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Skatepark Sundays!

Mar 29 2006 / Wednesday

kisaSkatepark kids!

I hit up the etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest on Sunday and decided to share some pix with y'all. Drop by sometime...better yet, try to guess who I am when you are there and I'm skating around and I'll hook you up with free etnies stickers or something.

rotweilerSkatepark dog!

more dogsMore skatepark dogs!

euro portraiEver try to photograph yourself while ollieing up a euro gap? This is what it looks like. Crap.

santanaThis is the Carlos Santana lookalike guitar guy who was playing on the hill all day.

13 Comments Skatepark Sundays!

  1. shecklers my hero
    i think this guy mite b him
    dam iv soo gotta moov 2 america...
    keep insoiring kids sheck

    joey rizzuto
    Posted: 9 years ago,
  2. shecklers my hero
    i think this guy mite b him
    dam iv soo gotta moov 2 america...
    keep inspiring kids sheck

    joey rizzuto
    Posted: 9 years ago,
  3. it is soo kool

    Posted: 9 years ago,
  4. ok i'm getting bored saying this but...COME ON YOU STUPID BRAINLESS 14-YEAR OLD IDIOTS!!!CAN'T U BE ON TOPIC???!!!IS IT THAT HARD??!!
    do you have to post your stupid feelings about sheckler in every blog??
    who the fu*k cares?what to do little shit think?ryan is gonna come to your place and hug you?
    he doesn't even care if you exist , especially who you are!
    can't you think??!!!!

    Posted: 9 years ago,
  5. i hate when skateparks are full of kids and animals, it's so boring... []

    Francisco Lima
    Posted: 9 years ago,
  6. Yeah

    sekora skate
    Posted: 9 years ago,
  7. fddddddddddddddddddddddddd

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  8. mike manzoori!!!

    nic rivera
    Posted: 8 years ago,
  9. i would love to gey sponsered by u guys!!!!!

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  10. i like sheckler. he's my idol. haha. you guys just won't get him. he's just to cool for you. don't be idiots and try to get him. cuz he's mine.
    k cool. he is the good skater

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  11. mel-xx stick to porno u xxx slut.
    sheckler is a poofta and if you haven't already heard, he is gay.

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  12. hm.sheckler gay.
    @etnies web team: why don't you guys erase all the off topic posts?

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  13. ya by me in the hood is olso a skater dag thats very cool!

    Posted: 8 years ago,

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