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Mexico Spearfishing/Scuba Trip

May 26 2006 / Friday

This was i trip i just did with my buddy Brandon Lillard....
(click each photo for a larger version)

I landed in Cabo around 3pm on a Monday. I go through the regular customs shenanigans, which by the way was pleasantly uneventful, and head for the door. I text Brandon that I was there and he replied quickly with "I'm 15min. away", man I love technology. I post up against a wall that was just in the shade, not like it mattered really it was like 97 degrees out, the white people were melting! This was my first time to Cabo. And as soon as Brandon showed up I realize I actually wasn’t even going to get to see Cabo because as soon as I loaded up the truck with my mountain of gear, he said "alright, lets hit the road."

Its around 4:30 now and we’ve set out on our 1300 mile journey back to San Diego. We drive a two-lane road with no shoulder for a few hours dodging random cows and driving thru tiny villages some with the most amazing churches and bizarre structures. Its getting dark now and neither of us have eaten yet. We stop in a small town and get some carne asada tacos at a tiny taco shack on the side of the road. These tacos were the best tacos I ate on this trip and possibly the best tacos I've ever had. I had four, he ate cinco, and we were off. We drove on the road for another couple hours before taking an unmarked turn off and drove a bumpy/sketchy rocky road for 30 or so miles to a place called Scorpion Bay. It was around 11pm we showed up. We were both pretty tired so we set up camp and got some sleep.

We woke up in the morning fairly early and checked the surf, or lack there of. We headed over to this little cantina and we both got some pancakes and discussed our options. We decided to just head to San Nicolas, but first we had to repack the car. I built my bike while Brandon just relaxed on the edge of the cliff. We repacked the car and all of it crap. Time to go. We head back to town which is a small village 10 minutes from the camp site and get some gas for the boats we'll need to rent in San Nicolas. Getting gas meant having some guy at a shack siphon gas from his cans to ours. Meanwhile there was a bunch of the cutest kids in his yard dancing, swinging and eating and enjoying some tortillas for a mid day snack. These kids were some of the happiest kids I’ve ever seen. We load the gas and get back on the sketchy dirt road and head east stopping shortly to see a whaleboat shipwrecked on the beach. The road was in bad shape and we had to drive real slow sometimes. At one point a few military guard came out of the brush holding machine guns and requested to search our vehicle. Now remember we are on a 60 mile dirt road in what could be described as a barren wasteland, and these two guys just wonder out of the brush to make a drug smuggling inspection. We pass the checkpoint and continue on.

We drove for three of four hours on this road checking fallen down random signs to make sure we didn’t make a wrong turn into to the what seem to be the never ending nothingness. We finally hit the highway and decide to drive south in the other direction 30 miles to go to a town called Loreto. We needed to eat and if we didn’t do it now we might not get another chance to do so. We were both starving. We again stopped at a roadside taco shack café and ate some carne asada taco and some nachos. So good. I saw a cool looking church with some ledges, steps and a bank out front so I grabbed my bike and filmed a few clips and did a mini demo for some of the kid attending the church, they were stoked, after we headed to the gas station to get some gas and heard Tony Hawks demolition radio show on our Sirius satellite radio which by the way was keeping us with some savory tunes even in the most obscure middle of nowhere canyons. Since they were live I decided to call in and heckle them from south of the border. I called in and chatted on air for about ten minutes during which Tony reminded me to get back by Friday cause we were flying to mammoth to snowboard from Carlsbad at 4pm. I said will do and we headed on, stopped at a mini mart picked up some snacks, ice, and some other stuff and headed back north again. We got to another unmarked dirt road and made a right. We drove for about 45 minutes until we hit the Sea of Cortez. We were welcomed with some horses drinking from one of the ocean inlets and some whalebone outside the gates. This place was just a few home clustered in what was an oasis compared to the rest of the valley, right on the water a man named terry runs a small fishing gig out of his home. Brandon and him were old friends so we were welcomed in. Brandon’s other friend Nate also met us there to do some spear fishing.

We sat around and hung out playing with the dozen dogs and many other animals. It was awesome to hang out with these guys. Pedro, Terry’s dad, even came out and hung out for a bit. There were already some guys they’re from San Diego who had been fishing all day and were about to start cooking some of their fish for dinner and they invited us to join them. They had cooked up on a piece of foil over an open flame grill some of the most amazing fish I’ve ever eaten. I had a couple fish tacos, one yellowtail and one amber jack.

We said thank you and headed over to the beach to set up our camp 20 feet from the water. We all were pretty tired so we crashed in the sand. We got up early right about sun up and got our gear together, packed up the boat and the three of us headed out. We powered out about 6 miles or so out to Ill Defonso Island. We drove around the island a bit looking for the clearest waters. We stopped and anchored in. We saw a big shark fin just about 100 yards from us but decided to check this spot anyways. Nate jumped in and immediately speared a yellowtail about 18 pounds or so. Brandon and I swam around a bit but didn’t see much, we all head back to the boat and moved on to the next spot.

We anchored again and this time I put on my scuba gear and grabbed my camera and decided to film Brandon spear some fish. I was having a little trouble equalizing because of some sinus issues but with a little patience I sorted it out. I swam about 25 feet below Brandon a for about 30 minutes waiting for him to dive down and end some poor unsuspecting fishes life, the visibility wasn’t that great but he managed to massacre two cabrilla. He hooked them on his belt and we headed back to the boat, my tank was 2/3 empty so we wanted to save some for another spot. When we got back to the boat we all hopped in and I started to take off all my gear. That little sinus problem burst some stuff in my head and I got a small nosebleed, awesome. Nate got back and he shot another yellowtail this one was a good 25 pounder and a small cabrillo as well. Those guys check one more spot while I chilled, but with no luck and bad visibility they jumped back in the boat shortly and we head back to the beach

Brandon ripped the gills out of the fish and gutted them as well. After throwing the end trails to the pigeons that were flying furiously above and around we decided to just give the fish to terry. It was still pretty early so we packed up and decided we should get on the road, we had a 6-hour drive till our next destination. We loaded up said our thanks to Terry and our goodbyes to Nate and Brandon and I headed back out on the same dirt road we headed in on.

We drive for about an hour once we hit the paved road and stopped at a small village named Mulege and again ordered some carne asada tacos. Man I love those things. This taco shack was so full of flies and bugs that we ate as fast as we could and headed on. We passed some of the bluest waters on our way north to Guerreo Negro. We got to Guerreo Negro at 5pm and decided not to stop but to power the rest of the 9 hours home. We got gas and head on. At one of the many military inspection one of the guards asked if I did tricks on my bike so I pulled it out and did some ground trick and jumped on some ledges. They were stoked I think to have a little show.

It was dark now and we were on full alert looking for cows and or people in the road. I slept a bit while Brandon charged. We stopped in Ensenada for gas again and to get our windows cleaned. At this point we had eaten every snack in the car. We were getting so close to the border we could taste it. Just hoping there was not a fiasco at the border or a huge wait. We got to the border around 230am and breezed right thru in 10 min. La Jolla was the only thing on our minds. Brandon had just powered a 15-hour drive after a day of diving and was ready to sleep. We got back to Brandon’s in La Jolla at about 3am and we immediately passed out. We both woke up about 9am and unloaded the car. We were a day early so I had nowhere to go because I was supposed to go straight to Tony’s house to get on a flight to mammoth. I called my brother Gabe and he picked me up and drove me to my dads where my car was parked. I decided to go home to LA for the day and clean my gear before headed to Tony’s tomorrow. Brandon headed to work, his first day as marketing manager over at Nixon watches. Once home I went and saw a midnight showing of X-men 3 then crashed. Heading to Tony’s in the morning.

Check the photo gallery for a map and with an outline of our trip. I wanted to thank Brandon for a sick trip and some good tacos. Adios

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