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Sergio is Harry Potter!!

May 5 2006 / Friday

Just got back from a filming trip in Spain. Sergio Layos took Danny Hickerson, Camera guy Stew Johnson and myself around the country.

Sometimes riding for etnies is just too good. How about getting the phone call, "Hey do you want to go to Spain for 10 days and have Sergio drive you around to a bunch of great spots... we'll pay for the ticket."

Danny Hickerson no hands.

We landed in Madrid and hung out near Sergio's house for a few days riding skateparks and some street. Poor Sergio bonked his head really good one day on a ice pick over a rail. He didn't get knocked out, but he had that kind of stoned goofy look you get when your bell has just been rung.

Sergio knocked silly.Sergio was pretty out of it and bloody, so of course I decided to take a picture of him... otherwise he would have forgotten it ever happened.

After I looked at this picture closer I noticed something peculiar. The crash had scraped his head and uncovered an old scar. It looks exactly like Harry Potter's scar.

Sergios scarIf you zoom in on Sergio's forehead...

I have a theory about it all... l think it explains some of the seemingly magical flying around he does on his bike... casting light as a feather spells on himself before he rides is a bit of an unfair advantage don't you think?

Sergio took it easy for the rest of the day, but he was up and ready to go by the next day. We loaded up the rental van and headed north to the coast.

Cruising at 100MPH all over Spain.

Our first stop up north was in Bilboa. The spot is like a skatepark on accident. Some architects vision just happened to end up being amazing to ride. Big weird humps of brick with rails on top...

Another big hump to rail, fun, fun.

We got to ride a ton of stuff on the trip, and of course, sitting at home it all is just blurred together. We went to a swimming pool that had a huge cement half-pipe and a steep quarter in it. I was stoked to get to the top of it and tail-tap it, of course Sergio could blast it.

Empty swimming pool. You should recognize Sergio by that orange-ish front wheel he's had for years and years.

We hung out in the north part of Spain for a few days and then worked our way back down towards Madrid. Sergio and Danny we're knocking out tricks for the camera every step of the way.

I would explain what is going on in this picture, but I'm not supposed to give away any of the stuff that's being filmed for the video.

One of the only indoor parks in all of Spain is a private place that Sergio's friend Daniel helps run.

It might just be me, but breaking the chains of repression by pitching a tent is something to be proud of for sure!

Gotta' have a few tourist shots if you go all the way to Spain right?

Another amazing spot and another trick I'm not aloud to tell you about. Sergio bags one more clip here.

This is my favorite picture of the trip. This kid was shredding over that guitar!

I loved watching this lady trying to figure out how to pay for her parking without having to do what she had to do to that poor politician on the sticker.

For every meal that we could we went to Sergio's family's restaurant. It was amazingly good food and they were so kind to us. Sergio's mom put a few pounds on us all.

Me, Momma Layos, Stew, and Danny.

5 Comments Sergio is Harry Potter!!

  1. Wow that's a really sad thing that happened to sergio thanks for sharing the story

    Posted: 6 years ago,
  2. Holy moly nice scar it looks exsactly like Harry Potters scar

    Posted: 6 years ago,

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