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BMX Team Report: Euro Trip '05

Jun 21 2005 / Tuesday

Prague, just one of the many amazing sights the team encountered on their trip through Europe.

Mike chillin' at the worlds.

Mike Escamilla spent the last few weeks healing up from his shoulder injury in preparation for the remainder of the Mountain Dew series and the movie he has been working on for Disney. In the movie Mike does some stunt double work for one of the actors. Mike went to the Czech Republic a couple of weeks ago to attend the world championships. Mike was still hurt at the time so he just hung out, enjoyed the beautiful city of Prague and helped play team manager to the etnies team. Mike will be heading to Denver for the second Dew tour stop on July 7.

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300,000 people love BMX! ...and Slayer!

Taj Mihelich spent the last few weeks in Europe shredding. Taj rode at the worlds in Prague where he placed 21st in Mini and 41st in Park. The comp had a packed field and Taj rode real well. Taj stayed in Prague for a few extra days to enjoy the sights and shoot some pics. Following the Prague trip, Taj headed to England to attend a rock festival called “Download”, the festival was in conjunction with Ozzfest and had about 300,000 people in attendance. There was a vert bowl contest going on at the same time which Taj entered and rode real well and placed in the top ten. Taj also entered the manual contest that they put on a got second and was real stoked. He also entered the best trick contest, but while trying an alley-oop lucky grind he popped off of the coping going mach 10 and wiped out, hitting his head, splitting his eyebrow and getting KO’d in the process, he also hurt his thumb a little…3 stitches later and a little woozy Taj was good to go. He took a few days off his bike and traveled around the UK with a few other guys from the etnies team doing the A4 distributor tour hitting up plenty of good spots with crap loads of kids in attendance. Taj returned home to a sweltering Austin, went straight back to work and only to find out that he had broken his thumb from the fall in the UK. He’s got a thumb cast and a few weeks recoup.

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Ruben and Taj.

Ruben Alcantara spent the last few weeks in Europe cruzing around with etnies teammate Joe Rich doing what they would like to consider a train tour culminating in Prague at the worlds. Ruben entered the Park contest and rode amazing nailing down eighth place with a lot of admirers on hand as usual. Ruben hung out in Prague for a few extra days before heading to the UK for the bowl contest at the Download festival where he placed respectfully and got to witness some sick riding and skating. Ruben ended up winning the manual contest and earned himself $1250 in the process (which he could not believe). To top it off he saw some sick bands like Slayer (which he did some serious head banging to), Helmet, the original Anthrax and capping it off with Black Sabbath. Following festival Ruben did the UK A4 tour and shredded everything in sight, he got to ride possibly one of the best wooden skateparks ever called “Interlect” up in Blackburn UK. Ruben went home to catch up on some serious R&R and enjoy some family time, he deserves it.

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Josh Stricker was out in Hastings England before hitting up the worlds where he rode well but I don’t think he was too stoked with his performance. Oh well, next time huh, I think he got 45th…then it was off to the bar. From Prague Josh headed home to Austin for about a week, taking care of some things before heading out to the East coast where he was invited to compete in a Red Bull event called “Mean Streets”, the event entails specifically designated spots, and teams (Josh is on Team Philly) have to utilize the spot the best they can and in turn the best stuff at that spot gets rewarded cash, at the end there will be an overall team awarded as well as awards for best tricks, best filmer etc etc. Should be good, Josh thinks he’s doing pretty good and says he did the craziest gap he’s ever done which earned him an on the spot $500 bonus, so he’s stoked. Josh will be heading home for some serious R&R after he gets done with this.

Keep an eye out for a RIDE UK interview with Josh coming out soon.

Jamie and 6lbs 8oz Samuel David Bestwick.

Jamie Bestwick has been spending as much time at home as possible getting ready for the impending contest season, riding at Camp Woodward and learning all kinds of new shit. He spent so much time at home he even missed the first round of the Dew Tour, but for good reason, in preparation for his first born…. His son was born on Thursday June 9 at 6lbs 8oz and 21 inches in length. His name; Samuel David Bestwick. Congrats Jamie and Kerry.
Jamie took off to Geneva Switzerland at the tale end of last week to a demo for the guys at the UCI and let them get a feel for what BMX vert is all about in hopes of including BMX vert in future Olympics. While there Jamie also got to check out some supercross BMX racing. Jamie returned home to get as much R&R as can be expected with a new born around. Jamie will be heading to Denver for the second stop on the Dew Tour.

For all you slackers, Jamie’s Woodward Camp/etnies giveaway is over. So if you entered keep your fingers crossed…if you didn’t, you’re dumb and you suck.

Morgan owned the street comp and Sergio got third.

Morgan Wade just signed with etnies and in case you’ve been under a rock for the last couple of years, Morgan has been destroying anything he touches, going bigger than most dare and taking BMX by storm. Morgan headed over to Prague for the worlds two weeks ago and showed those Euros just how powerful he really is by taking second in the Mini ramp contest and first place in the park contest by going higher, faster and farther than anyone. Morgan did his best to hit the ceiling of the contest arena while he hit the 8 foot quarter, topping out at about 13 feet. Morgan headed home for a day or so then took off to Louisville for the first stop of the Dew Tour where he placed… a respectable LAST! Morgan ate it hard, was coughing up some blood and had to go to hospital where doctors determined he had bruised his kidney. The doctors actually gave him the all clear so long as he stayed off of his bike for a little while, so he spent his off time off moving down to Austin from Dallas. Morgan will be in Denver in a couple of weeks to compete in the second stop of the Dew series, hopefully he’ll do better there and stay on his bike.

"That's right, I got third in mini."

Check out Morgan’s interview in the latest issue of Props video magazine. Keep an eye out for pics and a full interview with Morgan on

Sergio Layos also headed out to Prague after spending some time at home in Madrid with his family. Sergio rode three disciplines at the worlds, Mini, dirt and park. He got third in Mini, fourth in Dirt and finally third in Park. Sergio showed just how amazing he really is…oh yeah, he also won best trick in the contest with a tailwhip transfer! Overall a freaking stellar outing for the 19 year old Spanish boy. Congrats Sergio! Sergio has been home for the last couple of weeks.

Garrett Byrnes has been home working hard on his new career, Garrett is a heavy machinery operator and as time goes by he will end up operating cranes and all kinds of crazy heavy duty machinery. Garrett was scheduled to head out to England for the Download festival but I think he was inebriated or maybe he swallowed too much salt water from surfing because he thought his flight to England left a day later than it actually did, which meant he missed his flight. He made the same flight the next day so he missed the main contest but he did arrive, after a crazy triple train and multiple bus rides, to the event where he threw his bike together and competed the manual contest where I think jetlag got the best of him. Nonetheless, he got to see some amazing riding, sessioned in between everyone else’s runs and got to see some bad-ass bands play. Garrett is home surfing his brains out and working like a mad man….I forgot to mention that while surfing the other day Garrett got to have a session with an 8 foot shark on the Jersey shoreline!

Joe Rich spent the last month and a half away from home; the first 4 weeks of that were spent running around Europe on trains with etnies teammate Ruben Alcantara shooting pictures and getting footage to hopefully produce a short film. The trip culminated in Prague where Joe and Ruben met up with the rest of the etnies team to hit up the worlds. Joe didn’t compete due to some issues he was having with his arm which he wanted to rest. Joe, as well as a few other guys hung out in Prague to shoot photos and do some sight seeing for a few days before heading over to England to hit up the Download festival where there was bowl comp with skate legends Tony Alva, Kevin Staab and many more. Joe rode awesome and this bowl was right up his alley, Joe placed second and if you were there to witness it, Joe was riding every available minute and should for sure have won the MVP of the weekend. Following Download, Joe, Taj and Ruben did a small UK tour for A4 distribution which went real awesome, one stop the team showed up at a public cement park where there were about 1500 kids waiting for them. NUTS!!! The team judged a small contest and a serious game of foot down in one of the bowls. Joe is home now in Austin sweating his balls off and working at T1.

John Heaton was over in Europe a few days prior to the world championships in Prague just tooling around and hanging out with etnies teammate Dave Freimuth getting into all kinds of trouble as they usually do. John hit up the worlds competing in both Mini where he placed eighth and park where he placed tenth, overall a good outing. John headed back home to the Toronto area where he has moved out of his house and moved into his fiancés parents house for the time being….That’s right. I said fiancé! John got engaged a week ago and is loving life. Congrats John and Andrea…. Speaking of loving life, John was planning on selling his VW GTI and had a buyer who was 100% into it, so John bought a cheaper car in the meantime so he had something as soon as the other dude bought the V-dub and wouldn’t be without a ride…… well, the 100% dude backed out on the deal so now John has two cars on his hands. does anyone want a tits pimped out diesel VW? Other than that John has been riding around his old stomping ground in Woodstock Ontario, he also rode at a park in Vaughn where he decided it might be a good idea to send himself across the park bruising his heel and jamming his hip, needless to say John has been taking things a little easy since. John heads out to Wisconsin to hang with Freimuth for a while and to do demo’s at Jellystone Park.

Check out Dave's perfect posture.

Dave Freimuth was over in Europe hanging with the MacNeil team prior to the worlds in Prague which he planned on competing in but hurt his back, so he spent the last couple of week hobbling around like an old man with a 2x4 stuck in his ass. He did enjoy all that Prague had to offer regardless, just so long as it meant standing up dead straight. Dave returned to Appleton where he and his wife Patie went up to the Wisconsin Dells for a mini vacation. There was plenty to do like water rides, mini golf, some nice scenic boat rides and all that good jazz. After that, Dave got distracted from going to Tony Mortenson’s backyard ramp jam in Minneapolis by hitting up the Jellystone campground skatepark that he loves so much and also did a little fire pit BBQ as night fell. While home Dave has been visiting the chiropractor every other day for his back which has been helping some. Also Dave has been helping revamp the Area51 skatepark, putting some new stuff up there for the kids. Dave and Patie through down the big-bucks and bought a brand new pool…one of those bad-ass inflatable 12 foot by 3 foot deep beauts you can buy at the supermarket. Hell Yeah!!!

Sandy Carson started this years Euro vacation flying into Prague to hang with the etnies crew and compete in the worlds where he placed 47th…remember contests don’t mean everything, check out Sandy’s part in the Federal video. Sandy's been cruising around and shooting photos, he went to Vienna for five days and rode some street with his good friend George and his buddies. George shoots photos for the hell of it and to submit to some different magazines. Sandy went and saw an art show as well as a philharmonic orchestra. From Vienna Sandy headed to Krakow Poland, he left his bike behind in Vienna because according to everyone it’s just too sketchy to take anything of value because things are so shady. After that Sandy headed back to Vienna to get some laundry done and pick up his bike before jumping on a bus and heading to Budapest Hungary. He’s been riding solo missions because he can’t find anyone to ride with and it’s been next to impossible to contact anyone, so Sandy’s been putting his tripod to good use shooting photos of himself riding on a timer. Sandy will be off to Cologne on Tuesday where he knows plenty of people and will be meeting up with the Federal Bikes crew at the Suzuki Masters contest and from there he will be heading to Berlin for the Rebel Jam. Sandy’s going to do a whole DIG article from his travels and experiences, it should be interesting.

Check out the Euro Trip '05 Photo Gallery.

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