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A Doozy of a Team Update!

Apr 19 2005 / Tuesday

Sign, sign, sign

It has been a while since the last major team update. This one will be quite lengthy, lots to report from the month of March and so far in April.

Arto killing time

In early March (before Tampa Pro), Arto Saari, Bastien Salabanzi, Stefan Janoski, and Conhuir Lynn all headed out to Florida to do some skating in the skateboarding mecca that is Miami. It was a week long trip leading up to Tampa Pro, that included skating the spots throughout the city, doing a demo, doing a couple autograph signings, bowling, billiards, etc. You can get a lot done in seven days in Miami, even though there was some rain. When it rains, you go bowling or you play billiards. The only Saturday and Sunday we had in Miami were dedicated to a couple autograph signings and a demo.

Stefan getting emotional

The first autograph signing was in South Miami Beach at MIA Skateshop. Following the signing, the crew headed over to Control Skatepark to do a demo for a ton of kids that showed. There were at least a couple hundred kids inside the park. Matt (owner of the park and all-around ruler) was gracious enough to let us borrow his lights and generator for coming to the park and doing the demo. thanks Matt, we made good use of your stuff!


On Sunday, everyone headed up north a bit for another autograph signing. this one at Island Water Sports’ Deerfield Beach location. Another couple hours of signing for all the kids that showed up and we were headed back to Miami for more skating. Both autograph signings went off; the demo was amazing; street skating in Miami was amazing (aside from the occasional rain). An all around good trip to Miami!

Thanks to MIA Skateshop, IWS in Deerfield, Control Skatepark, Ian O’Connor, and everyone else we crossed paths with on the trip!

The etnies RV met us in Miami to drive everyone up to Tampa for the Pro contest. A five-hour ride is nothing in a vehicle like that beast, especially when you have cards and poker chips! It has been a while since the contest, and we're pretty sure you’ve heard all about it, so we’ll spare you with any details at this point.

It, however, must be re-iterated that Bastien got second place (could very well have got first for a repeat, but Busenitz took it), and Stefan got tenth in Street and Best Trick on the bank-to-wall. The twelve-day Florida trip had come to a successful end in Tampa, and everyone was ready to head for home. Thanks to Schaefer, Clements, and the entire S.P.O.T. crew for another kick-ass contest weekend!


Since the trip to Miami, a bunch of other stuff has been going on. Most recently, Arto, Rune, Bastien, Sheckler, Elissa Steamer, and Lauren Perkins went to New York for some photo shoot business, as well as an etnies Fall 2005 Product Launch party, which went down with quite a bang on April 7. Rune, Bastien, and Ryan were there for only a couple days, while Arto stayed a few extra days to skate and shoot photos with Mr. Gabriel “Stache” Friedman, who shoots photos for Slap (look for an upcoming article in Slap that Gabe shot. lots of Stache!). Before leaving, they all did a photo shoot with Alex from LoDown Magazine, which is based in Germany.

Ryan also did an interview and shoot with Complex magazine. Everyone was pretty glad to get home after the New York trip. too much of that place will drive you insane after a while! Good times were had though.


Arto has been back home in Huntington skating all the time. The weather has been good, so he’s been taking advantage of it. Aside from the New York trip with the etnies crew, he just got back on a five-day trip to the Phoenix, AZ area to shoot photos and film.

Rune Glifberg didn’t make the trek to Tampa for the contest ‘cuz he had to move into his new house down in Encinitas, CA. He is pretty much settled in now, and has had a few nice BBQ’s to break her in. He lives a stone's throw from the Encinitas YMCA, so he’s been skating the ramp and bowl down there a bunch.

2nd place

Stefan Janoski has been at home in Sacramento taking small trips to San Francisco to skate. He’s working on a couple projects that you will see in the mags very soon. Speaking of Stefan in the mags, check the May issue of Slap, Stefan has an interview in it, and it is amazing to say the least! Nice one Stefan!

Bastien Salabanzi has been chilling in Huntington lately skating around and playing the guitar. May starts a hectic schedule for him with tours, contests, etc., so he’s been relaxing a little before things get crazy. He’s headed to Paris later this month to spend some time with his family before the etnies crew heads out there for our Europe trip in a couple weeks.

Where's Ryan?

Ryan Sheckler has been busy with school lately. Taking him to New York for a few days set him back, so he has to do some catching up to do. When he hasn’t been at school or doing homework, Ryan's been on a skate mission with a couple projects in the works right now, Keep your eyes peeled in the coming months!

That, for the most part, sums up the last month and a half. Updates should be coming a lot sooner since no trips are planned. Stay tuned. Be sure to check out the new photo galleries from Florida and New York for the photos that we just couldnt fit into the news!

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