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BMX Team Happening's

Oct 17 2006 / Tuesday

Jamie Bestwick had one of the best weekends he’s ever had this last weekend in Orlando, Florida for the Dew Action Sports Tour final stop. Jamie not only won vert to win the year end Championship, but he also won the “Dew Cup” which is awarded to the Athlete of the Year who gets the most accumulative points during the season out of all the sports, beating out fellow etnies athlete Ryan Sheckler to get top honors. Highlights from Jamie’s runs for the weekend include truck drive 5’s to no-hander, opposite 5’s, plenty of other wild shit as well as opposite whips.

Mike Escamilla just posted a blog about his trip on the Tony Hawk secret park tour... go check that out.

Sergio Layos is home in Madrid shredding and is also getting ready to head over the Backyard Jam.

Ruben Alcantara just rapped up a 2 and a half month long stay in the US and Sunday headed home to Malaga, Spain. This last week prior to leaving, Ruben rapped up some unfinished business here in Cali shooting for the etnies vid. I guess you’ll just have to wait and see the video to know what we’re talking about, but believe us when we say “it’s freaking nuts!” Ruben will be at Backyard hanging and riding with the rest of the etnies team.

Morgan Wade has been at home for a while and headed out to Orlando this past weekend for the Dew Action sports tour where he rode street and park. He rode well and pulled some stuff he hasn’t for a while including the infamous “bike flip” but didn’t ride quite as well as he hoped. Morgan’s back home in Tyler, Texas right now getting ready to head out to the etnies Backyard Jam.

Taj Mihelich got home from Orlando where he tried to get some filming done for the etnies vid only to slam his thumb pretty bad…after some serious icing he is back up and running and been doing plenty of filming at home in Austin. Taj, as well as Danny Hickerson and Aaron Ross, lit the T1 ramp up and did some late night filming as well as some more street riding around town. He’s currently packing the van up with all his bands equipment and making sure everything they will need for the Props Rock & Roll tour is good to go. Taj will be heading out on the road for the tour following the etnies Backyard Jam in Sheffield UK the last weekend of October.

John Heaton has been home in Vancouver for the last month or so rapping up filming for a couple of video’s actually…1st the Volume video which should be out very soon and Johnny’s keeping his fingers crossed he might get the final section as he’s been working super hard on that… 2nd the etnies vid, which should be equally amazing and death defying. When not on his bike and enjoying beautiful BC, he’s been playing a lot of hockey kicking the crap out of himself as well as others. He worked at 3RIDE a couple of days last week and also worked on his spiffy VW GTI some. The wife dragged John to the Mall one day and John enjoyed every minute of it (Not really). Besides all of the above John always enjoys hanging out with his dogs “Frank & Stein”.

Josh Stricker is broke off and at home in Austin trying to heal up from a broken foot he sustained during a gap gone array…remember this?

Joe Rich. In his own words:
Well let’s see, this past week. Well, one week ago I flew 17 hours back from China to Salt Lake. I packed up my stuff which ELF was so kind to let me keep at his house and loaded up the Path finder. Drove up to Matt Beringer's house and after a little motivation, Chase Hawk got in and we started driving. We drove for about 7 hours to go ride Carbondale only to find no hotels available. At 2 in the morning and after 24 hours of traveling now, not what you want to hear. So we slept in my truck next to the skatepark only to be awoken by rain. Blah. And that would be the tale of the next 2 days. But at least we got to hike around some near Aspen. Pretty fun hanging out with Chase in that scenario. We were just hanging out by this little river messing around on some rocks. We both almost went in a few times. So anyhow, the next 2 days were filled with rain. We got back to Austin a day early but I was fucked up with sleep patterns for the next 4 days. Robbie came to town on Saturday to hang out some and then on Friday to come ride the t1 ramp. It was a really fun sesh and the perfect beginning to a great night. We premiered the FIT vid at the ramp and had a blast. There was such a good turn out. Robo was stoked. We had the tunes CRANKED! It sounded so good. Chase got the most cheers for sure. Hometown fav! What can you expect?!

The weekend was filled with more rain. Hung out with Sandy today and went to this little block party up by his house. Then onto some more errands and finally back home to do taxes tonight from 2005. Not the most exciting past week, but it was good entertainment all the way around. Hopefully this week will be a bit nicer. Me and Sandy have some filming and photo shoots in the works. -Joe

Dave Freimuth just picked up a new bike sponsor by way of good Australian friend Clint Millar…the name of the company is called Colony and Dave should have a signature fork out by the end of the year and a frame to follow shortly after. Dave’s been finishing up his driveway ramp and is waiting for some metal to show up for the flat bottom of it, just in time for the crap weather to hit. Dave, as well as Baco buddy Chad Degroot, are rapping up final details for the coming Halloween Baco Jam to be held at Mesh in Orlando this year…much better than freezing ass Wisconsin. And to keep the slum lord comments to a minimum Dave just got done putting new siding on his rental property to keep the paying customers happy. Although it seems like he hasn’t been riding much it’s actually quite the opposite and Dave has actually been getting some serious work done getting clips for the vid. Dave’s stoked because Thompson, his son, can now say “Football”.

Garrett Byrnes has been having the worst luck with weather as well as a nagging injury which has kept him from filming as much as he’d like. Garrett has been working on this one stunt he wants to do and if it comes through will be pretty amazing. Besides that he’s been working like a dog and digging a bunch.

Sandy Carson is home working on a new issue of DIG and riding a bunch clocking footy following his stint out in California, he and etnies teammate Taj Mihelich have been out filming a bunch as well as taking photos. Be sure to check out Sandy’s sequence in the new RIDE BMX.

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