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Team Report: BMX!

Jul 27 2005 / Wednesday


Mike Escamilla spent the week up at Woodward West with etnies teammate Taj Mihelich and the Canadian Beast Jay Miron shredding and sweating his nuts off. He got hurt a little bit riding while riding the cement at camp but he’s ok for the most part; he also went to his daughter’s gymnastics camp with her. From there Mike drove to San Francisco to hang with his brother and he came back to the LA area Monday.

Rooftop 3's are online.

Taj Mihelich spent the beginning of the week at home in Austin and went to one of his girlfriend's mountain bike races, he actually played around on the downhill course himself before jetting out to LA to go ride Woodward West with the campers at the request of Ron Kimler. Taj’s thumb is still a little sore so he’s been taking it mellow. Taj flew home Tuesday.

Roscoe’s are in stores.

Jamie Bestwick has been getting his back in great shape and is working hard on riding at Camp Woodward in preparation for the X Games coming up August 4-7 where he will be going for Gold on vert. He’s also looking forward to the etnies BMX Tour coming up next month that he will be on a portion of the stops. He’s also getting ready for stop three of the Dew Tour series in Portland. This week he has been painting some of his bikes to try and complete his retro looking signature GT Bike that he will be riding at the above mentioned events. Jamie just rapped up his bio for the Sobe web site and besides that he’s been changing poopy diapers more often than any man ever should.

Morgan Wade has been home in Tyler, Texas since returning from Gravity Games where he placed fourth in the park contest at FDR. He’s pretty much been chillin’…. Well, as chillin’ as anyone could in a 100+ degrees weather. At the tail end of last week he headed down to Austin to hang with Mutiny Bikes owner Joe Simon, from there Morgan flew out to Woodward Camp in State College, PA to get some top-secret training missions done to whoop everyone’s ass at the X Games in August…. Oh Yeah! It’s hot at Woodward too!

Ruben demonstrating Fly Bikes new Cobra Tube (you don't have to take off the wheel to change it)

Ruben Alcantara is home in Spain where he visited Vigo, Spain to hang out with Fly Bikes owner David Quesada and he also got to see a back specialist while there that gave him some great insight into good exercises for his back. Ruben has been visiting many doctors while home to get as many opinions as possible in hopes that he can get his back up to full speed. While in Vigo he also got to go surf a few times with David and got to ride a couple of real cool parks too. One night he and some friends went to see a band play called Stepbrothers that they know from Austin, T1’s Jeff (Taj’s cousin) plays in the band.

The Terranea is in stores.

Sergio Layos headed out to Barcelona to ride in an event there with his mom, he had fun up there and had a great time all week hanging with his friends riding street. They found a few untapped spots that turned out to be real good that they were very excited about. The tail end of the week Sergio attended a party at City hall with his girlfriend Claudia.

Joe Rich has been doing the usual working and riding at T1, he is expecting samples of the new T1 frames and other products any day now. He’s also been importing all the footage from the trip that he and etnies/T1 teammate Ruben Alcantara went on while in Europe in order to start editing. Joe spent Saturday hanging out with his dad and also did a little handy work on the T1 ramp, fixing some loose ends…the hinges to the door on the back of the 8 foot quarter, which is being used a shed, was kinda sagging. He also hung out with man of mystique, Paul Buchannon. They rode some jumps with some locals as well as a pool at a hotel that was being demolished, and on the way home the whole crew got caught in a heavy downpour. Joe has been rapping up some other stuff before heading out to attend the Soul Bowl contest in Huntington Beach, CA coming up this weekend with etnies/T1 teammates Ruben Alcantara and Garrett Byrnes. He will also be going to Woodward West around the same time while in Cali.

Josh Stricker has become nocturnal due to the draining heat in Austin, it’s making getting anything productive done very tough. He and his roommates have to move out of the house they are currently in so Josh will be heading out to Cali for the remainder of the summer to stay with his parents who just recently bought a new house in the Anaheim area.

John Heaton is MIA after starting his drive from the Toronto area out to Vancouver BC. Haven’t heard from him this week.

Dave Freimuth rapped up some stuff at Area 51; they are getting everything ready for when the etnies tour comes to town in August. Kevin Porter was in town this week as well as Andy Kent, this crew of guys actually managed to hit three parks in one day and still had time to go out and party with time to spare. Saturday, Dave and wife Patie went to a friend’s house warming BBQ and in the evening Dave snuck away for a quiet sesh at Area 51. Sunday was spent just chilling, hanging out on some car inner tubes at Red Granite Lake, WI swimming a diving. That evening Dave played a little Volleyball, his team finally lost a game after a string of wins.

Garrett Byrnes has been working all week, he’s also been doing plenty of surfing as well as getting some evening riding sessions in at the trails as well as some cement parks. Garrett has been getting ready to head out to Cali to compete at the Soul Bowl contest in Huntington Beach July 29-31…he’s looking forward to getting away.

Sandy Carson just started riding again this past week after taking it hard to his ribs while riding in Germany. He and a group of guys, bikers and skaters, got to ride a pool in a hotel that was being demolished. Sandy went to South Padre Island for the weekend with his girl Jen to get away from the rat race that is Austin, and especially since he has been gone for the last month and owed it to her to treat her to a little quality time. While down there the two of them did plenty of chilling as well as swimming and dodging the hurricane that came very close….Can you say “Sunburn”.

Sandy has been working on the Germany Federal DVD that should be out pretty soon, and as usual, has been working on DIG. Sandy did an interview/photo exhibit thing for RIDE US. He has also been building a new bike for the upcoming etnies tour in August. Insurance money helped Sandy buy a new camera after getting a bunch of his equipment stolen while in Europe. Stoked !!

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