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Elissa Steamer Team Page!

Mar 29 2006 / Wednesday

elissa snow

Super stoked to let you know we have just put Elissa Steamer's Team Page up! Lots of stuff for you to go check out about the most legendary female skater on the planet we call Earth. For now, I had to hijack an interview from Elissa's etnies Girl page, but don't fret, a new, more updated one is in the works!

16 Comments Elissa Steamer Team Page!

  1. 1st comment mo fo

    Posted: 9 years ago,
  2. elissa is fucking wiked

    Posted: 9 years ago,
  3. yeah Ellisa

    sekora skate
    Posted: 9 years ago,
  4. elissa steamer is mt hero

    Posted: 9 years ago,
  5. my*

    Posted: 9 years ago,

    Posted: 9 years ago,
  7. has anyone but me noticed that most of the people that comment in are like in LOVE with sheckler? who couldnt be? hes the coolest thing since sliced bread, and that my friends is saying something. and i just bought the volcom video with him in it. i have to say that he looks hotter in almost round 3 but hey.. he's still really hot and insanely amazing and hot and adorable and i love him and i want to meet him and if he comes to portland in the dew action sports tour that just might happen so ryan sheckler please come or i'll cry.. alot.
    MUAH i love you

    the future mrs. sheckler
    Posted: 9 years ago,
  8. p-p-props to elissa ;)

    Posted: 9 years ago,
  9. mrs.sheckler, your pretty shallow if your going to marry an image. sheckler is only a puppet with some greedy corporate hands up his ass. he's an image of the marketing world. only trying to get you to buy shit. he's nothing more. kinda like reality t.v. there's nothin real about it.

    Posted: 9 years ago,
  10. She kicks ass!!!

    Posted: 9 years ago,
  11. you are one of the best chick skaters i have ever meet. i hpoe to become a pro skater one day.

    Posted: 9 years ago,
  12. haha. you guys need to shut up about ryan sheckler. we all know that ryan sheckler kicks ass, but like, can you shut up. ryan sheckler doesnt have time to check your stupid comments. i love sheckler so much. but like i dont go over the edge you stupid retards. sheckler is cool, you haven't met him before...all you've seen is pictures and movies. and they are kinda worthless. like, if anyone had the chance to meet sheckler. he would probably be pretty amazing. but don't go making assumptions. ryan sheckler kicks ass and he rocks my socks like superrrdedoopeerrr. k cool. sheckler = the best skater ever. < 3.

    Posted: 9 years ago,
  13. ur a fuck head mel-xx, read carfully and u will reliase that u contradicted yourslef ya stupid bitch. Go back to school you quater cent ho ass bitch.

    Posted: 9 years ago,
  14. fuck, i meant yourself*

    Posted: 9 years ago,
  15. Yo all you guys need to grow up man. ryan is just a skater ok just like arto or bastin he gets this from girls all the time. You all idolize him because hes a pro skateborder and he comes on t.v and you buys his movies an you think hes hot. thats ok to like him but yo your all going way over board with this. if you see wave he mite say hi and maby even talk to you but he gets it so much he mite not want too. so just remember ryan is a person and a just a normal skater like me or you so just chill an stop stocking peoples message bords and stuff ok. Peace

    Posted: 9 years ago,
  16. ok i'm getting bored saying this but...COME ON YOU STUPID BRAINLESS 14-YEAR OLD IDIOTS!!!CAN'T U BE ON TOPIC???!!!IS IT THAT HARD??!!
    do you have to post your stupid feelings about sheckler in every blog??
    who the fu*k cares?what to do little shit think?ryan is gonna come to your place and hug you?
    he doesn't even care if you exist , especially who you are!
    can't you think??!!!!

    Posted: 9 years ago,

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