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Another Email of the Week!

Aug 30 2006 / Wednesday

emailThis is me when I get 6 billion "free sticker" emails a day

I liked this email:

Hey, you guys have to know this by now, but what the hell, I'm gonna say it again. You're just pretty damn awesome. I don't mean to sound like a suck-up, but everything you guys do is killer, and you honestly have to be the best company on this planet. To get to the point, you rock, and I was hoping you could look around the place and see if you had an extra tee, or maybe a couple stickers, not much, just enough to represent you here in Beaverton. Technically this is a letter askin' for stuff, but I'm really just shooting for giving you guys some needed respect. If you can't send anything Im still gonna spread the word verbally, and do my personal best to get your name out there, so that more people can respect you like me.

Keepin it real,

Jaime R.

Hey Jamie, thanks a lot! We like you too. I had to fix a lot of typos though. Work on your spellcheckin' next time! ;)

And for all you 8 million kids a day emailing me about getting sponsored...I can't do it for you, but ifyou want a tip, put your video online and send me a link like this kid Phillip did, that way, if it is mindblowing, I can foward it to the right people, or at least post it here for the world to see and you can have your fifteen minutes of fame.

I'm hookin up these two gents with some free etnies stuff just for sendin me good emails on a Monday morning. How 'bout them apples?

P.S. Stop asking me for free stickers. I don't have any.

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