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BMX Team Report

Dec 13 2006 / Wednesday

Jamie Bestwick was out in California for the Arby’s Awards in Burbank late last week hanging with celebs like Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson. Jamie didn’t win any awards but was nominated in four different categories. Jamie flew to State College following his Cali trip to wrap up some loose ends before going back to England to chill with his wife Kerry and son Samuel. Jamie is also recovering from a head-on car collision out at Woodward West with etnies TM John Povah. Jamie’s a little sore, but doing fine and enjoying some down time. Jamie will be home for the holidays, but he will be heading to Australia early January for a little vacation as well as attending the X Air event down there.

Ruben Alcantara spent the last week in Morocco with his family for a well deserved vacation that was long overdue. Ruben had an amazing time and had lots of fun and wants to do a riding/surfing/chilling trip this summer when he’s rapped up filming for the etnies vid. Ruben heads to Costa Rica Tuesday to hang out, ride and surf with good friends David Quesada and etnies teammate Sergio Layos.

Mike Escamilla was as the premiere for the Gumball 3000 movie last week in London...check out Rooftop's etnies blog about the trip.

Joe Rich has been playing catch up at T1 after returning from a dream trip to the Grand Cayman Islands and shredding the “Black Pearl” with buddy, T1 rider, and etnies teammate Garrett Byrnes. He has been riding the T1 ramp some with Hallman and also trying to finish up a feature for along with some final photos for his Ride UK interview…hopefully that all wraps up this month. Joe is going to try and shoot some more photos with Sandy this week. It rained all weekend in Austin for the first time in a while.

For the most part, Morgan Wade has been home the last few weeks chilling and filming just a little for the upcoming etnies BMX Video Grounded. He did head out to New York last week to hook up and meet his new clothing sponsor Levis…Morgan’s pretty stoked cuz he’s such a redneck.

Josh Stricker is home in Austin enjoying some down time with his injured/broken foot. He’s been out cruising around taking things easy just trying to get back in the swing of things. Check out Josh’s interview on

Taj Mihelich rode a bunch last week on the T1 ramp, some street, some ditches and at 9th street. Taj’s band The Snake Trap played a show on Thursday, too. Taj and his good friend Chris Hallman went to the Roller Derby Sunday night, which was a lot of fun. Other than that, it been “the usual”…play bass, play with the dog, some BMX. He did a drawing that Sandy Carson is going to use in the etnies book that is going to come with the BMX DVD “Grounded”. Last but not least, Taj did some Christmas shopping online!

Garrett Byrnes is back home now in New Jersey working his ass off making up for lost time while he was down in Costa Rica vacationing with his girl. He got plenty of surfing in and was just enjoying life. From one dream trip to another…Garrett went to the Grand Cayman Islands with T1 and etnies teammate, Joe Rich, to shred the Black Pearl skatepark to get some footy for the upcoming etnies BMX DVD “Grounded”.

Sergio Layos spent the beginning of last week in Tarifa in the south of Spain riding, surfing and hanging at the Red Bull house there. Sergio headed to Malaga mid-week in hopes of riding with Ruben, but Ruben was on vacation with his family unbeknown to Sergio…try calling next time dude! Sergio also did demos in the Canary Islands for Red Bull last week. He worked a bunch at his mom’s restaurant and enjoyed the new pool table that they just bought. Sergio heads to Costa Rica Tuesday with Ruben to hang out, ride and surf with Fly Bikes owner David Quesada.

John Heaton came down to California to attend the premier for the Volume Bikes video "On the Clock" at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood. John worked super hard on filming for this vid, and rightfully so...he got the final part and it’s amazing! Be sure to check it out. John is back home now working at 3Ride bike store and trying to get in some riding in between the shitty weather. Hockey is always on the cards.

Sandy Carson is in Austin working on a Steven Hamilton interview for DIG, as well as the rest of the issue…Deadlines! Deadlines! Deadlines! Sandy’s also been compiling all the artwork and working on the layout for the book that is to be included with the etnies BMX DVD Grounded. He has been keeping himself busy away from magazine crap and photo stuff by filming a bunch for the above said video.

Dave Freimuth is MIA

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