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BMX Team Report

May 10 2005 / Tuesday

One of the many stops on the MacNeil bikes road trip

Six stitches, a shiner and a separated shoulder…ouch.

Mike Escamilla right now is laid up with a separated shoulder and six stitches above his right eye. He took it to the head and shoulder on a tailwhip nosepick gone bad while practicing at a local Southern California cement park for the PIG contest in San Diego that took place a couple of weeks ago. Mike has obviously been chilling but is still busy working on getting himself healthy for the five stop NBC Mountain Dew series. The first stop is in Louisville, Kentucky on June 9-12. Mike has also lined up a stunt double job for a Disney movie.
Go check out Mike’s shoe the Rooftop3.

Taj Mihelich was out in San Diego for the PIG contest a couple of weeks ago which will be on HDTV sometime in the near future. Taj and his T1 teammate Garrett Byrnes (Team T1) rode real well but didn’t make the finals; Taj came pretty close to pulling a double tailwhip, his first attempt since trying one at the second X Games in Rhode Island in 96. Taj returned home to session the freshly completed addition to the T1 ramp that includes a spine, bowl corner, ninety degree step-up hip and a sweet 8 foot quarter. Needless to say, with what the ramp already has to offer the addition is just making it that much better. Taj took off on a rode trip up to Michigan this past week to visit family and basically just get away from it all, his mom and step dad rented a cabin in the upper UP of Michigan.
The Roscoe is in stores now.

Ruben Alcantara has been home in Malaga for the last few weeks riding after returning from Austin where he helped complete the new T1 ramp addition which coincidently he shot photos on for his next etnies ad with Sandy Carson. He has been shredding everything at home and has also been hanging with friends and family. This past week Joe Rich flew out to hang and do a road trip of sorts…well not really, there are actually no roads involved at all, just wait and see and you’ll understand. The trip will take the duo all the way to Prague on May 31 where they are going to ride in the World Championships, from there Ruben and Joe as well as Taj and Garrett Byrnes will be heading over to the UK for a bowl contest that Slayer is going to be playing at…Yeah! SLAYER!!!!......Hell Yeah !!!!!
Ruben’s shoe the Terranea is going to be available June, so get your orders in NOW!!!

Jamie Bestwick has been home in State College looking after his very pregnant wife and riding hard at Woodward Camp with all the other super pros for the last few weeks. He did get away for a few days to go film an NBC commercial for the new Dew Tour coming up this summer. Jamie put a new bike together and has been learning new bad ass tricks at an alarming rate, so this contest season is going to be nuts and everyone better look out…..Especially that Mirra dude.

If you would like to ride at Woodward too (and who wouldn’t?) enter Jamie Bestwick's Art Contest and win a FREE trip to Camp Woodward to ride with Jamie.

Sergio Layos came out to the US to compete in the PIG contest in San Diego a couple of weeks ago. Sergio and teammate Kevin Porter (Team FLY Bikes) rode really well, but not well enough to make the finals. Following the PIG event, Sergio hung out at etnies and also shot photos with RIDE magazines Jeff Zielinski before heading out on a road trip with MacNeil bikes. He was basically just along for the ride and to shoot photos for etnies. He got to ride a bunch of stuff up the west Coast from San Diego all the way up to Seattle and everything in between. Sergio learned a very uncharacteristic move for him, so keep your eyes peeled for some new shit out of Sergio this year.
Did you check out Sergio’s etnies ad in the last issue of RIDE?

Joe Rich spent the last couple of weeks doing manual labor building the addition to the T1 ramp; check out the whole story here. This past week Joe headed out to Spain to join Ruben in their latest adventure across Western Europe together. They will be filming the whole endeavor as well as taking pictures for a small project that they have in the works. It should be good but you’ll just have to wait and see, it’s something a little different and definitely not your normal road trip.

Josh Stricker has spent the last few weeks over in Europe, first off starting in England hanging with the Seventies crew before heading over Germany to get plenty more riding in. He’s back in London currently where he has a cold and a rolled ankle that is in the process of healing. Josh goes home to Austin in a week and is very much looking forward to sleeping in his own bed.

John Heaton flew into San Diego to compete in the PIG contest, originally Mike Escamilla was meant to be his teammate (Team etnies) but seeing as how Mike prematurely weeded himself John had to find a replacement, so John hooked up with one of his Canadian buddies to become Team Canada. Regardless, they sucked and didn’t make the finals anyway. John took off after the PIG event for the West Coast MacNeil bikes road trip to shoot for their new video. The trip started off with a demo at the etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest with the rest of the team and proceeded north to Woodward West and all the way up to Vancouver taking a total of about 16 days. John managed to eat shit on a rail and gave himself six stitches in the palm of his hand, he got stitched up only to rip it open a week later even worse. John is now back in Toronto healing and hanging with his girl and Frank the pisser.

Dave Freimuth competed in the PIG event in San Diego where he and teammate Gary Young (Team MacNeil) made it to the finals only to place fourth. All things considered they did real well considering they got cards pulled like backflip/sprocket to fakie. From San Diego Dave headed out with the rest of the MacNeil team including etnies teammate John Heaton for the MacNeil bikes West coast tour heading all the way up to Vancouver culminating with the team photos shoot in BC. Now Dave is back home with his pregnant wife Patie and getting the front bedroom of the house all decked out as a nursery for their impending addition.

Garrett Byrnes has been home chillin' with his girl Crystal, riding the trails with the likes of the Blue Falcon Brian Foster and John Jennings. He has been relearning a bunch of moves he used to do like 360’s and he’s also been getting some street sessions in here and there to mix it up. Garrett just started an apprentice program under the tuition of his dad; he’s going to school to become an operating engineer……? Your guess is as good as mine.

Garrett has also been on the hunt for a vert ramp locally around New Jersey so he can get his vert on in preparation for the Download festival in Donnington England the first week of June where he and etnies teammates Joe Rich, Ruben Alcantara and Taj Mihelich will be competing on an 11 foot tall vert bowl while SLAYER plays in the background….. LIVE!!

Sandy Carson has been riding the freshly built addition to the T1 ramp with etnies teammates Joe Rich, Ruben Alcantara and Taj Mihelich, he also shot a photo on the ramp of Ruben for the next etnies ad. Sandy hung at the 9th street trails for a jam they had there with kegs and BBQ’s, they had some little contests like footdown, fakie tree ride and best drunk of the day (Sandy didn’t win much to his dismay), he did get runner up in the high bunny hop contest though. Sandy has been working hard on his art show that he’s going to be presenting at Hoffman’s CFB contests this coming weekend and also for the Rebel Jam in Berlin in July. He’s been taking care of all his travel for this year and he just rapped up issue 46 of DIG and is already working on issue 47. Right now Sandy is sitting home with a chest infection and just trying to get better and not get his girl sick.

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