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Trigger Comes up a Little Short

Jul 25 2006 / Tuesday

Check how he landed on the top deck... a few more feet and he woulda landed butter.


Over the weekend we headed out to Miami, Oklahoma (they pronounce it "Miama" out there) to see Trigger Gumm attempt to break his own distance jumping world record of 277.5 feet, and break the unofficial, but well-known, 310 foot jump by Ryan Capes. The plan was for Trigg to jump around 315 feet or maybe more.

In the days leading up to the event Trigger was practicing and feeling really comfortable jumping as far as 270 feet. The show came around and Trigg started out at about 240’ and did a few practice jumps while increasing the ramp gap about 10-15 feet each time. His final jump before the world record attempt was taped off at 273 feet, 11 inches, which was a new 450cc world record and only a few feet short of the outright distance record of 277.

Trigg's wife Erin, Seth and Ox makin sure he is alright

The next attempt is the one you’ve seen video of on CNN and countless local newscasts and websites… the jump that went wrong. They pulled back the ramp another 10 feet and Trigg made his run at the takeoff as he had done many times that day at over 80mph. Maybe it was the pressure of live TV, maybe a problem with the carburetor, or possibly the 10mph headwind out of the North... whatever it was, Trigg came up a little short. He went about 280 feet, landed on the top deck of the landing, bounced half way down and took a good ol’ Oklahoma soil sample.

Before the crash the nurses were placing bets on weather or not they would meet Trigger... someone won a few bucks

Amazingly, Trigger was able to walk to a waiting ambulance under his own power and was transported to a local hospital for x-rays and observation over night. The x-rays showed a couple cracked vertebrae in his neck and back, but he should be fine with a little rest, some doctor prescribed "candy" and just taking it mellow for a little while. A mere mortal surely couldn’t take a crash like that and walk away, but Trigg is an animal and one tough dude. He will be back soon enough to conquer the world record just as he set out to do.

Here's to a speedy recovery, Trigg!

Some random stuff...
I had a 2GB CF card die on me, so I lost a ton of sweet photos! Freekin' sucks bad. But we should have a video of some sort in the next week or so, so check back for that.

Lil' Mike and Roc

There was this midget dude hanging out, I think his name was little Mike?, and Trigger was going to jump the ramp with the midget on board for a doubles jumping world record! Holy shit that would have been funny! Maybe next time...

Seth Enslow came out to Oklahoma, too. He made sure Trigg was feeling comfortable, giving a little advise if needed and providing everyone with shots of Green Label Jack all week! Thanks Seth! Not to mention terrorizing the local bar scene and throwing multiple chicks in swimming pools... good times.

The rental car ride to the airport was crazy. Ox for sure has a black eye now, Fluffer got wet-willied so many times by Maddo its just gross, Maddo was asphalt surfing at 90mph out the door, and somehow we lost the side mirrior on a road cone... don't tell AVIS.

13 Comments Trigger Comes up a Little Short

  1. Get well soon!

    Glenn Kocina
    Posted: 8 years ago,
  2. if u read this ur gay

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  3. nice job trigg keep the shit up

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  4. get well soon tigger

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  5. hi trigg. i saw the jump on tv. i hope you get well soon. i hope to talk to you again one day. you were cool enough to give me a signed poster and a etnies hat a few months ago. i know you will make the record if you try it again. we had the poster up in our 6th grade class.

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  6. ride on, nice try trigg! get well soon man, we cant wait to see you tear up the world agen!

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  7. Lil Mikey is the Shit.....

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  8. get well or ill put ya in hospital again (joke)
    for real unlucky you'll nail it next time no probs
    ill try come out to the u.s. for it,not that you give a shit but there you go!

    lloyd from scotland
    Posted: 8 years ago,
  9. Thats Rad they got a shot of me and Big Mike The Angry Midget! Trigger is doing great and is already 100% healed.. Look for big things for Trigger Gumm in the Future! Thanks Etnies!!! Make some size 16's for me Fuckers!!!

    Rocky "Roc Doc" Neidhardt
    Posted: 8 years ago,
  10. all your crew is the shit.... you brought this little town alive. hope to see you back. keep us clued in on trigger's process k rock. thanx for the memories. from two of your girl fans. tell robbie he has a pic i would like.

    debbie &mary
    Posted: 8 years ago,
  11. Debbie and Mary?? Holy Sheep Shit.. Did any DVD's ever come for me to the Microtel?? Hit me on my cell-e..360-670-5532. Sorry for leaving a Chronic Haze in my room.. Thats how I do it! ha ha ha! We will be back in about 2 months if everything goes the right way..

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  12. hey rock, we are going to call you soon and play a little prank on ya. get your f@#king ass back here me and mary are very bored. we miss you all so much we're thinking about hitting the west coast. tell trigger hey and seth wassup. call us we are here going crazy. call us to get our number at the microtel 918-540-3333. PLEASE come back. cause you know girls wanna have fun!!!!!!
    peace and love
    debbie and mary holla

    debbie &mary
    Posted: 8 years ago,
  13. ps rock
    we love the pic of you and mike.

    debbie &mary
    Posted: 8 years ago,

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