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Skateboarding, Motivation & Cute Chicks!

Mar 8 2006 / Wednesday

amberAmber loves!!!!!!

v72Skateboards, etnies and smiles...

As an editor of, I have one of the raddest jobs ever. I get to write about skateboarding and all types of other fun, silly, and ridiculous stuff for a living.

But even the most perfect job isn't without criticism. Sometimes I get it without asking! Doesn't that suck? You all know how it is, right? You're just doing your own thing, trying to have fun, be creative and make people smile or laugh and someone comes along and just rains on your parade. Blah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lemonadeMake more lemonade...

But what's that saying...when life gives you lemons, make lemonade? Ya that's it! Turn the negative into something positive! Take the criticism in stride and do something constructive with it!

So in the wake of the aforementioned unsolicited criticism, I was reminded that the super awesome etnies fans from all over the globe really love hot chicks! That's in addition to skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, BMX and Moto, of course. So let's constructively put more chicks on the site!

Are you down? All in favor, shout it out with a comment!

keep skatebording fun!

Furthermore, etnies encourages you to always be yourself. Don't let those who criticize you keep you down or discourage you from doing what you want to do. What do they know anyway? Keep skating, surfing, pedaling, throttling, grinding, sliding, braaaping, pumping, pushing, carving and chasing the ladies. Have fun, stay young, question authority, laugh a lot and enjoi the ride...

19 Comments Skateboarding, Motivation & Cute Chicks!

  1. first hahahaha stupids

    pj laddy's
    Posted: 9 years ago,
  2. second hahahaha

    pj laddy's stupid
    Posted: 9 years ago,

    Posted: 9 years ago,
  4. sheckeler you are so funking hot!!!!

    Posted: 9 years ago,
  5. hi yalll

    Posted: 9 years ago,
  6. Fuck yeah! Well said.
    More chicks for all!

    I <3 T&A
    Posted: 9 years ago,
  7. totaly, i agree with that guy more girlies

    Posted: 9 years ago,

    Posted: 9 years ago,
  9. snap!!!

    Posted: 9 years ago,
  10. Amber be v fit

    Danny boi
    Posted: 9 years ago,
  11. Hell yeah! Amber So Fucking sexy. O yeah ROCK on.

    Posted: 9 years ago,
  12. I dont pay attention to gurlz just the guys and the dirtbikes!! RIDE ON!!!!!

    dirtbike chick Haley
    Posted: 9 years ago,
  13. hotie hotie

    seath live or die
    Posted: 9 years ago,
  14. yes yes yes i like your stile amber!!!!!!!!
    so hot love your etnies t-shirt

    seath live or die
    Posted: 9 years ago,
  15. hey amber, i love you t i got on etnies right now

    Posted: 9 years ago,
  16. hey amber i want a t like that

    Posted: 9 years ago,
  17. I like last words: "Furthermore (...) enjoy the ride" :D

    Posted: 9 years ago,
  18. your fuckin hot!

    Posted: 9 years ago,
  19. i'm just in it for the chicks

    Posted: 9 years ago,

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