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Stereo "Way Out West" Art Show!

Feb 13 2006 / Monday

way out west

Stereo's first art show, dubbed Way Out West: Cowboys, Crowns N' Bebop, will take place Feb 18th thru March 20th at Lab 101 in Culver City, CA.

Featuring artwork and photographs from Jason Lee, Chris Pastras, Wesley Martin, Todd Francis, Andy Howell, Rachell Sumpter, Craig Metzger, Clint Peterson, HVYW8, Chris Wessman and Chris Miller.

way out west 2

"The themes of Way Out West: Cowboys, Crowns and Bebop, are some of those that inspire the artwork behind Stereo. I often listen to old bluegrass, country and of course jazz when I draw or paint, and crowns have become one of our icons and one of my favorite things to draw. These artists were chosen by myself, as friends and family of Stereo. Everyone in the show has been either directly or indirectly involved in the creativity of our brand. So I wanted to get some of these collaborators and people that inspire me together to jive off some of the themes that inspire Stereo and myself to create. Hope you enjoy."

-Co-Captain Chris Pastras

13 Comments Stereo "Way Out West" Art Show!

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