet. I also want to land a front-side 1080. I’ve been trying to get that one but it keeps alluding me. Last year Red Bull put on a shoot just for me to land my first 1080. The shoot lasted for a week and I never landed it. I felt bad because the whole shoot was for me to land the 1080 but it just didn’t work out. I want to get that trick.

Do you spin front-side off of your heels or toes?
I spin off my heels.

How long have you been riding?
12 years.

How old are you?
I’m 23.

How did you get started in snowboarding?
My brothers got me into it. My Dad had bought a season pass and my brothers went straight to snowboarding and I went skiing with my Dad. After a day of skiing I was like this is lame and my brothers were having so much fun snowboarding. I new I had to get on that program. So the next day I went snowboarding and my brothers were bummed because they thought I would be tagging along all the time and they were older and cooler. But they were cool. They helped me out a lot.

etnies blog image

Favorite ThirtyTwo boot to ride?
The Lashed. I like a softer boot and the Lashed look amazing. The Vela is really good also. I rode the Broport all of last year and they were really good to me. They are still in prefect condition.

Favorite etnies shoe?
The Callicuts and the Hi-Top’s.

How do you feel about hi-fives?
Is this a trap? I think high-fives are awesome. High-fives all around.

High-fives or rocks?
I like the handshake and if someone does the rock, I do the rock and then act like I’m gonna smoke the rock and then uh-uh, oh no, I’m not down for that. So I throw the rock on the ground.

Film crews you are working with?
This year I filmed with Rome, they were so cool because they wanted me to have a full part. I also shot with Runway, which was super good and maybe I will film with both of those crews this next year.

What are your biggest achievements?
My part in Any Means. It couldn’t have been better. I mean it could have been better of course. It was just so fun, and I’m stoked on how my part turned out. It’s not always easy to film with guys, I wouldn’t want to be in Alaska with Jeremy Jones or anything. But the guys push me more. Girls aren’t as experienced and tend to over-think things. The guys will also hit all the kickers first. So I can judge how they hit them and watch and learn. Also, the guys get pumped when I land something, but the girls are more competitive with one another and I don’t want to have to deal with competition, especially when you just want to do good for yourself, I hate the vibe.

Who is your favorite band?
That’s too hard. I couldn’t tell you, it changes all the time but if I had to choose one it would be Patsy Kline. Artists that I’m listening to now would be Regina Spektor, Rage Against the Machine, Anti-Flag, the stuff I listened to in high school and some Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, some techno.

Do you have any hobbies outside of snowboarding?
I like animals, all of them.

Do you have a collection?
I used to. I like spending a lot of time in nature. I received a degree in Ecology and have always loved to learn all about that stuff. Leaning about ecosystems and having aquariums with fish and salamanders is amazing.

What else do you rock?
I like trying to surf, I’m a beginner but it doesn’t matter to me because just being out on the water is great. I also like skating mini ramp.

If you weren’t a pro snowboarder what would you be?
I would be a hippie in the woods harvesting sea horses. Sea horses are my favorite animal.

What trips are in the works for this year?
I might go to Russia. Red Bull and Oakley put a trip together for cat-boarding and heli-boarding that I might be in on. These trips are always last minute and I’m sure there will be more trips.

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