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The Full Rundown

Mar 28 2006 / Tuesday

Ruben shootin' the moon.

Straight from Mike Escamilla.... Monday and Tuesday I was doing stunts on the show e-ring, I was a Mexican cop that needed to get shot a few different ways, once by a sniper and once by a handgun, had to grow a beard for the job. Tuesday night after the show rapped I drove with heath Pinter to mammoth mtn., met up with Ali and Baz and snowboarded for the next couple days then headed home, I ended the week out in corona filming heath film for the new upcoming mosh video. From there I headed to Vegas to watch his friend Jeremy Wray enter a pool tournament and also get tattooed at Hart and Huntington tattoo shop. I spent the weekend logging footage.

Mike’s going to be heading to New York early next week to attend etnies 20 year anniversary celebration at etnies’ new showroom. Be sure to check out the latest issue of No Cover Magazine for an interview with Mike.

Taj Mihelich has been home in Austin for a while following his wurl-wind rock tour and South By Southwest. He’s been filming a bunch with Stew Johnson and riding a little with Adam Baker who has been in town. He is really looking forward to getting out on the road and doing some trips to film for the video. Taj took himself out of Terrible One, just the business end of things was taking its toll on him and his friendship with Joe…he is still currently riding for them. Taj also quit Coalition but is still on great terms with Coalition owner Greg Walsh. He took his dog swimming and went on a last ride on his motor scooter because he is being forced to sell it due to the owners of the building he lives in won’t let him park it in or near the building. The weekend was spent riding as well as working on some new songs with the Snake Trap. Taj is getting an interview in Cream magazine from France coming up very soon.

Go buy Taj’s shoe, the Roscoe

Ruben Alcantara spent four days at La Palma in the Canary Islands hanging out, riding and getting some surfing done as well as some camping on the beach. Ruben took his super magnifying telescope to check out the stars and he took some pictures through it which came out amazing. This past week Ruben has had teammate Garrett Byrnes in town to film, hangout and surf, which they did plenty of and according to Ruben…Garrett got plenty of great clips.

Check out your local etnies dealer for Rubens shoe the Terranea

Jamie Bestwick has been home in State College for a while now shredding Woodward camp and learning all kinds of cool new stuff to blow his competition away for this coming contest season. Jamie will be heading to New York early next week to attend etnies 20 year anniversary celebration going down in etnies’ new show room.

Morgan Wade WAS filming for the etnies video and everything has been going amazingly—he’s been busting his ass nonstop, so much so that at some point his number had to come up, and it did this past week when he broke his collar bone trying to 720 a transfer at the Allen Texas Park near Dallas. He over rotated slightly and hung back wheel sending him to his head, shoulder and hip, bruised the living crap out of his hip and he rung his bell pretty good, too. As a result he took a trip to the ER and an X ray later confirmed what he already knew…Down Time. Morgan is currently slacking at home. etnies is hoping to get Morgan to a doctor to get him healed up double time.

Sergio Layos has been cruising around Northern Spain, Burgos, Santander, Bilbao and finally Barcelona shooting photos with photographer extraordinaire Manu Sanz for an upcoming RIDE UK interview that Sergio is getting. They also did some riding around Sergio’s home town of Madrid.

Joe Rich has been enjoying SXSW, which is going on right now in Austin with lots of great music and having an enjoyable time pedaling from one show to the next, hitting a variety of different routes that he’d never taken before. It’s also a good excuse to skip work, too. Joe has even been doing a little flatland freestyle with his resident squatter Amos Burke, who’s in Austin from England for a few months. Back to work for Joe tomorrow though.

Josh Stricker is home in Austin riding a bunch and hanging with his girl who’s going to be in town for the next month or so. Josh has been filming with good friend and fellow shredder Brian Wizmerski.

Garrett ^

Garrett Byrnes headed over to Spain to hang out with etnies teammate Ruben Alcantara and take some time off of work to get some filming done for the new and improved etnies video which is due out by the end of the year. According to Ruben, Garrett got a good amount of footage that he was really stoked on.

John Heaton spent a lot of time enjoying the fine weather they have been having in Vancouver, BC, working at 3Ride. John headed down to So Cal early last week and headed out on the road with the Volume Bikes team to go film for their upcoming video project. The crew went to Phoenix, Arizona where a lot of good shit went down, but I guess you’ll just have to buy the finished product to find out. Thanks go out to Smoker Dave for being an amazing tour guide. John hung out the final night in So Cal with good friends Rob Morgan and former etnies rider Jason Enns. John is now back home enjoying time with his Fiancé Andrea and dog Frank.

Dave Freimuth…I’ll let him tell you!
Let’s see. Chad Degroot flew in on Thursday for ratty fest. I picked him up at 11:30PM and had a bucket of PBR's waiting for him in the van. I got the flu sometime Thursday and ended up spending the rest of the night puking in the bathroom. Friday we headed down to Milwaukee for ratty. We got a dialed ass hotel room thanks to priceline and spent the day bumming around downtown and headed over to the park in the evening. The Friday night session was fairly chill, everyone was saving their big moves for Saturday’s comp I guess. We went out with the boys for the night, but I was still feeling a bit under the weather. I had to get up Saturday and head back to Appleton because my parents were getting remarried that afternoon. We went to the church for the service and then headed over to a sweet restaurant for dinner. Patie and I just happened to see a big house on the way back home and decided to check it out for the hell of it... to make a long story short, we're trying to get approved for a loan to buy it as soon as possible, it's freakin' amazing. I’ll tell you more if it happens. I’m so excited, the place is nuts. I babysat Saturday night so that Patie could go out with her friends for her 30th birthday. Sunday was pretty tame. We chilled at home and watched movies in between playing with the baby. I’ve been going to the YMCA everyday for the last two weeks. I’m really starting to get into it. Minus the naked dudes in the locker room blow drying their hair and shit like that. Next week is Chad’s wedding so I’ll be shopping for a sweet suit and getting my speech ready for the reception... after all I am best man!

Sandy Carson spent the beginning of last week at home in Austin working on the next issue of DIG BMX. Issue 52 comes complete with a free etnies Tour DVD. etnies would like to state that we WANT YOU TO duplicate the Tour DVD at your own free will, make as many copies as you feel you need to and give them to everyone you know! Sandy has also been working on an etnies book that is going to be coming with the new full length team video that will be released at the end of 2006, somehow he got roped into being the art director and go-to guy for this project and has been bugging all the riders to submit all kinds of art, from photos to paintings to collages and more. Sandy is currently out in LA filming for the video with Videographer extraordinaire Mike Manzoori and will be heading home this coming Thursday. Sandy announced the winners of the photography contest he did with etnies and DIG BMX. Thanks to everyone who sent in their photos and you can check out all the photos that everyone else sent in the photo gallery.

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