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BMX Team Report Stuff...

Nov 29 2006 / Wednesday

Mike Escamilla has been in Cali for the last couple of weeks…his month started out by hanging out at the SEMA car show in Vegas then he headed to San Francisco where he hosted the ICER AIR Snowboard event for Sirius radio at the AT&T Ballpark. From there Mike flew back to Vegas and then drove home. Last week Mike has been working on a new MTV show coming up that he might be on, and he also shot photos over the weekend with Jeff Zielinski and filmed with Mike Manzoori for the etnies video. While filming Mike sat his wallet down on the curb while he tried this one line, two hours later he realized he had left it there, but by now Manzoori and him were at another spot. Manzoori urged Mike to go back to look for it, Rooftop wasn’t into it and figured it was long gone because it was on a pretty busy street. Much to their surprise it was still sitting in the exact spot with the same wad of cash hanging out of the top! Mike leaves for England today to attend the premier of the Gumball Rally movie in London.

Jamie Bestwick was out in England enjoying some down time with his family for the last few weeks following the end of the contest season. He flew back out to the States late last week to get some riding in as well as headed out to Chicago to deal with the whole GT bikes legal BS. The week rapped up with Jamie going back to Woodward Camp in State College, PA where he’s going to ride his brains out before heading out to Cali to get some filming done for the etnies DVD that will be coming out at the beginning of 2007. Jamie is up for numerous Arby’s Awards (go vote!) and will be attending the award ceremony this Thursday night in Los Angeles and we will have to wait and see if he won any?

Ruben Alcantara has been back in Spain for a while enjoying time with his family. The Odyssey crew flew in right after Backyard which was fun and Ruben enjoyed seeing the likes of Aaron Ross destroy spots that he rides every day and come up with new shit on. Ruben did a small Fly Bikes trip to Lanzarote and the Canary islands which was fun and he got some good riding in and filmed a bunch. While home Ruben has been riding the brand new cement park in town, which has revitalized skatepark riding a little for Ruben as he has been board of it lately.

Morgan Wade is home in Tyler and has been filming with Stew Johnson for the etnies vid. He also just rapped up being on the road with the Props Rock N' Roll Tour that ended in Austin about a weekend and half ago. Morgan is going to be home for a while to enjoy the holidays with his family and girl. In December he’s going to going to Woodward East to attend a vert clinic deal that Chad Kagy and Kevin Robinson are putting on to try to drum up some interest in BMX vert riding. Early January he’s going on a snowboarding trip and will probably do as good of a job on snow as he does on cement.

Dave Freimuth is home in Appleton enjoying time with his wife and son Thompson. He finally rapped up his driveway ramps so I’m assuming he’s been enjoying those so long as the weather has been decent. Dave and Patie went on a little vacation a week ago and who knows when they’re coming back?

Everyone loves the morphine button!

Taj Mihelich has been traveling a shit load lately, what with flying to England for Backyard, coming right back to the US and doing the Props Rock N' Roll Tour (which he spent a good chunk of drugged up in a Hospital due to an infected knee), then from the tour, which ended in Austin, driving up to his family’s in Michigan…t’s been a busy month! Now back in Austin, Taj has been riding the newly refurbished 9th Street trails and loving them. He went to Ryan Corrigan’s for Thanksgiving and enjoyed some bitchen Vegan cooking. Taj finally got some time with his first love, Roscoe, for the first time in a while which he enjoyed immensely. Besides that he’s been riding, playing Bass and just basically catching up on some well deserved sleep. Taj has a cool interview in a Hungarian BMX magazine called “Offline”…if you get the chance check it out.

Sergio @ backyard

Joe Rich has been on the road for the last few weeks. He started out in Austin then headed up to Bethlehem to go visit friends and ride the POSH trails…maybe he got some footy for the video there, maybe not, you’ll just have to wait and see? From there he headed down to Denver to visit his brother and ride, but due to some crummy weather no riding went down…maybe next time. Joe went home for a little bit to Austin, rode a bunch, worked as much, drank some coffee and today is heading to the Grand Cayman Islands to “try” and see if he can get to ride the Black Pearl Skatepark…he had heard that a couple of bikers got to ride it so he teamed up with fellow shredder Garrett Byrnes for an impromptu visit…we’ll keep you posted.

Sergio Layos has been home in Madrid enjoying time at home with his family and friends and working at his mom’s restaurant some. He’s been doing some small trips with the Fly Bikes crew around Spain and enjoying that. Besides riding for Fly Bikes, Sergio also has the dubious task of editing their next video which should be a treat and is also a choir due to the fact that he has to film for the etnies video also…we’ll have to see how it all pans out.

John Heaton has been home in Vancouver and has been a little bummed due to the fact that it’s been raining a bunch and there is now about a foot of snow on the ground, so no riding is going down. John’s been working a bunch at 3RIDE and besides the usual, John has been playing a crap load of hockey and has also been enjoying his new Diesel VW and even made a small profit after selling his gas guzzling GTI. John’s Fiancé Andrea graduated so he attended the graduation ceremony. John’s officially on PRIMO now.

Garrett Byrnes has been working a bunch and putting in some serious overtime to balance out the fact that he’s taking a two week trip…first going down to Costa Rica with his girl for a little R&R/surfing trip and then heading out to the Grand Cayman Islands with Joe Rich in hope of riding the Black Pearl Skatepark and hopefully getting some footy for the etnies vid.

Josh Stricker is still on the tail end of recovering from his broken foot, he’s been hobbling around town and is threatening to ride once he can figure out a way to stiffen up his shoe so it doesn’t bend too much. Josh just moved house. Oh, and keep an eye out for an interview with Josh on the Defgrip website.

Sandy Carson just got back last week from helping good friend Joe Simon film a regal Catholic wedding in Lafayette, Louisiana. He did a three day road trip back to Austin, hitting up some ghetto spots along the way to do some riding, filming and shooting of pictures. Sandy and Joe went dancing at a few redneck clubs but felt very out of place because the two of them had more teeth in each of their heads than all the bars combined. Sandy is back home now in Austin and has been enjoying time with his girl Jen for Thanksgiving. The past weekend Sandy filmed with Joe Simon a bit and got some more clips for the etnies vid and also rode 9th Street a bunch. As always Sandy is working hard on the next issue of DIG and is also working on some stuff for an art show in town. The new T1 site is up and running, so check it out.

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