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Snappin' Pics In Cali

Feb 14 2006 / Tuesday

Mike Escamilla spent the most part of January shooting photos and filming for etnies. He got a new camera and then headed off to New Zealand where he competed in the X Air event down there with the likes of Dave Osato and Axel Jurgens. He is currently touring around solo, filming and riding. Mike did some quad touring and black water rafting. Mike’s going to be heading to Fiji soon to get in some fishing and some serious R&R. Mike been rocking the 20th anniversary etnies hi-tops, keep an eye out for 'em.

Taj Mihelich spent the first couple of weeks in California shooting photos and filming for etnies, then headed back to Austin to get back to work riding and playing in his band. Taj’s mom came to town and after quickly moving back into his previously rented apartment he did some serious cleaning. He is currently out on tour with The Redneck Manifesto.

Taj’s Roscoe shoes are still vegan friendly and currently available in stores. Taj has also been working on shoe number 4.

Ruben Alcantara spent a week out in California shooting photos and filming for etnies. He then headed back to Malaga where he has been riding his dirt bike a bunch and filming like a madman for the upcoming etnies vide. He’s filmed so much that he claims to have his part pretty much rapped up. Ruben has also been surfing some as well as getting in some snowboarding. His new van broke down too.

Ruben’s shoe the Terranea is currently available, so get some.

Jamie Bestwick was out in Chicago for a day or so to do some TV stuff with NBC for the coming Dew Tour series. Then he headed to Cali for some filming and photo shooting with etnies for a week or so in mid January, then headed back to Woodward to get back in training for the coming contest season. He’s also been spending plenty of time with his wife Kerry and son Samuel.

Morgan Wade has been a busy cat lately with filming and shooting photos for etnies out in California and also shot a bunch with the guys from RIDE BMX. Morgan headed out from California with his new Turbo powered VW to hang out with his mom and then home to Tyler, TX.

Joe Rich came out to California to shoot photos and film for etnies in mid January, had a great time, then headed back to Austin to work on T1. He’s been riding a bunch and has a deal going with etnies teammate Josh Stricker. The deal they have going is called “Two for Tuesday”, where the two of them have to film at least two clips for their parts in the upcoming etnies video every Tuesday…we’ll have to see.

Sergio Layos has been out in California for about a month chilling and riding. He shot a bunch with etnies and also filmed a bit with etnies filmer Mike Manzoori while here. Sergio has also been shooting photos a bunch with RIDE magazine. Sergio heads out to Mexico for a Red Bull event on February 14. After that he will head back to Cali for a few days, then go to Vegas and then onto Madrid.

Josh Stricker spent the latter part of 2005 out in California enjoying the weather, but not enjoying the freaking traffic. Josh shot a bunch with etnies and filmed some, too. Keep an eye out for him in/on an upcoming DIG. Josh headed back to Austin at the tail end of January where he moved into his OWN apartment which he is enjoying immensely. He’s also been filming a bunch with Wiz and doing “Two for Tuesday” with Joe.

John Heaton came down from BC to get away from the 32 days straight of rain to enjoy the sun in So Cal and film and shoot photos for etnies. John killed it and got a lot accomplished and got a lot of great stuff. John headed back to Vancouver where he and his fiancé moved into their new place and are now enjoying alone time with their dog Frank and enjoying some better weather.

Garrett Byrnes spent some time in Austin in early January and then came to California with the rest of the etnies team where he got a lot of good stuff and also did some filming, too. Garrett went home to New Jersey to get back to work and trying to avoid the bad weather. He’s been riding some trails and local cement park as well riding the awesome Little Devil warehouse.

Dave Freimuth has been out of commission due to reconstructive knee surgery a month and a half ago, but he came to California regardless and shot photos with etnies for the coming year. He had a good time enjoying the weather, but missed his baby and wife. Last week Dave, Patie and Baby Thompson headed to Orlando, Florida for vacation and to hang out with good friend Chad Degroot and just enjoying time doing nothing…especially not riding. Check out Dave’s interview in the upcoming RIDE UK that should be out any time.

Sandy Carson has been busier than shit lately! He was out in California with an injured knee and shot photos for etnies pretty much 24/7 for 3 weeks straight and got a crap load of Great! Great! stuff. You’ll be seeing lots of Sandy’s photos for the coming year in etnies ads, promo etc…be sure to check it out. You’ll also probably see them in DIG, too…if you’re lucky. Sandy went back to Austin with a whole new lease on life and riding and got back on his bike and was fired up to ride. He’s currently working on the next issue of DIG that will come complete with a free etnies tour DVD. He’s been working on his website, updating it a lot, and hanging with his girl. Also, look for a new etnies online contest coming out in the next week or so featuring Sandy. Big chances to win big prizes!

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