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February Team Report!

Feb 21 2006 / Tuesday

It has been a while since the last team report, and we won’t bother to bog you down with a bunch of worthless information. Instead, we’ll tell you what has been going on the last couple weeks, and what’s coming up for the crew.

sheck lab

First and foremost, you must be informed about an upcoming trip the entire etnies team will be on. From February 19th through March 9th, the team will be headed out to Mallorca, Spain. Mallorca is a small island in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of the Spanish mainland. Why Mallorca you ask? Well, the answer is simple. It’s off-season right now over there, so we won’t have to look at any fat hairy dudes rockin’ Speedos! Well, aside from that, there is a plentiful amount of spots that haven’t been destroyed, plus they are made of fabulous materials…marble being one of these fabulous materials. Arto Saari, Bastien Salabanzi, Ryan Sheckler, Ronnie Creager, Rune Glifberg, Kyle Leeper, Conhuir Lynn, Eric Fletcher, Elissa Steamer, Javier Mendizabel (etnies Europe team), Charles Collet (etnies-Europe team), and of course Ali Boulala…this will be Ali’s first etnies trip since joining the squad earlier this year, and we’re all looking forward to it. This will be the first time the entire etnies team has taken a trip, especially one of this magnitude. TransWorld photo genius (and new etnies staff photo genius) Oliver Barton will be there to capture their soles on film…so you can expect a nicely sized article in an issue of TransWorld later this year.

That’s the future, as for the recent past, here are some tidbits:

Ryan Sheckler last weekend won the Global Assault contest in Melbourne, Australia. When he gets home, he’ll be going to the bank with a nice sized check in the amount of $30,000…not bad for one day of work! Congratulations Ryan!!! Ryan is still in Australia skating everyday with photo man Andrew Mapstone. He’ll be back this weekend before heading out to Mallorca later next week.

arto feb

Arto Saari
has been in Southern California the past couple months skating as much as possible. The aforementioned photo genius Oli has been here as well capturing many amazing images of Arto, which will pleasure your eyes before long…keep ‘em peeled!

Bastien Salabanzi has been struggling a bit with a bruised heel. He originally hurt it back in October of last year, right before the Flip/Firm F’east Tour in November. After that, he rested for a month or so to heal his heel, but it didn’t last long as he hurt it again recently. Not to worry though, Bastien has been in the fine care of a specialist who is getting the blood flowing to help heal that heel once and for all.

rune feb

Rune Glifberg is one lucky man…he is currently in Hawaii on vacation (well deserved, enjoy Rune!), and left on Sunday, Feb. 19th, to meet up at Los Angeles airport to fly with the rest of the crew to Mallorca. Two island of paradise back-to-back! Before the Hawaiian vacation, Rune spent a week in the Cayman Islands skating the beast of a skatepark, which is the Black Pearl. Not a bad start to the year for Rune…Caymans, Hawaii, Mallorca…what will the rest of the year hold for Rune? Can it get any better?

ronnie feb

Ronnie Creager, like Mr. Sheckler, was also in Australia last weekend for the Global Assault contest. He made the finals and placed 6th. Congrats Ronnie! Before that, and since then, Ronnie has been in the Phoenix, Arizona area skating everyday working on a few projects, which will grace your peepers real soon. Both Ryan and Ronnie are planning on hitting Tampa Pro next month too!

kyle feb

Kyle Leeper came down with a broken foot towards the end of last year unfortunately. He has recovered fine, we’re glad to say, and is back on his board as of this last week. As those of you know that have had injuries that kept you from skating for a month or more, it makes you crazy, and Kyle was well happy to get back to what he loves the most, riding his skateboard. He’ll be headed out to Mallorca with the rest of the crew on the 26th of this month, to give him more time to strengthen his foot, so he is as close to 100% as possible when he arrives.

ali feb

I say the name Ali Boulala more than I ever have, and that’s obviously due to the fact that he now rides for etnies. And damn it is good to have him on etnies. What has he been up to? Ali has been spending his time in Lyon, France and Helsinki, Finland. He is in the process of renewing his travel documents so he can come back to the States ASAP. He deals with that crap in Helsinki, and is in Lyon when not in Finland. When the weather permits, he’s been skating a bunch, but the weather hasn’t been too cooperative. He definitely can’t wait to get down to Mallorca, where the weather right now is like California...he’ll be able to skate everyday. Stay tuned for Ali antics, a team page, and much, much more in the near future on and anywhere else Ali may turn up.

conhuir feb

Conhuir Lynn is hating being at home in Ireland…but only because he can’t skate very often. The winters in Belfast are pretty rainy and cold, so you can’t skate that often. He, like Ali, is really anxious to get down to Mallorca. After Mallorca, Conhuir will be spending some time in London working on an interview with the UK-based mag Document. Can’t believe this one slipped by until the end of his section…Conhuir now rides for Zero-Europe, which officially got underway this year. Conhuir was the first skater selected for the soon to be elite squad. Congrats Conhuir!

fletcher feb

Eric Fletcher has been back home in Iowa skating as often as the weather permits as well. There is an indoor skatepark, so at least he can skate whenever he wants, and not have to worry about rain or snow. Eric was at the Tampa AM contest in January, but didn’t make it to the finals. No biggie though, there is always next year. Keep your eyes peeled for Eric’s team page on the site, which is being worked on as this is written.

That’s it…a lot to digest, but it’s been a while. The next team report will come after the Mallorca trip in March. You’ll have to wait, but it will be worth it…we’ll have some good stories, photos, and more when mid-March rolls around. You’ve read what you need to know now, so turn off that computer and get out on the streets…bomb a hill, skate a manny pad, or skate flat…whatever, just go skate!

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