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Sheck Gets 2nd & Takes Dew '06 Overall!

Oct 15 2006 / Sunday


After qualifying first on Friday, Ryan Sheckler ended up taking second in the Dew Tour Finals in Orlando on Saturday, and even though he didn't grab first, he ripped it and earned himself his second Dew Action Sports Tour overall title! So there you have it, Ryan Sheckler: 2005 and 2006 Skateboard Park Dew Action Sports Tour champion! Not too shabby, huh? Here's some Sheck video of his run in the finals! Congrats Ryan, etnies is stoked!

21 Comments Sheck Gets 2nd & Takes Dew '06 Overall!

  1. FIRST!

    $$! Halifax got a new park man!

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  2. I saw a video on of when he was skating and its not as good as I used to think it was. The problem is that he makes everything look too easy, like there is no challenges which lowers entertainment level. Makes it look fake is what I am saying, like a big show: fireworks but no seriousness. It looks boring now. It looks like he knows how to do everything so well now with no struggles and that is what turns me off. There is no longer any challenge to his skating. Actually, in the particular video I am speaking of it looked like he was showing off which disgusted me. I wish he would learn something new so it wouldn't look so cheesy anymore. The particular video I am speaking of is this one: (If it shows the 30-second commerical, simply hit refresh/reload to see the clip)

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  3. The fact that he performed a backflip recently proves my theory that he trained on it. Saw an updated video. Glad this one does not looks as cheesy as the last:

    I told some fans of his on a remote message board he was probably working on this. They did not believe me. Looks like they will have to eat their words now.

    You can tell he was probably holding that one off until the very last stop.

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  4. Ryan, you're throwing your arms up like an Olympian...

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  5. DeaneRenata is a poser, don't listen to her. He makes it look easy becuase he's good at it. If you skated, you'd know that it's not easy. All of his tricks are harder than hell and take years and years of practice in order to nail them everytime like ryan does. God I hate posers

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  6. I totally agree with aj. Skating is hard... Until you get the hang of it. That's why I like it cuz its a challenge for me.

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  7. i new he could do it.

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  8. i watched ryan last night, he did a backflip, he was crazy! he's so hawt! next year...he'll do it again wohhhhhh go sheck!

    u kno it
    Posted: 8 years ago,
  9. OMG I knew Sheckler would win the dew tour a secoond year in a row right when the dew tour i love him soo much not just cuase he's hott but also because he's a great great great skater!!! he can only get better from here! I know he'll win all the contest he enter's and that no matter what he does he'll always be my favorite skateboarder, ... ever!!!


    Posted: 8 years ago,
  10. yea sheck i knew he would win it!

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  11. totally awesome! btw does anyone know wat music was used in the global assault highlights vid?

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  12. Ryan is the best skater...I love him!I knew he was going to win.2nd is still awesome,he did his best!

    Curly Fries
    Posted: 8 years ago,
  13. its pretty easy winnig when the competition is full of shit cunts.

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  14. winning*

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  15. dw sheckler u the best one there

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  16. ye ryan! he rocks!!!

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  17. nanana oh yeah ryan got second way to go but what happened to first

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  18. do u have a girl friend? im
    here fooor ya
    hot stuff !!!!!OOOO!!!!OOOO!!!!!

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  19. Hey, great job Ryan! Really kicked some ass. Not only is this kid like SUPER AMAZINGLY HOTT AS HELL (seriously omg hottness), he's my favorite skateboarder, and I'm not just saying that. I'm really impressed with how amazing this kid can really skate, and for being only 16. Now I know people will say things like Oh, what about Nyjah Huston? Well personally, props to him for being good, but I hate him honestly; he has no humility or respect whatsoever (in my opinion). Anyway, Ryan, great job, even though in the finals you got second! (BTW congrats to Jereme Rogers, pullin in first), but hey, sheck got FIRST overall. Damn good. Hottie with a body & talented too
    oh and deane
    if you knew anything about skateboarding, you would know that he has an incredible amount of variety in his skating, which is another reason why he's so good, which is also why it's so amazing that he hits his tricks so cleanly. and the backflip? so maybe he DiD practice it...i mean honestly, you think he shouldn't have? i'd like to see you try one, very first try, and land it as perfectly as he did. honestly
    you don't understand anything at all
    but anyway

    lax it up 2011
    Posted: 8 years ago,
  20. **I love Ryan, and great job to him

    lax it up 2011
    Posted: 8 years ago,
  21. P.S. if I pulled a backflip at a contest, I think i'd raise my arms like an olympian too
    so what if its show offish?
    we're all human
    we're not perfect.
    and sides, still love him anyways! ;)

    lax it up 2011
    Posted: 8 years ago,

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