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Jim McNeil Face Plants - Ouch!

Oct 10 2006 / Tuesday

etnies moto rider Jim McNeil crashed last week while riding at his friend's house and broke bones in his forehead, cheek, nose, jaw and eye socket. Yeah, he's gnarly! Get well soon bro. We'll let Jim tell ya what happened...


Here is my story!

I was riding on last Wednesday at my buddy Sheldon Riggs’ house. I was riding every day trying to get ready for the last Mountain Dew stop in Orlando. It was getting towards the end of the day and I was getting tired of doing tricks and just felt like jumping. There was an 80ft step up out of a pit that I was going to hit. The jump was just refaced a week earlier and hadn’t been packed, so the lip was soft and got all blown out real quick.


Sheldon was packing a landing right next to the landing of the dirt step up. I went off the step up and got cross rutted, sending me to land in the soft dirt on the side of the landing. When I landed in the soft dirt it ripped my left hand off and my legs blew off the pegs. I totally swapped out and should have been tossed off the bike, but some how, since my throttle hand was still on the bike, it made me whiskey throttle and it some how stood my bike back up and kept me from crashing. I was pinned out of control and couldn’t let go of the throttle. I went second gear pinned into Sheldon’s truck and didn’t have time to slow down or gain control of my bike.

I didn’t get knocked out, but knew something was wrong. I knew I had been cut, but couldn’t see out of my right eye and couldn’t feel the right side of my face or mouth. Sheldon rushed me to the hospital and that’s when the shock wore off and the pain started to set in. Once I got to the hospital they did a CAT scan which revealed I had fractures throughout he right side of my face and air in my brain. They rushed me to St. Joe's which is the trauma hospital were I was in ICU for two days waiting for the air to release out of my brain.

I had surgery on Saturday which went really good. They put plates and screws throughout my face to fix fractures in my orbital bone (eye socket), fore head, and cheek bone. I felt so much better after surgery and was in a less pain since every thing was lined up and in place. I should start riding in about 4 to 6 weeks, just depending how I feel.

It’s a given in the sport of freestyle motocross that you are going to get hurt and break bones. I just never thought it would be my face I would be breaking. I’ve had a lot of injuries, and this would have to be the most painful and scariest…especially when I got to the second hospital and both my eyes were swollen shut and I couldn’t see.

- Jim McNeil

29 Comments Jim McNeil Face Plants - Ouch!

  1. Hope you get better soon.. realy soon!.... my prayers are with you!...

    Jacob M
    Posted: 8 years ago,
  2. thats too bad bro, get better soon.

    Travis M
    Posted: 8 years ago,
  3. well on the good side shim, i think you look dead sexier then before.

    adam jones
    Posted: 8 years ago,
  4. shit will buff out

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  5. haha, he looks like a 12 year old fat kid..... hurry up and feed him some cake!

    get well soon buddy

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  6. take care jim - you are in our prayers - The Woods Family of Prescott Arizona

    brad woods
    Posted: 8 years ago,
  7. Hey jim hope you get better! Your in our prayers man!

    Taylor Woods
    Posted: 8 years ago,
  8. Hey Jim, man im really sorry about this!! Totaly sucks But get better SOON!!!! peace

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  9. D. Ambrose- bro there are better ways to dress up for halloween, face planting into your buddies truck is hardcore. . . you must be a diehard fan of halloween!!! Your tuff man, hope you heal soon, and come back better than ever.

    Dan Ambrose
    Posted: 8 years ago,
  10. Jimmy,
    what up homie i met u on Burnetts tour with carter in santa rosa. get well soon bro so u can hold it wide...u also need to kick Adam in the nutZ

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  11. hey whats up buddt hope you feel better soon. i know how it feels im healing from my face reconstrution three weeks ago. i front wheel cased a jump and hit the bars with my face they put six plates and thirty two screws in my face.

    Robert Welch
    Posted: 8 years ago,
  12. Hope you feel better soon Jimmy, Your in our prayers. Just remember chics dig scars...Take care, if you need anything call...Tony and Rob.

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  13. hi Jim hope you get well & had a good well recovery we will like to see you back in action here in Ensenada
    Freestyle Motocross La Fiesta Team

    jorge trujillo beltran
    Posted: 8 years ago,
  14. hello! jim first thanks good your ok, i hope to see you recover and get well soon, take care man, we want to see you on action again soon.
    freestyle Motocross La Fiesta
    Aaron Garcia

    aaron garcia
    Posted: 8 years ago,
  15. Hey Jim take care... we will send you some of the corona girls to take care of you at home.

    Best Regards

    Freestyle Motocross La Fiesta Team
    Jorge Contreras

    Jorge Contreras
    Posted: 8 years ago,
  16. Hi Jim,

    Can't say a whole lot that would make ya feel any better except I feel for ya and I pray for painless long term result. So much for your modeling career, huh? Make sure you come back!


    Posted: 8 years ago,
  17. Rob, chicks don't dig scars. (I know I don't)

    Hope he gets better.

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  18. far out... hope u get well soon jimmy!

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  19. that would of hurt a little bit of moree

    Posted: 8 years ago,

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  21. hope you feel better...and when you are youll be right back on top!!!!!

    Justin kennamer
    Posted: 8 years ago,
  22. man twich,pastrana now you.That sucks...well anyway hope you get better soon.Then you will be making the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ peace!!

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  23. damn thas harsh

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  24. Saw you win it at the Orleans in August in Vegas at the x-games were awesome! Take care and know that you got sin city on your side hoping for a safe recovery for you...

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  25. The damage and the scars will show nothing more than a true athlete and freestyle master. You got some big ones man...rock that faceplant with confidence!

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  26. Damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you really need to come back

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  27. Jim man that sucks.. Hopefully you will be good to go when I am back to AZ.. you need to come to the house or something like th old times...

    Posted: 8 years ago,
  28. jim......... crazy mann, but hey hope you get well soon and let urself heal good, dont rush it

    aaron shields
    Posted: 8 years ago,
  29. i feel bad wish yu feel battera hun

    Posted: 5 years ago,

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