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April International Team Report!

Apr 25 2006 / Tuesday


Hello, hello, hello. Oh gosh, this winter went fast! Now it's time for our springtime Team Report. The ThirtyTwo gang from Europe is still busy with filming and shooting photos.

Mr. Busy, Markku Koski is finally done with all the competitions and has returned to the US backcountry. Since he was concentrating on competitions this season, and did well in the ones he entered (sixth place at the Vans Cup in Tahoe and fourth at the US Open) he didn’t get a chance to go film and shoot too much, so he’s enjoying some springtime riding right now—trying to get some stuff done before the season is over!

Hampus “Hampan” Mosesson is in the US as well. Since he was pretty damn unlucky with his VISA for the states, he just started filming last month, and is now trying to get his video part for the next Mack Dawg movie done. But there’s still enough snow, and finally also some sun, so Hampus is spending every spare minute he’s got to film stuff and collect as much footage as possible for a bangin’ video part.

hampus freddyHampus, Chris and Freddy!

Thomas Harstad was on a mission with the Storbis guys this season. He was traveling around Europe with his crew, and finally flew to the states beginning of April, to get some park shots. But, like almost everybody this season, those guys weren’t really lucky with the weather, and I guess the trip wasn’t too successful-filming wise. But since we had a great winter in Europe, with tons of snow, Thomas collected a good stack of footage. Check out the new Storbis site, its great fun!

jussi in the sunJussi and a sunset.

New truck and sled owner Jussi Tarvainen is still in the US as well. He’s been busy filming with the Mack Dawg crew, and after a bruised knee setback and a three week break, he’s back on track and about to finish his video part. He went to Copper Mountain for a pipe shot, then to Aspen and now he’s on his way to Tahoe to film some more park stuff.


Norwegian candy addict, Fredrick Austbö had a quite unlucky season. He did a lot of contests and what he thought was just sore knees turned out to be a torn ACL. That means, Gummi bears, pineapple and ginger diet for the next couple of weeks. (For all of you who don’t know, those things are good for your ligaments, and help your body to heal faster!) We all cross our fingers for Freddy and wish him a quick and successful recovery.

austboFreddy with some boot installation!

Swedish ripper and ladies man Chris Sörman is finally back home in Sweden. It was his first season filming with a video crew, and he was pretty bummed when he heard that he would have to stay in middle Europe for a bit more than two months just to get enough footage for his video part. Now he’s back in his favorite country, enjoying the slushy spring riding conditions up north. Chris was busy traveling this year, and entered some of the bigger contests in Europe. He got second at the Snow Jam contest in Czech, and I am sure he used this prize money for online poker! Like Hampus, Chris is addicted to that stuff. Anyways, right now, Chris is back in Sweden, hitting some more park jumps together with the Pirate Crew. Check out next years’ Pirate Movie and see Chris in action.

markku.chrisChris and Markku!

Spanish girl power and ThirtyTwo rider Cuca Aranda packed her stuff and went to Australia for the next five months. Cuca’s plan is to improve her English, surf and snowboard. I bet she’s gonna like it down there!

French ThirtyTwo rider Remi Lamazouere was a busy traveler this season as well. He was filming with the Psykopit crew all over Europe. Check out his part in the Psykopit’s new masterpiece! Oh, I’m sorry…you’ll have to wait till next fall to see it.

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