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Supercross in V-Town! Reed Wins!

May 9 2005 / Monday

6am Fri.
-Last night, after the etnies Cinco de Mayo celebration, I finally decided to make the trip out to Las Vegas for the final round of Supercross. I secured a ride in ESPN TV dork Cameron Steele’s super duty and was set to leave at 5:00am. So here I am, Friday morning, half hung over and half pumped up for the V-town debauchery, doing 95 mph down the toll road to the 91 freeway and texting this message to myself while Cameron is getting his beauty rest. Viva Las Vegas!

Peggy Sue's diner

8am Fri.
-We just stopped by Peggy Sue's diner for some breakfast just outside Barstow on historic Route 66. We beat the traffic on the dreaded 91 and are on schedule to make the press conference where etnies team rider Chad Reed will no doubt announce that he is gonna deal a smakdown to the other riders in Vegas..... we need to be there at noon, hope we don't get distracted…

The road to the bunny ranch.

10:30am Fri.
…we spotted a huge distraction that took a lot of will power to not turn off the 15 freeway. Just 50 miles to the north off this sign is Pahrump, home of the chicken ranch and where prostitution is legal! But we have a press conference to be at so the chickens will have to wait 'till we are back in town for the Best in the Desert “Vegas to Reno” off-road race.

Afternoon Fri.
-We hit up the press conference and listened to everyone talk some shit and then got some lunch and beers at the local dive casino bar and lost some cash at the black jack table. Later all the factory riders had a press day practice session. Reed and Bubba looked fast and had some good practice battles. It will definitely be between those two in the main.

Friday night!
-After checking in at the Hard Rock and getting a bite to eat we went to the MGM to test out our Texas Hold'em skills from watching the world series of poker on TV. I definitely got in over my head at the 2-5 no limit table. I thought I was going to kick ass with a high two pair of ace and eight after the flop so I went all in. Some old guy called with a five and nine off suit and got a six and seven on the turn and river for a straight. WTF! The same old man got out Cameron and some friends by calling their $500+ all in bets before the flop with something like 7-2 off suit and drew a full house. Phil wouldn’t have approved of that, but it worked.

We left with our tails between our legs and bummed a ride to the Crazy Horse. I love strippers! I tried to get some photos but bouncers at strip clubs hate cameras and camera phones. At least I tried. But I swear this hot blonde really wanted me. Crystal, if you’re reading this, call me.

Way too early Saturday morning
-I should have slept in but I fought back and still went to the stadium to check out practice and roam the pits. Most of the day was spent looking for good shade to watch practice and nap in. I finally found the etnies "keg on wheels" in the dirt parking lot buried behind a thousand other RV’s and trailers. Didn’t have much time to hang out, but I got a couple pics before the races.

The track has a cool start that is outside the stadium and has two paths that wrap around and meet in the stadium. The dirt is really hard packed and slippery and gets blue grooved quickly. The whoops are gnarly and people are having trouble with them. Again, Reed was really fast and was only matched by Bubba.

Saturday night.

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