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BMX Team Report!

May 24 2005 / Tuesday

Mike Escamilla has been healing up after ripping his shoulder apart and getting some stitches in his melon a few weeks ago while practicing for the PIG contest in San Diego. Things are getting better slowly but surely. Mike’s goal is to be all healed before heading to Prague for the World championships on June 1. Last week Mike headed up to Hollywood to check out a new skate video at the Arc light theater which he enjoyed quite a bit. Mike also spent some time in Long Beach working on a template for a swimming pool slide that that would be rideable on a bike for a Disney movie that he has been working on. He had to lay it out so that Disney’s FX department had a shape to follow and build from.
The Rooftop 3 is in stores now.

Taj Mihelich did his road trip up to Michigan to visit family while hanging out at Lake Superior. He drove back home to Austin where he caught some rest and played catch up for a few days at work. Taj has been riding the newly refurbished T1 ramp with the locals learning new moves and having fun taking his bike apart giving it some serious TLC with a fresh paint job and some new parts. He has also been playing his Bass quite a bit. This past week Taj got roped into shooting photos for an etnies ad. The ad this month was supposed to be of Jamie Bestwick but because of an injury Jamie sustained to his ankle Taj stepped in and helped out and got the job done. He and fellow etnies teammate Sandy Carson went and shot some street stuff for the ad. Besides that Taj has been sprucing the ramp up with a little paint job to make it look better for the heavy metal birthday party they were having there for some friends. The week ended with Taj going to the gym, playing music with Dave Parrick and riding plenty. Life is good.
Taj’s third shoe the Roscoe is available now.

Jamie Bestwick has been home in State College taking care of his very pregnant wife Kerry and riding Woodward camp preparing himself for the very demanding contests season coming up. While practicing for the coming season Jamie rolled his ankle… not too bad but just bad enough to keep him off of his bike for a week or so and also long enough to miss a photo opportunity for a new etnies ad. As stated above, Taj stepped in with short notice and shot some street stuff with Sandy Carsonto get the job done. Jamie headed down to Louisville the middle of last week to do some kind of press thing for the new Dew Tour series coming up this summer. Watch for Jamie to have some very new and original stuff going on this year at all the contests.

Time is running out people! Enter Jamie’s Art Contest and win a FREE trip to Camp Woodward and a bunch of other free crap. So far most of the entries SUCK! (except for a select few) so if you have any good art you have a very good chance at winning this thing. So send it in!

Sergio Layos spent time at home in Madrid for the last week and a half. He was supposed to go to Austria for a contest but some miscommunication meant that he had to stay home, which was cool though because he got to go see his girlfriend Claudia compete in a quad bike race. She is sponsored and everything! Sergio was very! very! impressed! Sergio and Angel, his brother, just recently studied and passed the motorcycle license exam in Spain and have been restoring a motorcycle that they bought together which they plan to go touring on some time soon. Sergio has been working on an interview for a new BMX/Mountain bike mag that just started up in Spain. Sergio and his brother have also been looking for a good spot to build a wall ride by their house. The weekend got rapped up with Sergio going to a friends barbeque.

Joe Rich and Ruben Alcantara are cruising Europe like a couple of hippy backpackers in search of the next adventure. They started in Malaga hanging out there riding, drinking coffee and then moving up to Bilbao where is rained a bunch but they had fun nonetheless. They got to ride some real old cement 8 foot wide vert ramp in the middle of the city, also there was a small cement park in town too that Joe and Ruben had fun at and some vert walls with about 2 feet of tranny and about 6 feet of vert that Ruben managed to peg stall on. From there the duo headed to France where hopefully they were going to get to ride some trails…. No such luck, the rain put a damper on that plan also. The rain did let Joe play catch up with some emails and T1 business and also let Ruben sleep more than he usually does. Right now the two of them are in Switzerland riding a crapload and enjoying life to its fullest. The park in Geneva is awesome according to Joe, everything is huge! According to all reports the two of them have been riding more than ever, shooting plenty of photos and filming nonstop. The duo had planned on touring around Europe some more but have found that Switzerland is just perfect so they are going to stay there until there final journey to Prague in the Czech Republic on June 1 for the Worlds.
Ruben's first shoe will be available in June, get your orders in NOW!

John Heaton has moved out of his apartment and is currently MIA, his mom has assured us he is OK but he is not responding to calls or emails, so if anyone out there sees John Heaton please tell him to call etnies. John is supposed to leave for Prague on May 25 to attend and possibly compete in the World championships starting June 1. Hopefully his hand will be all healed up from the railed wreck he sustained while on the MacNeil road trip a few weeks back. John will be moving to Vancouver this summer to better his riding and to enjoy some better weather, expect good things from Heaton…if he ever shows up.

Josh Stricker is still over in the UK dealing with some crappy weather but having fun nonetheless riding with all the guys at Seventies, riding the ramps at the warehouse as well as riding the small local wooden park in Hastings with all the locals. His ankle has healed up some so he’s been stoked but still can’t understand for the life of him why British food is so bad. Josh will be in the UK for one more week before heading over to Prague for the Worlds.

Dave Freimuth is home in Appleton enjoying home life and time with his pregnant wife Patie. Dave got home from the MacNeil rode trip to jump right back into getting the babies room ready for its arrival. Dave leaves for Prague May 25 with John Heaton (if he shows up). Also Dave has an interview coming up in the next issue of RIDE UK. Keep an eye out for it

Garrett Byrnes is home in New Jersey shredding the trails that he has been working on a bunch. He got a surprise visit form the Road Fools 99 or whatever it is crew? Which he was stoked to see and hang with, lots of crazy stuff happened and Garrett was happy to see everyone. Also in true Garrett style he has been surfing a bunch, hanging with his girl Crystal and going to school to get his license to drive back-hoes and the like.

Sandy rockin' out like Angus.

Sandy Carson has been busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest these past couple of weeks. Last weekend he headed up to Oklahoma City to check out the CFB put on by the Hoffman bikes guys. Sandy had some artwork displayed at an art show during the evenings after the comp at an old unused Train station. Austin has been too f-ing hot according to Sandy to ride outdoors during the day so he has been swimming a bunch and riding T1 in the evenings. He and Taj have found some new street stuff which they have been skating at. Last week the T1 crew put on a heavy metal theme birthday party at the ramp with a BBQ and lots of metal blasting for a few friends who had the same birthday. Sandy also shot plenty of photos this week with not only Taj for an etnies ad but also of Black label skateboards’ Ben Gilley for a Dekline shoes ad. Sandy’s website is 99.9% done so check it out in the next week or so before Sandy heads out to his yearly European tour starting in Prague at the World championships on June 1.

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