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Dustin Guenther's etnies Blog!

Dec 19 2006 / Tuesday

Dustin Guenther is now among the list of distinguished "bloggers" on etniesbmx.com... holla!

Photo: Ten Pack

So, I'm driving home the other day...there is traffic in my lane but the lane next to me is open. So I stop, let a car pass and punch it to get over into the open lane. Y'know when the tires spin in a truck and sometimes the rear end bounces? It felt like my truck did that, but it kept doing it.

Feeling like a chump for driving like an asshole and obviously blowing something up in my truck, I make my way over to the side of the street. I've been with friends that have blown out drive shafts in 4X4's so, at first thought, that's what I was thinking. I put it in 4X4 but it still did it...I could drive it, but the last thing my truck wanted to do was move.

Photo: Ten Pack

I put my hazards on and drove the rest of the way home with it vibrating like a crappy civic with too much bass. I called the shop that worked on it last (from when the idiot ran into it in the summer) and they sent a tow truck. Apparently the tubes in my differential twisted around the axle and ripped the welds right out of the differential itself. Good timing 'cause I just got off the freeway, which could have been interesting if that happened doing 110.

So now I'm back in a rental, a mini van actually, which has proven to be rather boring aside from its seemingly low profile. Ben Crockett from BMX Plus was in town shooting photos for a few days. I had to work on a spot one night and parked the mini van right in front of where I was working. I'm sure the business owners wouldn't appreciate what I was doing so I was trying to hurry and get it done. In the time I was there, two cop cars drove passed and didn't even slow down, let alone stop to see what I was doing...I'm banking this one on the mini van and societies perception of "there's no way that soccer mom would be doing anything illegal." Maybe I'll trade the 4X4 in and just get a lift and some knobbies on a mini van.

Merry Friggin Christmas
- Dustin

4 Comments Dustin Guenther's etnies Blog!

  1. Dustin, in the Market for a Van...get a Honda Odyssey, best vehicle to Roadtrip in... Ever... Period...but Muddin trucks is helly fun too...

    Thomas Fleming
    Posted: 8 years ago,
  2. mmmmmmm,tastes like yellow

    blog hogs
    Posted: 8 years ago,
  3. dustin rules. get yourself a peugeot 205, minicar with dvd player like i have hehe. merry christmas

    holland bmx
    Posted: 8 years ago,
  4. I was just in Estonia & sweating some of the cars overseas. I'm torn on getting something to 4x4 with or something to roadtrip with. My truck has given me a lot of hassle lately......either way the dvd player would be sick. cheers for checking the site

    Posted: 8 years ago,

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