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BMX Team Report...

Jul 19 2005 / Tuesday

Joe Rich

Mike Escamilla was in Denver for the Dew action sports series stop there last week where he rode amazing! Much to the pleasure of the crowd and his peers, Mike managed to pull a bunch of stuff out of his ass to qualify third place to make it into the semi round. With a few too many falls Mike didn’t manage to make it into the finals, although he did ride pretty damn well. After Denver Mike and Brian Kachinsky drove back to California, stopping to session many great cement parks as well as stopping off in Salt Lake to visit Matt Beringer and his compound. They got to shoot some natural waterslide on some inner tubes. Once back in Cali the guys hit up a ghost town in Sallon where they panned for gold and got spooked out. Brian flew out this past week and Mike spent the weekend up in San Francisco with his brother before heading to Woodward West where he is currently. Rooftop 3 is in stores and online now.

Taj Mihelich has been watching lots and lots of movies and has been riding his road bike quite a bit as his thumb is still bugging from the alley-oop lucky grind gone sour at the Soul Bowl a month ago. He actually raced something called a “Crit” race (kind of a timed road bike race on a track), completely ghetto and illegal. He did so-so but thought he was going to puke after the second half. Taj played a rock show right after the race much to his discomfort. Taj has also been pumping around the local BMX track, not catching air, just trying to stay limber and on his bike… once a BMX racer, always a racer I say! He also went to check out his girl Ammie (who also rides BMX) racing mountain bikes.

Check out the latest issue of Thrasher skateboard magazine for a fullpage shot of the T1 ramp getting sessioned by a skater and a caption that voids the BMX Jihad stigma. Again! Roscoe gets some coverage, this time it’s subliminally in Thrasher. Taj’s third shoe the Roscoe is in stores now.

Jamie Bestwick has been having quite a good time as of late, with a hick-up in the middle. After doing some demos for the guys at the UCI in Switzerland, Jamie returned to get back to his wife and baby in State College. Jamie got back into his usual riding routine at camp, getting ready for Gravity Games and the Denver Dew Tour stop. Jamie’s birthday was on July 8, the same time as the Denver Dew stop. He got first place at Gravity and in Denver Jamie qualified first and finished first, beating out arch nemesis Mirra fair and square. But it wasn’t without drama… Jamie decided it might be a good idea to go for a 900 after the buzzer (he didn’t know it was after the buzzer) and hung coping at around the 720 mark facing backwards and got launched straight to his back, catching not one inch of transition (that’s a good 14 feet) Unbelievably, after a short panic, Jamie got up and walked away and all he had to show for it was a sore back and a cracked helmet… it could have been way worse. After his first place finish in Denver, Jamie flew to California to shoot a commercial for the X Games with the likes of Jeremy McGrath, Bucky Lasek, and Bob Burnquist to name a few. Just today Jamie played a round or two of golf with Dave Mirra, so you know things must be good between the two, just a warm up of sorts for the X games in August. Jamie is getting ready to move house and Samuel is growing fast!

Ruben Alcantara although riding, has been battling a bad back for at least 18 months and finally got to get it checked out for real last week. After a very comprehensive MRI it was determined that he had compressed his lower vertebrae at some point. Ruben traces it back to a gap gone bad at the Worlds a couple of years ago. The doctors said it is not too bad and with the right exercise and massage it should be good which is a huge relief to Ruben… now he can go about things as usual. Up to this point he had been getting massages that he hoped were helping, but in all actuality and without knowing what was really up, could have been doing more damage than good. Ruben has been riding again now that he has some piece of mind, and filming a little more for the Fly Bikes video as well as helping his friend Gonzalo who is editing the video up in Madrid. Rubens first shoe the Terranea is in stores now.

Joe Rich has surprisingly been in Austin since returning from the UK where he competed at the Soul Bowl comp and rode the etnies/T1 UK tour. Usually he would have been out of town for the majority of the year globe trotting, but now has been getting his hands deeper into T1 and updating all of their frames and pulling double shifts at the office. Joe has been riding in the cooler parts of the day on the ramp and in the streets, as well as going swimming a bunch to keep cool. On quieter times Joe has been scanning photos. Check out the new issue of Thrasher skateboard magazine and you’ll see a full page photo of the T1 ramp being shredded by some skater.

Sergio Layos returned from the Rebel Jam in Berlin a couple of weeks ago where he placed well in a few different categories including first for Best Style. Following Berlin Sergio went to get his motorcycle license and failed, although he did say that the people giving him the test were having a bad day and pretty much sucked, which didn’t help his score. Sergio has been home for the last few weeks and has been enjoying time with his family, brother, and his girl. Sergio’s getting ready to head out to the US for the etnies Midwest Tour coming up in August and following that he will be heading to Woodward East to hang for a week and get some serious riding in. Sergio is an alternate in Park for the X games. Sergio’s birthday was on July 13.

Morgan Wade has had a packed few weeks. He almost went to the Rebel Jam in Berlin but luckily he screwed up the flight schedule somehow, which was a blessing in disguise due to the fact that only days prior Morgan had hit his head and split the living crap out of his lip. A hospital visit and 20 stitches later he was heading home. Next on Morgan’s plate was the Denver Dew Tour stop a couple of weeks ago where he competed in Park and Dirt. In Park he didn’t place as well as he had hoped but still did well enough to make it into the next three Dew stops. In dirt Morgan placed 8th which he was pretty stoked about. From Denver Morgan flew to Philly to compete in the Gravity Games at FDR much to the dismay of some local skaters. During a practice session there was some dumb ass skater trying to get bikers to run duct tape on their pegs, so the skater threw the tape at Morgan to put on his bike, Morgan threw it back to the guy and then the same guy decided it would be a good idea to throw a bottle at Morgan, the skater got ejected. Morgan is now home in Texas enjoying sweating a lot.

John Heaton is getting ready for his move West, West to Vancouver and nicer weather, nicer settings, and plenty of cement parks. John took his Fiancé Andrea to some shows he did in Ottawa a couple of weeks back, bad traffic is no fun. The guys he does shows with put on a party for the 10 year anniversary of the show team, so that was a lot of fun sharing stupid and hilarious stories of the past years. The party included a video of the past 10 years which cracked everyone up. John attended the “Fise” contest in France and placed first in park and sixth on vert…..Yeah Vert! Congrats John! Right now John is just chilling until the move this week.

Josh Stricker is sweating his nuts off in Austin after returning from the Red Bull mean streets contest. He rode a pool with the legendary “Gute” last week as well as got some tubing in on the river which definitely makes the hot days that much better. Josh just had his birthday on July 18 and had a HUGE no-holds-barred party at his house; there was plenty of carnage and casualties. Josh is getting ready to head back out to California to visit family and enjoy some cooler temperatures.

Sandy rockin' a prototype primo wheel.

Sandy Carson just got back on his bike for the first time in a couple of weeks since hurting his ribs in Europe on that handrail. This last week Sandy helped out doing some digging at I guess a secret bowl, but it doesn’t matter anymore as the city came by and buried it, after all that hard work, what a shame! Sandy has been working on updating his site and scanning photos. He has also been working on the Federal Bikes Germany trip DVD, there is going to be a slide show on the DVD so Sandy is compiling that. He has also been checking out EBay to find a replacement for the camera equipment he had stolen in Europe a month or so ago. Sandy will be having a feature of his work coming up in an issue of RIDE BMX here in the US as well as having one of his photos featured on a Jones Soda bottle, it’s a photo of a tattoo on Isaac Hoeflings inner arm. Sandy’s getting ready to head out on the etnies Tour of the Midwest. Sandy's web site.

Dave Freimuth is a wanted man! He got a ticket for riding his bike with no head lights on the sidewalk at night in Appleton. On Thursday Dave and his wife Patie went to a private screening of the movie Wedding Crashers which they both loved, thought it was the funniest thing ever. Friday Patie and Dave went down to Milwaukee to check out a Brewers baseball game. Saturday was spent swimming in Red granite quarry in Wisconsin, and Saturday consisted of a pool party at Dave’s house in his paddling pool. Sunday Dave dry walled the baby’s room and BBQ’d for the wife and the renters upstairs.

Garrett Byrnes has been home in New Jersey working hard and sweating like no man should sweat while pulling long hours driving back hoes and cranes. Garrett has been riding after work at the trails and some parks, and he has also been doing a lot of surfing and getting ready to head out to California for the Soul Bowl in Huntington Beach coming up July 29-31. Following that Garrett will be on the whole etnies Midwest Tour.

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