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Post-X Games Team Update!

Aug 11 2005 / Thursday

Deegs and Shecks

Torn up!

You’ve probably already read/heard the results from the weekend's X Games here on the, but just in case, here is a quick recap:

Last Thursday, Ryan Sheckler and Bastien Salabanzi skated in the Street contest at the X Games in Los Angeles. Ryan ended up placing 4th…probably could’ve done better had he not broke himself trying to back smith the rail during the second jam session. He came back and landed a few bangers but wasn't feeling quite 100%. Either way, congrats Ryan for kicking ass!

This is a kickflip back tail bigspin out.

Bastien also was in the contest, but he showed up a little late so never really got into the groove. Ewan Bowman, Flip’s Team Manager, was driving Bastien to the X Games, doing about 90mph. They ended up getting pulled over, and Ewan explained that they were running late for the X Games and he had a couple skaters in the car who were in the contest. The cop didn’t believe them, but when they showed their credentials, he believed them and let them go…apparently the cop said “Oh okay, you are in the X Games…well I’ll let you go then, but don’t go faster than 75mph.” It’s nice to know there are a few good cops out there. Bastien ended up getting 9th.

As busy as he is, Rune always makes time to sign...

Rune Glifberg had a busy X Games. He entered the Vert contest, the Vert Best Trick contest, and the Big Air contest! The thing that sucked was that he bruised his ribs/chest a week prior finishing up on the Boom Boom Huck Jam Tour…he came up short on the Huck Jam ramp pitched straight to flat—not a good thing. He was barely able to practice at the X Games, but still entered Vert (placing 9th), Vert Best trick (placing 5th), and Big Air (he didn’t qualify for the finals, but still skated) all while in pretty decent pain. Hell yeah Rune! No pain, no gain!

After the contest and the media frenzy that always surrounds Ryan Sheckler, he headed back home to chill for a bit and get ready for back-to-back contest weekends. Next weekend (Aug. 19–21) he will be in Portland for the third stop on the Dew Action Sports Tour and the weekend after that (Aug. 26–28) up in Vancouver, Canada for the Slam City Jam contest. From now until then, he’ll be home skating and getting ready for his upcoming trips.

Rune and etnies Girl rider Evelien ragin at breakfast. She got silver in Girl's Street.

Two days after the X Games, Rune headed back to Denmark to spend some much needed time with his family. He hadn’t seen them since early July, and that was a short visit anyway. Rune has had a hectic summer so far. Enjoy your down time Rune! Next week, he’s right back at it though as he is flying from Copenhagen to Portland for the Dew Tour.

Bastien and Arto Saari are currently deep in the heart of Texas, on Thrasher’s King of the Road tour. You’ve probably seen a couple posts here on the site about it…especially the one about 40-year old hags with rose tattoos. The tour started last Friday, and ends in New York in 10 days or so. We’ll have more updates as we hear them.

Happy Golfing!

Ronnie Creager got back from Arizona this weekend. He took a short trip out there to shoot photos and get some footage for various ads, etc. (it’s hot out there you maniac!). He’s now back in Southern California doing the same thing—skating everyday. As you may have guessed, he is also finding a little time to play some golf—usually with Sheckler. Next week, Ronnie (like Ryan) is headed to Portland for the Dew Series event, and the following week he’ll also be headed to Vancouver for Slam City Jam.

Stefan Janoski, along with Habitat and etnies teammate Silas Baxter-Neal, left last Thursday with the Habitat crew on King of the Road. They are taking the northern route to the East Coast (as opposed to Flip who are taking the southern route). No updates yet on how things are going for their crew, but we’ll get some soon and update you.

That’s it. Now turn your computer off and go skate!

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