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Rune In Slap!

Feb 1 2006 / Wednesday

rune slapArtsy!

Check out the February Slap for some artsy photos of Mr. Rune!

11 Comments Rune In Slap!

  1. yes first

    Posted: 9 years ago,
  2. hey i think ryan shecklers the best skater in the world n god ill do nething 2 just get a glimpse of him in person...i hope the cup tickets are still on sale
    i really want his autograph

    joey rizzuto
    Posted: 9 years ago,
  3. ryan is the best that etnies have ever had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted: 9 years ago,
  4. kalen youre such a poor fag sheckler sucks and you know it , that guy have horrible flips i mean the rasta kid is like 10101001 better than thim at his age

    Posted: 9 years ago,
  5. Go Rune Glifberrg....
    Hey this is a Rune Glifberg post don't destroy it man with the Sheckler stuff
    I mean i am a Sheckler fun But heyy you need 2 have respect to the other Skaters 2....Go Rune & Sheckster

    Posted: 9 years ago,
  6. joey ur a lil bitch who smoke da dick. post on again and ill hack u down.

    Posted: 9 years ago,
  7. man rune is good shit he has cool vert trick and he should have another pro model out........... the same for the rest of the team they should have pro models

    the dude that once said "skateboarding is awsome"
    Posted: 9 years ago,
  8. franky grow up please rune is Awsom

    Posted: 9 years ago,
  9. RYAN SHECKLER does not suck you faggets!!!!

    Posted: 9 years ago,
  10. dude i love your moves!

    Posted: 9 years ago,
  11. ryan shecklar is a shitty fagget who sucks a smelly old turd whore's tittie.

    Posted: 9 years ago,

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