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Catching Up With Josh Grant

Mar 22 2006 / Wednesday

Fresh off his big win last weekend in Orlando, etnies rider Josh Grant was back in Cali for a few days before heading out to Kevin Windham’s house to train and get ready for the Detroit Supercross this weekend. While in town Josh stopped by the etnies office to grab some product, hang out and sit down for a little interview. Check it....

What happened at the first Supercross this year?
I rode good, just got shitty results. Had a crash, got taken out in the main and worked my way up to like—I don’t know, I started like dead last or something like that—worked my way up to seventh and then crashed in the whoops and that kind of ended my night right there. Hit my chest pretty hard and, ya know, kinda shitty night.

And then the weekend after that was…

And you won there.
Came out with a W.

A dubbya, an uno, that’s perfect.
Ya it was good. I rode really good there…had some block passing going on with some people.

[laughs] Some people huh?
Yep. And just did what ever it took to win.

Yeah, that’s good. Not going out there to get second. And then after that was Indy.
Indy…had that one in the bag. I led all eleven laps and then a lapper fell in front or me on the triple, came up short…well no, it was like a rhythm section—a double-triple-triple—and he was down at the bottom, I couldn’t see him, went over the jump and almost landed on him, then came up short and crashed on the triple. Held the clutch the whole time and didn’t even let go of the bike, kept it running and after that I just stayed in second. So that was kind of a sucky weekend, too…had that one won. Yeah, what was after that? Daytona?

Daytona, yeah, what happened at Daytona?
I rode good, just couldn’t go through whoops. Dude, they built this huge whoops section, like HUGE whoops, and I just struggled all night in them.

Where did you finish?
Second. Yeah, I’ve got a DNF, a first, a second, and a second and a first, so....

Gearin’ up for two more firsts!
[laughs] Yeah.

So, how was this past weekend?
This weekend was good! I felt good in practice, everything. I came in really strong, I just had that feeling that I knew I was going to win. It’s good when you go out first practice and you know it’s going to be a good night…and it was.

Have you guys started testing for outdoors yet?
I’m going to start testing after Houston.

Has anyone on your team been testing already?
I think Weimer and Laninovich have, that’s about it.

So then you just try out some of the stuff they have picked out?
Yeah, just see what they have come up with. It should be good, the bikes are really strong this year.

Do you think you still have a chance at the Championship after your DNF in St. Louis?
It just takes Davi to have one bad race. If he gets a DNF then I’m right there. Ya know, I need to win these next two races to have a chance, and if he has some bad motos it will throw me right back up there…I’m only 25 points behind. I think I should have won almost every race; the only one I got beat straight up was Daytona, every other race I should have won. I kinda showed that in these last results.

One race, man, it’s all it takes….
It screwed me.

Do you wish it was a longer season?
Oh yeah dude, this seven race thing—it’s not like the 250 class where they get, I don’t know how many, like sixteen races.

What do you think about Ricky’s fuel penalty getting overturned?
I think that kinda sucks, ya know. I mean, Kawi didn’t get it back, and Yamaha didn’t get it back, because he’s Ricky, well, he got it back. That kind of sucks for those guys. But it’s not my battle to fight.

Do you know if they are going to change that rule at all?
I don’t know.

This weekend you’re leaving tomorrow and going to Windham’s house?
K-Dub’s, yep.

Have you been out there a bunch riding with him?
I was just at his house last week and rode for a few days and then we both drove down to Orlando for this weekend. I’ve been there for about a week and I’m going back this week.

How do you like riding with him?
It’s crazy. The dude is nuts at his house. He’s got some crazy jumps, big rhythm sections, it’s fun. I have a good time when I’m out there.

When you ride with some of the 250 guys that have been around a long time do you think you learn stuff from them?
Riding with Kevin you definitely learn something. The guy has an amazing riding style and you can learn a lot from him. He shows me a lot, helps me out through the whoops and different techniques and stuff.

Do a lot of guys do that? Like help out the younger guys?
Not really, I mean there are a limited few that really do. And seeing as how Kevin is on our team it’s helped me out.

Have you done that with anyone? Maybe help out some amateurs?
Not really. My dad does usually. He wants to start a riding school. But I haven’t really done anything personally with anyone.

Did you ever do any schools when you were younger?

What are some good National tracks to go watch at?
Budds Creek is a good one, and Red Bud.

Do you ever do any freestyle, like jumping ramps?
Oh yeah! It’s fun.

Where at?
I did it at Mike Jones’ house right next to Steel City and the ones at Castillo Ranch. Jumped some in Texas where Clayton Miller had some ramps. I've done it a bunch.

You ever screw around and practice doing some tricks?
Freekin’ Jones was trying to get me to do some lazy-boy somethin’! It was right before the race so I was like, “no, it’s alright.” But then I got hurt anyway!

Do you think you are a better outdoor rider or Supercross rider?
I’m starting to adapt better to the Supercross techniques and I think riding Supercross is going more towards my way or my favor.

Do you like it better?
Yeah. It’s clean, there are a lot of people, it’s more flashy…it’s cool. Outdoors is just wide open, hangin’ it out, and it’s long and hot. I like the ones where the main is at like 9pm, you go to bed at 2am and just wake up the next day at noon…fits my schedule. [laughs].

Thanks Josh.
Thanks guys.

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