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etnies Wish Lists?

Nov 22 2006 / Wednesday


Have you checked out all the newly updated Holiday '06 etnies footwear and clothing? New shoes and colorways! PSP cases! iPod holders! Jeans, hoodies, bags, jackets and more!

16 Comments etnies Wish Lists?

  1. yeaaaaaaaaaa

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  2. Sweet

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  3. CooooooooooooooooooooooL

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  4. uowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww is cooooooooooooooooooool

    david velasquez
    Posted: 8 years ago,
  5. damn i want them! give em to me for free! lmao jk bruh

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  6. they are SOOOOOOO U-G-L-Y!

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  7. kamal rocks out loud!yeah!!!!!!!!!!!

    kamal e
    Posted: 8 years ago,
  8. joost
    I'm from holland you little bitches and wy skate much better then you all together!!!!

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  9. Holland LMAO we ever piss better then you fuckers so suck my dick

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  10. These bitches are ugly. I think they look like something that my dog would shit. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Emily and Baily
    Posted: 8 years ago,
  11. looks like a redo from the 90s..kinda cool. I`m from canada and just hopen to travel over there some day soon to skate. three of my friends skate for soul tech back here in vancouver. we have a good thing going on so its possible for them to get coverage. its cool how they all crew up in the same town too.

    I was actually suppose to meet up with pia one year after a trade show. I hope she is doing well. I`m also seeing if any shop riders would be interested in sending sponsor me tapes. (off. up soon)

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  12. yo! ryan's da best!!!
    check our page


    Posted: 8 years ago,
  13. We totally agree with you it does look like something from the 90's.

    Emily and Baily
    Posted: 8 years ago,
  14. etnies rock

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  15. It is sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  16. I'm getting a pair 4 christmas! Yeah!!!!

    Jon Whitmire
    Posted: 8 years ago,

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