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Brian Kachinsky Blog Two-Parter!

Oct 2 2007 / Tuesday


A very busy summer is coming to an end but it has definitely been one of my best yet!

Recent trips included but not limited to: Minneapolis, Duluth, Appleton, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Lake Owen camp, Berlin, San Diego, Orange County, San Fran and Portland. I'm probably missing a few, but needless to say, the last two months have been crazy.


So Cal was great. I never realized how endless the street is. I've never wanted to hug a tree until really experiencing the Redwoods. The Oregon coast is beautiful (mountains, dunes, coffee, perfect temperature, clean air) Oregon parks are incredible and inevitable (even though you might get vibed on a bike). Paul Bunyan really is that big. Portland might be on the list of my favorite cities in the US (got to see more of it this time around). Despite my relentless search I still have not found Bigfoot. Lake Owen is a laid-back Wisconsin style version of Woodward. Berlin is massive and a good mix of old and new and I am always amazed and jealous of the train system over there.


Even though summer is technically coming to an end the travels continue. I'm headed to Paris on Sept. 2 to start a euro Props Megatour with DK. I'm exited to explore even more of Europe with Catfish, Brett Walker, Nina and company! After I return I’m going on some trips with Stew Johnson to start working on an interview for Props. Our schedule is loose but our destination is the South and Midwest. Here are a few pics from the past couple weeks.


Europe Megatour highlights and low lights:

1. The crew of Catfish, Quinn, Walker, Hunt, Nina, Walter and Fudger was a recipe for great times, lots of laughs and disaster all at once. All of these guys/gals rule and always entertain but a few of them are known for bad luck...


2. We got robbed in Paris. Not having a tour guide can put you in some great unknown spots but also some not so great spots (i.e. the Paris housing projects). Lots were taken including backpacks, cameras, money, GPS systems, car keys, passports, etc. In return we got the passports, car keys and some punches. Nina is one tough girl.

3. I love Germany

4. The Brussels locals were the best hosts ever. We rolled into Brussels with no plan and no direction. We found an all BMX shop, Hangloose, and met up with some locals there. They showed us around to some hot spots and cold drinks.


5. In true road trip fashion we made a few random stops off the side of the road and checked out the local terrain. One stop was Maastrict in the Netherlands. Dodging rain and churchgoers we found and rode some really, really good stuff that looked as if it had never been touched by a bike. Finding spots is just as fun as riding them. I think we got a few random kids hooked on BMX that day as well.

6. "Recalculating." Thanks Garmin! (Our GPS).


7. Espresso- heavily sessioned, never lets you down.

8. Thanks DK and Props for an awesome and definitely memorable trip! Check out the video when it comes out later this year!


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