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etnies Mulisha Caption Contest Winners!

Jul 7 2005 / Thursday

Remember the etnies/Metal Mulisha Caption Contest? You had to write a funny caption for these photos below. Well we got a ton of good entries, a lot of f'd up entries, and some that were just plain wrong, but we said from the beginning that there is no holding back. So thanks to those who obeyed the rules (no rules) and here they are, straight from the minds of some weirdo’s out there (who will be receiving FREE etnies and Metal Mulisha shit), the winners of the caption contest....

Winner - So out a no where, he sticks his thumb so far up my ass I saw stars, then I fell and hit my head so yah, I got this helmet in case he tries that frickin' stealth move again!

Honorable mention
- You're wearing etnies, you may pass!
- Hey guys it finally happened! I scored one with the laaadies. That hot chic cleanin off the tables with the really deep voice just gave me her phone number....Im so gonna score tonight.
- Scooter McTooter was looking for a ride after his Vespa mysteriously got stolen by a fag wearing pink tights. I think they said his name was somthing like Nate Adams.

Winner - Metal Mulisha's short career in the radio industry ended when allegations of drug use during broadcasts and mandaotry intern sex orgies were confirmed. The Metal Mulisha confirmed all charges...

Honorable mention
- While Brian was laying down the vocal track for his remake of LL Cool J's "Mama said knock you out", Jeremy was enjoying the pure mountain air provided by his $85,000.00 nasal air induction system.
- Proof that Tourette Syndrome is in fact contagious.
- It's safer than using a dollar bill and is guartanteed not to give you the Hep, Twitch is plugged into the new Whapper-O-Matic. Deegan's already had his dose!!

Winner - After 200 years frozen in Deegans basement Cro-Magnum man has finally thawed. Temecula Scientist are calling him "Potter-arus-maximus" Scientist were shocked to find out he's only 20

Honorable mention
- Here's photo proof that he makes dirtbike noises and rev's a pretend throttle in his sleep...
- Gay Pride Day at EuroDisney took an ugly turn when a man was rendered temporarily blind after a 16 hr marathon on the mechanical escargot. The victim was given ass-to-ass resuscitation & sent packing.
- "Uh where am I? An alien space craft?? Oh no, not the anal probe again!! Can we please use some lube this time?"

Winner - If usher joins the Metal Mulisha ill start F*&^%$g horses

Honorable mention
- "Mr Stenberg as proffesional athlete updating your look is vital, this is a computer generated image of what we can do for you here at Temecula cosmetic surgery clinic to help you get to No. 1"
- Special News Bulletin: These photos just in. The police now believe that Usher may be being held captive and systematically raped by several members of the Metal Mulisha.
- In other news Usher has allegedly said that he is actually a white man from the neck down. He later confirmed reports of using a stomach double in music vidoes...

Winner - After a fierce game of who's hole is it anyway, Fluffer reigns victorious. Better luck next time Luke...Dont be so Hard-On yourself

Honorable mention
- Photo Still from the upcoming Metal Mulisha DVD "Satanic Geek Speedo Strongmen Vol:6 - The Thunder Down Under".
- hay u see that, the condom ended up on the seiling fan and my asshole feels like a hotdog in a hallway
- BEER, turning normel guys into dancing fairies since 1837

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