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BMX Team Update!

Apr 19 2006 / Wednesday

Pick up this Ruben wallpaper over at the T1 site

Mike Escamilla spent a week in SoHo, New York at the brand new etnies showroom, and also attended the 20 year etnies celebration with a whole hoard of other etnies dudes and dudets; he also did a bunch of sightseeing and touristy shit while there. Last Sunday Mike headed home straight into a day of hanging out and Disneyland. Mike’s been off of his bike for a few weeks due to his shoulder being kinda hurt. Friday he shot photos with the “OC Squeeze”, a trendy Orange County magazine. Thursday night he attended the cast and crew screening of a Disney movie called “Stick It” that Mike did stunt work for as well as helped out with the coordination of the stunt. The next day Mike headed up to Big Bear to get some snowboarding in with good friends Heath Pinter and Marc Frank Montoya. The trip home was spent sitting in traffic for a good 4 hours! You gotta love So-Cal! Check out No Cover music magazine, Mike has an interview in there.

Ruben Alcantara came back to America again at the beginning of last week to hang with good friend, etnies teammate and T1 sponsor, Joe Rich, down in Austin. They have been riding a bunch and filming. Ruben’s getting ready to come out to California to get some unfinished business taken care of at some spots, he’s also going to cruise the California Coast with his girl who’s coming to town for a while, also.

Taj Mihelich headed out on the road with etnies filmer Stew Johnson for the last week and a half to film for the new vid. They, as well as etnies riders Jamie Bestwick, B Team riders Brian Kachinsky and Aaron Ross, killed Woodward and Cleveland all week long, lots of good shit went down…but you’ll just have to wait and see. Taj played a show over the weekend with the rest of his band, The Snaketrap. Taj headed to Madrid, Spain today to go film with etnies bad-ass Sergio Layos.

Sergio Layos has been home in Spain filming and hanging out with friends and family. Last week Sergio was in town playing tour guide as he had his good friend and UK etnies rider Luke Marchant in town. They headed up to Burgos with some other friends to get some riding in before heading to Barcelona where there was a trade show and a small contest. The comp was fun and Sergio placed 2nd. The people who organized the comp put on a real good party and everyone had a fun time. Sunday was spent driving back to Madrid. Sergio has Taj, Danny Hickerson and Stew Johnson coming over this week to film at some of his local spots.

Jamie Bestwick is back home in State College currently, but has been a busy cat for the last couple of week. He first headed out to New York for a week to attend the etnies 20 year anniversary party in SoHo. He hung with all the other etnies Rock Stars including Mike Escamilla, Garrett Byrnes, Nina Buitrago, Stacey Mulligan, and from Skate, Arto Saari, Ronnie Creager, Alyssa Steamer and many more. After a short stop home in State College he was off to go film with etnies filmer Stew Johnson in Cleveland, along with Taj and Brian Kachinsky—some crazy shit went down, you’ll just have to wait for the video to see, though.

John Heaton has been home in Vancouver for a while now, working and enjoying a lot of outdoor sessions at the many cement parks and awesome street spots that Van has to offer, as well as working at 3RIDE bike store.

Joe Rich has been busting his ass at T1, working and making time for etnies teammate and good friend Ruben Alcantara—they have been doing small local trips down to San Antonio with the rest of the etnies crew who live in town. Joe’s going to be heading out to California later this month to enjoy some R&R (that’s “Resting and Riding” for those that don’t know). Joe just had his Birthday Sunday—he’s 21 again.

Josh Stricker has been enjoying his place in Austin and having his girl in town from England. Josh has been doing many trips down to San Antonio with the whole crew of etnies riders and filming for the vid which has been super productive…but sorry to say, “Two for Tuesday” is out the window and just isn’t working at all.

Garrett Byrnes is back in New Jersey working his ass off. He was out in New York at the etnies 20 year anniversary deal a couple of weeks ago hanging with etnies teammates Jamie Bestwick, Mike Escamilla, Nina Buitrago and Stacey Mulligan, as well as a whole host of other etnies riders from other sports. Garrett’s been filming and enjoying life.

Morgan Wade has been doing a whole lot of “Squat” since breaking his collar bone. He’s looking forward to his doctor’s appointment on the 24th and he feels like the thing is healing very well and just can’t wait to get back on his bike. Some highlights of Morgan’s last couple of weeks include a nice visit from his girl Natalie and he’s been burning through some very expensive tires on his VW since getting that supercharger…I think the tires are worth more than the car actually? Ha Ha Ha

Dave Freimuth has been recouping his knee, going to the gym, running some and is feeling pretty good—almost to the point where he could get back up on the horse, so to speak. Dave and wife Patty found a great deal on a new house and are going for it. Dave claims now that he is the official slum lord of Appleton by renting out their old house. Dave has also been working hard on the next Baco Jam that will be coming up on May 19-21 at the Jellystone Campground in Warren, Wisconsin…check the flyer.

Sandy Carson is working on DIG as usual. Issue 52 will be out soon and will come complete with a free etnies Tour DVD that we are encouraging everyone to copy. Sandy is also working on the book that will come with the new full length etnies DVD that is due out at the end of the year, which has art contributions from the whole etnies team, including photos, painting, graphic design, etc. Sandy has managed to get plenty of riding in and has been filming a bunch. Sandy just rapped up his photo contest, too, so keep an eye out for the winning photos in the next issue of DIG.

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