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Meet Marina, the etnies Girl of the Month

Feb 28 2006 / Tuesday

etnies Girl of the Month Marina

Meet Marina, a 16-year-old skater from Belfast, Northern Ireland, and our newest etnies Girl of the Month!

etnies Girl: What are your interests?
Skateboarding! It's my life. I also love Led Zeppelin—music has always been a big part of my personality. And I wouldn't be anywhere with out all my friends! Big up Da Pigeons! I’m also really interested in politics and psychology...but basically I think about skating 24/7.

etnies Girl: What are your talents?
I can skate, and skating is hard so I'm pretty chuffed. I can play guitar too but not extraordinarily well.

“When I land a really good kickflip it honestly makes my day.”

etnies Girl: How did you get involved in skateboarding?
When I was a wee lass, I watched some guys skating at St. Anne’s Cathedral before it got architecturally destroyed. I got to know them and started skating on a wee cheap set up. I used to go everywhere on that thing, even to the shop or just bombing hills before some “spides”—Belfast hard lads—stole it.

etnies Girl: What do you like about etnies Girl?
It supports female talent like no other company. Big respect, guys!

etnies Girl: Why are you an etnies Girl?
I'm individual and I have a huge passion for life. Skateboarding is who I am and I'll never let anybody get in the way of it.

etnies Girl: What do you do for fun?
For fun I skate, surprisingly enough. [Laughs] I also love Billy Connolly. I have many a good time with my best pal, Carly, and bomb hills.

etnies Girl: Where do you find inspiration?
I find inspiration in other girls [who skate]. Be it an ollie or a tre flip down a ten set, they make me smile. Also, any other skater who's appreciative of the money their folks put out for them skating…and those parents for understanding.

BS Flip

etnies Girl: What’s your biggest accomplishment?
My biggest accomplishment so far has been getting respect from guys and giving other girls the courage to skate in front of other people.

etnies Girl: Why do you love skateboarding so much?
I love the feeling once you've landed a good trick. When I land a really good kickflip it honestly makes my day. It's also universal—it brings people together all over the world to do what they love and that's amazing. I wouldn't be here without it.

etnies Girl: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
“Don't push yourself, just do what you feel like and let yourself through in your skating.” Conhuir Lynn gave me this piece of advice when I was getting stressed out about footage in November 2004. I'll remember it forever.

etnies Girl: What’s really important to you?
Friendship is really important to me. If I didn't have my friends I'd be a different person. I'm a more confident person now and I'm always laughing and smiling.

etnies Girl: Is there anything else you would like to say before we go?
Love life. Skate. PEACE! Up da crews! Bomb hills, not countries!

Marina’s Favorite Things

Place: Home
Animal: Sharks
Color: Green
Hangout: “Custom House Square—but I just skate there a lot.”
City: Barcelona and Dublin
Song: “‘The Power of Love’ by Huey Lewis and the News! Yeah!”
Album: “Led Zeppelin III”
Band: Led Zeppelin, Tool, The Beatles, Metallica
Book: “Harry Potter” and “A Clockwork Orange”
Movie: “A Clockwork Orange” and “The Big Lebowski”
TV show: “The Family Guy,” “Lost” and “Friends”
Sport: Skateboarding
Game: S-k-a-t-e
Food: Whole-wheat spaghetti
Candy: Dime Bars
Holiday: “Easter's good ‘cause it's not windy and cold but also not really hot and dry.”
Smell: Nag Champa and freshly cut grass
Hobby: “Skating, I guess. It's really all I do.”
Athlete: Arto Saari
Hero: “All my mates! Bonzo! Arto!”
etnies Girl shoe: Kingpin and Gal 86

Marina’s Artwork

Marina recently made this drawing of Arto Saari. Here’s what she had to say about it: “Conhuir Lynn brought it over to him last week, which is so amazing. I hope Arto liked it, but Conhuir hasn't been in contact yet.” Something tells us Arto likes it.

Arto Saari

Be an etnies Girl of the Month

Would you like to be the next etnies Girl of the Month? Leave a comment telling us why you deserve to be the next etnies Girl along with your age and, if you’re extra nerdy (which we love) add a link to a picture of yourself. Make sure to leave your CORRECT (no funny business!) e-mail address in the e-mail field, or we won’t be able to contact you if you’re chosen. (Don’t worry, your e-mail address won’t show up in your comment.) If you’re feeling shy, you can also e-mail a paragraph describing why you should be our next etnies Girl along with a photo of yourself to etniesgirl [at], or send it to:

etnies Girl of the Month
c/o Sole Technology, Inc.
25422 Trabuco Rd., Suite 105 #235
Lake Forest, CA 92609

Don't forget to include your name, age, address and phone number.

130 Comments Meet Marina, the etnies Girl of the Month

  1. Big up the Etnies girls! None of the girls in my area are into skating which SUX... most of them race pigeons for god's sake!!! PIGEONS?! I hadn't even heard of racing pigeons before haha, check this, it's weird as hell:

    Big Man Quick
    Posted: 5 years ago,

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