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Two Wheel Tour - Cameron, AZ & Vegas Wrap Up

Nov 10 2006 / Friday

For the first time on the TWT (Two Wheel Tour) everyone actually woke up early, got their shit together and got on the road relatively early. It was a-forking-maze-ing! All the stuff that we had been hearing about how sick Cameron was definitely motivated everyone a little, plus we felt bad we flaked on McNeil. Turns out he got over it and left the night before... sorry buddy.

This was the first time I had seen the Grand Canyon in person and, well, it's pretty damn Grand, that's for sure!

Anyways, it didn't take too long to ride to Cameron. And once we got there it didn't take too long for half of the local Navajo tribe to stop by and say "what's up?". They were all really cool and Potter felt right at home as he is part Native American himself. But this one dude was so drunk, or on peyote or something, that he fell over about 20 times and if he said "man, what are you dudes doing over here. Can I come?" (in a barely understandable slur) once, he said it a million times. Sorry bud, there was no room on my bike!

No one really knew what to expect because Ryan and Hank from Freek got there early and rode a little session, but they said they didn't find any good jumps. I'm not really sure where they were riding because the second we got out there we started finding hits all over the place! It's crazy all the possibilities out there!

Potter and Garland were going off on some BIG doubles and hips everywhere. I'm not sure what to say about the place... it's kinda like Ocotillo Wells before hundreds of thousands of people would come out every weekend and blow out everything. Just check the photos and you'll see. It was hard for me to get off my bike and shoot some photos because everything was so fun! But I managed to snap a good amount, so check them out in the Photo Gallery!

After a few solid sessions in the hills we packed up, jumped on our Harley's and pinned it to Las Vegas...

Drinking, gambling, drinking, slots, chicks, blackjack, craps, drinking, poker, machine guns, drinking.... that pretty much sums up our time in Vegas...and it went off! The next morning we stopped by the "Gun Shop" before heading home. The Gun Shop is just that...a gun shop. But the cool part about this gun shop is that you can shoot automatic MACHINE GUNS!!! Hell yeah! There is nothing more fun than holding down the trigger of an Oozy or M16 and blowing the shit out of a Bin Laden poster! Much respect to the guys that do it for real over seas, because it's not that easy!

Well, from Vegas we all rode home and that was all she wrote for the first etnies Two Wheel Tour. Keep checking back for more photos, wallpapers and tons of video in the coming weeks! For now check out the Photo Galleries!

A Niiiceee

Brendan Lutes from Transworld was on hand for all the debauchery on the tour, so you can count on some photos popping up on pretty soon, plus some coverage in an upcoming issue.

The crew from FUEL TV's M80 also came out to shoot for their show, so we'll keep ya posted on air dates and times when they come up.

Of course there would be no tour without riders...Seth, Trigger, Potter, Garland, Deegan, Twitch and McNeil. Thanks! Oh yeah, and let's not forget Chapman the babysitter!

Thanks to Rockstar Energy Drink and Boost Mobile for helping to make this happen.

It's on for next year!

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