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The Team Report

Mar 14 2006 / Tuesday

Mike Escamilla has been around town for the last couple of weeks and as usual Mike has kept himself super busy; whether it is riding or snowboarding, Mike’s always got something going on. Mike’s upcoming etnies ad is bad-ass and shot by none other than RIDE Magazines JZ, so you know it’s good. Check out Mike’s article “Ten-to-One” in issue 120 of Ride BMX, an alternative perspective to traveling the world.

Ruben Alcantara has been home in Malaga for a while now hanging with his friends and family, riding a bunch and filming heavily for the upcoming etnies video. After some real weird weather in Malaga this past weekend, Ruben went to Tarifa in Spain to hang out with his friend who works for Red Bull at a surf contest. The following day Ruben headed to the city of Granada where he rode some trails with friends and also had fun screwing around on a couple BMX race tracks. The scenery was amazing around the trails and Ruben had an amazing time. Right now Ruben is down in the Canary Islands where he’s going to be riding with friends and etnies teammate Garrett Byrnes who will be meeting him to hang there and Malaga for 10 days. Ruben's shoe the Terranea is available

Jamie Bestwick has been home in State College working on all kinds of cool shit for the upcoming contest season which he should be unveiling soon. Jamie’s been doing some renovations around the house and just enjoying quality time with his wife and son. Late last week Jamie headed down to Greenville, NC with some friends to get some riding and hopefully some filming in at Dave Mirra’s private ramp park and Ryan Nyquist’s “Unit”…should be some good stuff.

Taj Mihelich has been a busy cat as of late with all the music going on in his life. Following going on tour with the Redneck Manifesto and covering a good chunk of the country in a 10 day period, Taj’s band headed to Odessa, TX to do a show last week. Following the show Taj and Co. headed back home to Austin where Taj got some riding in at the T1 ramp and some street around town. Taj did some riding at the 9th Street trails and proceeded to catch his yearly dose of poison ivy, a quick visit to the Doc. and one steroid shot later Taj was feeling worse than ever as it affected him quite badly. He’s almost done with all the medication and should be back to full speed in a couple of days. He’s been working on his fourth shoe while sick at home, and we should be seeing samples very soon. Check out Taj’s new etnies ad in issue 120 of Ride BMX.

Taj’s shoe the Roscoe is out, go get some!

Morgan Wade has been on the road for a while. First he was on a week long road trip with a crew of friends heading toward the Toronto Metro Jam, making sure he was filming along the way for the etnies vid. At the Metro Jam Morgan destroyed everything in his path and looked like the man to beat. He pulled all kinds of stuff like whip to ice on a back rail, bike flips and even a 450 backflip over a hip, much to the crowd’s pleasure. Morgan ended up fourth which seemed a little weird, but oh well. After missing his flight home Morgan finally got out of Toronto 6 hours later and has been enjoying some time at home in Tyler, TX.

Sergio Layos has been home in Madrid for the last couple of weeks after being in the US for the previous month or so. He’s been helping out a bunch at his mom’s restaurant that, according to Sergio, has been doing amazingly. As far as riding goes, he’s been riding all the local parks and street around Madrid and he and some friends found some new spots and are planning to go film there. Sergio and friends went to some concerts last week, a couple of them were real early and started for some reason at 5am in the morning…needless to say he didn’t attend those ones, but he did go to some really weird heavy metal shows. A new indoor park just opened locally and Sergio’s been hitting it up regularly.

Dave Freimuth is still recovering from his knee surgery, but enjoyed a trip up to Toronto last week for the Metro Jam; he was up there shooting photos for BMX Plus magazine, so look out for the full report of the Metro Jam from Dave in an upcoming issue. Also, check out Dave’s feature length interview in RIDE UK, it’s one of the best interview in years.

Joe Rich worked for the last couple of weeks extra hard so he could go on vacation with his dad; Joe lined up a secret trip and surprised his dad with a surf trip to Hawaii…. Now it’s back to reality and back to a crapload of catch up work at T1. Hopefully he’ll get some riding in sometime this week. Joe also took his bike apart and donated the frame to Kevin Porters “Ratty Fest” coming up this weekend in Milwaukee.

Josh Stricker has been down in Austin for the last couple of weeks and has been enjoying his very own apartment…no more roommates! Josh has been riding and filming in between the weird weather occurrences. Josh’s girl is in town from England this week so he’s been enjoying time with her.

Garrett Byrnes was down in Austin for a few days to hang at the Empire BMX comp at the Ramp Ranch a couple of weeks ago. He headed back home to New Jersey where he worked his union job like the good worker he is. This week Garrett heads to the Canary Islands to meet up with etnies teammate Ruben Alcantara to get some riding and filming in, and from there they head to Malaga for another week where they will resume riding/filming and surfing probably, also…hahaha.

John Heaton is now Volume-mounted and enjoying life. John was up in Toronto hanging with family for a few days, then he headed back downtown and competed at the Toronto Metro Jam. He didn’t place that well or make the finals as he has previously done, and we all blame that on the fact that he no longer rides for the company that runs the event……Just kidding! ha ha ha. John rode like crap actually, and deserved the placing he got. No! ha ha ha. John is busy working on two video parts this year: for etnies and his new bike sponsor Volume, so needless to say he’s a busy cat. Right now he’s back home in Vancouver riding his ass off, working at 3 Ride and enjoying time with his fiancé Andrea and favorite dog Frank.

Sandy Carson has been home in Austin for the last few weeks keeping himself busy with riding and putting art shows together. He’s been out shooting for the etnies video with Stew Johnson and also working on a book that is to come with the etnies video. Issue 52 is in the works and Sandy shot the cover photo…can’t tell you what it is—it would spoil the surprise—but it’s pretty dope if I do say so myself. WEB SITE! This past weekend Sandy hung out with his girl all weekend as it was her spring break from school and she’s been super busy.

Go enter Sandy's Photography only have until next Monday (six days) to enter.

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