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Do the chickens have large talons?

Apr 18 2005 / Monday

A crazy story from Brian Tunney of Dig Magazine...

The long and short of it:

Today, I was riding through a parking lot near my house in an industrial complex. I had just come down a pretty big hill, zipping along at a fairly good speed, when a Canadian goose swooped in from behind, landed its talons into my back and started pecking at my head. I jack knifed over the bars going about 15 mph, then got up to reveal the goose coming straight at me, so I grabbed my bike and kinda did a tailwhip motion and hit it on the side. After the bike landed, it came at me again and I actually punched the bird in the face, which made it relent and take off. I assume I had ridden in close by the goose's eggs and it was protecting them. Anyway, I have a hole in my knee that's gotta be stitched up, and I just got all of the splinters out of my hand. When I jack knifed over the bars my right hand and left knee took the impact and the ground was sketchy, gnarly gravel of course.

This might be the strangest thing that's ever happened to me. I also just realized that the past two times I've been really screwed up and had to go to the hospital have now been because of encounters with wild animals (the other being that I contracted cat scratch fever from a stray cat)....

All I keep thinking is what the f^(#.......


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