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bmx_ team_ report_

Oct 10 2006 / Tuesday

Mike Escamilla rapped up the Tony Hawk Secret Skatepark Tour and was home for a few days getting some R&R before heading out to Utah to hang with Mikey Aitken. Mike has also been working on his radio show on Sirius as well as filming for the etnies video.

Taj Mihelich has been spending a good amount of time out in Austin trying to his back in good shape. Last week he drove keep out to Orlando to try to get some footage for his part in the etnies video at Chad Degroot’s park, Mesh, only to crash on a transfer within moments of getting there and he thought he broke his thumb. After some serious icing and a day later he was over it and drove 2 days home to Austin. Taj is back in Austin riding T1 and contemplating his next move.

Sergio Layos is in Spain right now and has been keeping himself super busy traveling around on home turf, including heading to Northern Spain with some good friends to get away from things and do a little riding and surfing to clear his mind. Last week he was in Italy doing some demos for Oakley and when he came home Sergio entered a small local comp…not sure how he placed, but I’m sure not too bad.

Ruben Alcantara has been out in California for about 2 months now following the Cowboys & Carnage Tour and has been enjoying plenty of good riding as well as a little surfing here and there. Last week Ruben did a little road trip down to Mexico with a friend from Austin to get a little R&R in as well as some more surfing. Following that he hung out and helped film Jamie Bestwick for his video part at a top secret location somewhere in Cali for four days. This whole week he’s been filming with Mike Manzoori in and around LA with etnies teammate Sandy Carson. Check out these massive ¼ pipes he and Sandy found

Jamie Bestwick spent the beginning of last week out in California filming his part for the upcoming etnies BMX video and from there he headed to Orlando to do a bunch of PR stuff for the Dew Action sports tour that will be happening out there in a couple of weeks. Jamie went home for a bit to get some R&R as well as work on some new moves for the above said comp. Jamie is up for an Arby’s Action Sports Award airing on FOX TV Sunday December 10th also in conjunction with FUEL TVgo VOTE!

Morgan Wade has obviously been filming a bunch for the etnies vid…he was out in Vegas for Interbike where he won Ramp Rider of the Year at the NORA Cup awards… again! Somewhere between Cali and Tyler, Texas, Morgan could be found doing more that twice the speed limit in his muscled up VW GTI which he recently some heavy duty mechanical worked too. Morgan’s home right now just chilling and getting ready for the Orlando Dew Tour next weekend.

Joe Rich has been on the road for a couple of weeks now. First up he was in Vegas for Interbike manning the T1 booth--the trade show went well and the booth looked amazing. From Vegas Joe drove out to good friend and lunatic Matt Beringer’s house where there was a little backyard jam get together…nothing serious, just about goods times hanging with friends. Last Monday Joe flew out to China with Matt Hoffman and Dennis McCoy to do demos/contests at the largest skatepark in the world in downtown Shanghai. Joe had been itching to go there and was definitely NOT disappointed. Joe got home from China Saturday only to have to drive home to Austin and hoping to hit some cement parks up along the way, only to have it rain the whole time. I guess getting to ride the best/biggest park in the world was the trade off?

Garrett Byrnes is home in New Jersey working like a mad man in hopes of buying some time off and head to warmer climates when it starts to cool down in Jersey. He’s been riding the trails and the local cement park with friends John Jennings and Brian Foster.

Josh Stricker was on a road trip with Stew Johnson heading back to Austin from Las Vegas filming for the etnies vid. While stopping in New Mexico Josh wanted to do this one gap he’s been sweating forever only to bail on it and break 3 bones in his foot…Josh obviously sat out the rest of the trip and is now back home in Austin.

Dave Freimuth has been home in Wisconsin playing with Thompson his son and hanging with the wife. Dave built himself a little ramp in the driveway to kill the boredom of having no skatepark in town now (Area 51 RIP). Dave also got himself a new bike sponsor following his departure from MacNeil, he now rides for good friend Clint Millar’s company, Colony. Dave is stoked! Dave and Chad Degroot have been working the Halloween Baco jam that will be going down Halloween weekend in Orlando at Mesh skatepark.

John Heaton has been home in Vancouver chilling with his fiancée Andrea and playing with Frank & Stein, his two dogs. The weather has been amazing so a lot of outdoor riding has been going down…a few cement parks and a lot of street have been on the cards. Last week John worked at 3 Ride bike store for a few days, he also attended the FIT LIFE video premier at a store called RIDE (not 3 Ride). As usual he’s been playing hockey and getting the living shit kicked out of him.

Sandy Carson has been one busy mofo! He drove out to Vegas with Joe Rich and helped man the T1 booth at Interbike, which is always a fun packed weekend. Sandy also rides for T1 now, too. From there he drove out to California with Ruben and Jamie where they headed to a secret location to film for Jamie’s video part for the etnies video. Sandy shot photos of the whole thing and had a blast hanging with fellow Brits Mike Manzoori and Bestwick who just made fun of each other constantly. Good times. Check out the massive ¼ pipes he and Ruben found. Sandy hung out for the next week filming with Ruben and Mike Manzoori in and around LA for the etnies vid.

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