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etnies Team Report, Yaaaa!!!

Sep 13 2005 / Tuesday

I bet Rooftop could backflip and 360 over Paul Bunyan and Babe the big blue ox first try.

Mike Escamilla drove back from the Vancouver Metro Jam where Mike played judge for the weekend much to the competitor’s peril; Mike and his cohorts heckled every competitor to hit the course! Following Metro, Mike and good friend Dave Osato drove to San Jose where the fourth stop on the Dew Action Sports Tour took place. Mike initially didn’t think he qualified for the event so he drove home six hours only to find out that he was included, so he drove the six hours back to compete. It’s a good thing that he did because he nailed down second to last place! (and the last place guy had a broken hand and was in a cast!). Good job Mike, Congrats. After the Dew tour Mike, Morgan Wade and Gary Young headed down to LA and on the way they hit up some vintage ditches that Mike knew of. Check out Mike’s shoe the Rooftop 3.

Taj Mihelich has apparently not been up to much lately according to him, “…pretty much the same as last week” he claims. He rode a bunch all over the place in Austin and he also played a rock show at the Ritz with his band the “Snake Trap” that was pretty fun and very! Very! Loud! To get psyched for the big show Taj forced himself to do some downside whips at the trails that same day…Don’t ask me…. Tajs’ third shoe the Roscoe is in stores.

Ruben Alcantara is on his one man West Coast road trip, he spent a chunk of last week hanging out with the guys from FOX Riders Co. in Morgan Hills near San Jose filming and taking pictures. From there he went to check out the circus that is the Dew Action Sports Tour that was in San Jose where he rode some spots downtown that were fun and shot some pictures. From there he drove up to San Francisco to hang with his friend Tony Campos and on the way he checked out Mavericks, the famous surf spot, but it was pretty flat so he didn’t surf. From SF Ruben will be heading to Oregon. We’ll keep ya posted. Rubens birthday is today, September 13th. Happy Brithday! Ruben's very first shoe the Terrenea which is out now!

Jamie Bestwick spent the week at home with his wife a baby boy Samuel and rode at Camp Woodward before heading out to San Jose to compete in the Dew Action Sports Tour stop four. Jamie did well enough again to win GOLD in usual Bestwick style, smooth, high and consistent. Jamie returned home Friday to his family and to a bunch of packing to get his wife and Samuel back to England. Check out Jamie’s feature in the new issue of DIG, out now.

Joe Rich has been having fun. He’s been riding a bunch around town and had a great street session with etnies teammate Sandy Carson the other night, and they also rode a pretty dope ditch until a skate buddy of his got him a flat tire. Also Joe is obviously riding the T1 ramp a crap load. He was supposed to film some clips for the upcoming Shitluck video with Dave Parrick but we’ll have to see how that goes? Joe’s been working hard at T1 keeping things running smooth as well as starting editing on a short film that he is making from the trip that he and Ruben went on prior to the Worlds in Prague…keep an eye out for that at Interbike. Joe has been collecting some of his favorite pics to go toward an art show that will be at camp fig in town at Michael Siebens art gallery. Check out pics of Joe in the new issue of DIG as well as photos he submitted in the new RIDE BMX.

The Morgan Wade Bio and Interview is online now! Check it out. Morgan kicked ass in Vancouver placing second at the Metro Jam last weekend before heading South to San Jose for the fourth stop on the Dew Action Sports Tour where he competed in both Park and Dirt. Morgan didn’t ride as well as he had hoped in both events but sure had fun setting a new world record for back to back flairs in the park competition, he did about 16 or 17 in a 60 second run (not really sure about the world record thing). Although Morgan definitely didn’t deserve to make the finals Judging still sucked! Following the Dew Tour stop Morgan headed south with etnies teammate Mike Escamilla and good friends Gary Young and Walter Pierenger to the LA area where they rode some ditches and Morgan washed his car.


John Heaton has been playing “Hotel Heaton” for some stragglers following his sixth place at Metro Jam. He has a couple of guys staying at his new place in Vancouver hanging out and riding. John and Jason Enns have been shooting photos with Little Devil owner Derek Adams as well as Kris Bennet. John has been on the hunt for a new car since his got stolen during Metro Jam. At first John was super bummed out, but now he feels that this may be a blessing in disguise since he is trying to save for a house with his fiancé. Hopefully with the money that he gets from insurance he can put the money as a down payment on a house and just buy a cheaper car instead of the previous hot-rod VW. Friday John played Hockey with his crew and his team won 8-0. Hell Yeah! John’s birthday is the 20th of September.

Sergio Layos has been home for the last couple weeks following the X Games, etnies Tour and a Woodward stay. Between enjoying some quality time with his family, friends and his girl Claudia, Sergio has been finding some new street spots around Madrid. He took off again to go compete in a contest in Potimao, Portugal, it’s a comp Sergio has attended for a few years and as always, has a great time. Also etnies flow rider Javier Ortega just recently moved there so Sergio had someone to play tour guide during down times from the contest.

Josh Stricker is back out in Southern California shredding and enjoying the sun. He is also enjoying the fact that kids are back in school, so he has been riding a bunch of the cement skateparks around the LA area. He shot some final stuff for his upcoming RIDE BMX magazine interview. At the tale end of last week Josh headed up to Big Bear to get some chill time in.

Dave Freimuth has honestly not really been up to too much other than sneaking away once in a while to go ride Area 51 with etnies flow rider Brian Kachinsky and changing shitty diapers on his new born son. While the baby has been napping, Dave has been working a little on the upcoming Baco Halloween Jam that is going to go down at Chad Degroot’s new park, “Mesh”, in Orlando Florida over the Halloween weekend (So long as it doesn’t get blown away by a hurricane?). The only other thing Dave has going on is that he will be attending the Redbull Backyard Build-Off going down in Ohio in a couple of weeks.

Garrett Byrnes has been home since the etnies tour and has been working a bunch playing catch up and has also been riding trails a bunch in between surf sessions. Garrett will be out at Interbike before heading out on a small road trip with Joe Rich, Sandy Carson and Ruben Alcantara with filmer Stew Johnson to film for the NEW etnies video that is in the works.

Sandy Carson has had a week that seems like a blur. He just finished shooting photos of some skateboarders for some magazine before heading to Houston where he shredded some rails and rode a bad-ass ditch with Joseph Rich. Rain delayed play a little in Austin this past week so it was nice for a change and allowed Sandy to catch up on some photo stuff and editing for DIG. Sandy and Joe are submitting some photos for an art/slide show coming up this week. There is a pretty bad-ass poll that is getting shut down so everyone who knows about it has been getting some final sessions in, and Austin finally has a legally designated area for a street/park to build on for anyone to build.

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