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Team news- by Taj

May 25 2006 / Thursday

Garrett Gray Povah. Welcome to the party little guy.

The team news has been slacking lately because Mr. Povah, our beloved team manager, and his wife Jackie just had a baby boy. Congratulations! Garrett Gray Povah is now on the planet everyone!


Well, since Povah's out for a bit taking some family time I am doing my best to get you some much needed etnies team news. Just remember Mr. Garrett Gray Povah, your dad was our (the etnies team's) dad first.

Ruben Alcantara

Ruben Alcantara is chilling in Chile now doing the usual things for a Ruben. Surfing and eating at all the cool spots. He has neglected to mention in his email if he's been riding, but I think its safe to say he's probably blown someone's mind doing something on his bike this week (that's always a pretty safe bet). He says the locals are really cool and that Chile is a great place. Ruben's been almost everywhere hasn't he?

Make your best motorcycle noise for this caption...

Garrett Byrnes hasn't gotten back to me either. I know he's up in Jersey, and he's probably been getting up at like 4:30 AM to go to work in the Union. Probably surfed and maybe rode some trails?

He has a new T-shirt out through T-1 that Joe Rich designed for him. Its a pretty cool design for sure. One time Garrett's dad sent me a picture of a Garrett Byrnes signature Barcode bike hanging from a crane 150 feet above a lake. Wish I could find it in my iPhoto.

Garrett's new signature shirt through T-1.

Sandy Carson has had a rough last couple weeks. His back has been giving him tons of trouble and he's be unable to do any riding (outside of transportation purposes).

He's done a bit of updating to Sandy and he's been doing some photo assistant work with Austin superstar photographer Aubrey Edwards. He's also been stopping by T-1 most everyday to help us with some ramp work (probably much to Dr. Roy Mullins' (his chiropractor) dismay). He's also been under the gun finishing up editorial and photo work for the next issue of Dig Magazine.

Scrounging into my photo archives trying to find pics of everyone. Sandy Carson... yet another surfing dude.

Mike Escamilla called me the other day and is trying to work out a filming trip with John Heaton, himself and I to Finland. We all have to get cracking on our filming for the new etnies BMX video that will be out near the end of this year. After he did that crazy Gumball 3000 race thing he did a few other adventures. I have them all mixed up in my head right now though, so I don't want to give any of the wrong information. He's sooooo busy, its really hard to keep up with him.

I seriously think Mike is going to wrestle this thing.

I know he said something about trying to have a lot of "adventures" this year, and something about some 24 hour drive into the Mexico interior to go surfing. Then he told me something about going to hunt or wrestle wild boar... I swear that's what he said... I think. Anyway, you can bet that when someone like Rooftop says they are going on adventures, they really are going to be for real adventures. Rooftop is amassing quite a collection of good stories for his old timer days chillin' on the porch.

3000 photos on my computer and this is the only one I can find of Dave Freimuth (and it has Kevin Porter on the left).

Dave Freimuth is another team guy who didn't get back to me with news. Man, Povah has his hands full with us. I'm sure Dave's been hanging with his new baby (who I have yet to see pictures of so I'm not sure I believe it), and he ought to be just about healed up after his knee surgery a few months back. I've watched Joe rehab through some knee reconstruction surgeries and I know its a hell of a lot of work. Get well Dave and lets meet up to go filming at Chad's Park soon!.

This is Jamie back from when he was in charge of one of those Good Times Contests he was putting on at the Flow.

Jamie Bestwick hasn't had a chance to get back to me about what he's up to. I can only guess that he has gone higher then anyone ever on vert this week and landed so smooth and quietly that no one ever heard it (and he probably didn't even know it). Not sure if that means it doesn't count for the new world record.

John Heaton is on my MIA list as well. He's up in Canada though, so I figure that's half of an excuse right there (its like a whole other country over there... and I here they're tightening up the borders these days). If my figures are right the weather must be freaking spectacular about now up in Vancouver after a winter of rain and dreariness. I hope he's spending tons of time outside riding and not on computers writing team news, even if it does turn Povah's hair gray!

John Heaton, on top of a mountain in California, in what looks like mid-pimp limp.


Sergio Layos has been busy and is just back to Spain after winning the Australian King of Dirt Jump Competition. There is of course some heavy talent down on that side of the planet, so Sergio must have been riding pretty darn good, bravo! He said they had a big party and bands playing afterwards. Before Australia he was on a Fly Bikes road trip through France. He also did some vert demos with Eduardo for Red Bull at a music festival (man... another vert rider sprouting up... yes!).

He also wanted to give a congrats to John Povah for the baby making, "I just want to say that I wish him and his family all the best they deserve it...I think there should be more people like Povah and I'm so happy about him having a baby. I know he will be a nice person!!!"

Nice people are good, and Sergio might just win that contest too.

Joe Rich has his eyes- or maybe just one eye on you.

Joe Rich lives about 2 miles from me and I see him every day so I guess that excuses him from not answering my request for team news also. Joe's been busting his butt working at T-1 day in and day out. He's also been working with me everyday as we're adding a new addition on to the ramp. We've decided to approach the remaining space in the T-1 backyard like dirt jump trails, just connect the ramps with whatever seems like it would flow.

I don't have a single picture of Josh Stricker, but here's a photo of his awesome new grips from Primo.

Its been a wild scene back there the last few days... not sure who trusted us enough to go crazy with tools, but "ratty" has been the coverall word for everything we do. Joe's just got back from a mini California roadtrip with Ruben Alcantara too. They went surfing a lot and had a great time. What's up with all the surfing dudes on the BMX team? Man, I can hardly even swim and I'm terrified of jelly-fish. He did some moto-crossing as well this week and he's getting pretty good on that thing. He saw Mono and Pelican play last night and he's been doing some ramp shredding a bit each day (he's the king of the T-1 ramp though he won't admit it).

Josh Stricker lives in Austin too, but I haven't seen him too much. I guess I just stay holed up in the T-1 compound too much. He got back to me about news which is a step better then most of the team, but he said he couldn't type well as he'd just spent a while in Emergency room with some problems with his arm. Man, hope you're ok Josh and I do seriously still want go do some BMX racing like we talked about so long ago (while both of us were gasping for breathe after sprinting across the floor at some Backyard Jam a while ago).

I know this looks like a butt-ugly superman, but don't knock it just yet. Morgan is doing the bike flip thing a million feet high here!

Morgan Wade... what the hell is he up to? I can't remember if he's still hurt with his shoulder thing from a while ago, or if he's all better... is he on the new Road Fools right now?

Check these gruesome twins out. The first one is Morgan from about 3 months ago, the second is Morgan from about 3 years ago.

Man, who knows, but we all know that if he's riding he just did something crazy, and he's already turning around to do something even crazier.

Yep, my hair farming head on a cover of the latest Creme BMX Lifestyle Magazine This new issue marks their first fully translated to English version (its French), so check it out if you can.

Taj Mihelich... whew, this is a lot of work, I don't know how Povah does it. I've been, like I mentioned in Joe's news, doing a lot of work on the ramps in the backyard at T-1. My band had some practices and played a show in Austin with Megazilla and Gorch Fock. Gorch Fock, incidentally got some support from etnies during a little tour they had not too long ago... sort of teammates I guess. Megazilla was awesome to hear, if you like really loud music you'd probably like them. Other then that, I've been riding the ramp a bit. Mostly though, I've just been working on the new ramp section tons. We finished today on the first big change and I really need a break from building... gonna ride it now!

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