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BMX Team Report

Apr 12 2005 / Tuesday

Mike's new Redline

Mike Escamilla spent the majority of the week hanging with his family and chillin. He did get the prototype to his new frame from Redline bikes and it came out “tits” and is a bitchin green and black color. Sunday Mike rode the Primo ramps a little before heading off to go see the movie “Sahara” which he liked a lot. Mike will be competing in the PIG event at Mission Valley skatepark April 18-21. Mikes Rooftop 3 shoe is in stores now.

Jamie Bestwick has been home finally getting some quality time with his pregnant wife Kerry. Jetlag has also finally caught up with Jamie, so spending some time just chilling is honestly just what the doctor ordered. Jamie just returned home from the UK where he competed in vert at BIKE 2005 and obviously destroyed the competition as usual. He was also honored for the second year in a row as the UK rider of the year by the readers of RIDE UK. Congrats Jamie! You-d-man! Regardless of whether he’s winning comps or not, Jamie has been getting himself prepared for the coming contest season which by all accounts is going to be one of the gnarliest contest years to date. Good luck Jamie! Oh Yeah...and be prepared for some crazy shit coming your way from Jamie this year, when you see him ride you’ll be blown away, he’s learned all kinds of new stuff that no one else does.
Also Jamie is super pumped on his new art contest that is being put on by etnies and Camp Woodward where two kids will win a trip to Camp Woodward with Jamie and a bunch of etnies gear. Get all the details and sign up here.

Taj and Ammie

Taj Mihelich spent Monday at home in Austin for only one day after returning home from Tempe, AZ where he and his band performed at the Tempe music festival. Tuesday Taj headed to New York City to attend etnies fall product release party/get together with etnies teammates Ruben Alcantara and Garrett Byrnes to hang with a whole crew of etnies athletes like Arto Saari, Bastien Salabanzi, Ryan Sheckler and many, many more. Taj flew home with his girl and spent the whole weekend riding his bike. Look for the T1 ramp to have a little facelift here in the near future. Check out issue 10 of the T1 zine. Taj fly’s out to San Diego this coming week to compete in the PIG event at Mission Valley skatepark. Taj’s shoe the Roscoe is in stores now.

Ruben Alcantara spent the beginning of the week in Malaga before flying out to New York City on Tuesday for the etnies fall line party with teammates Taj Mihelich and Garrett Byrnes. He spent the week sight seeing and enjoying everything that New York has to offer including Central park, the Empire State building and all the awesome restaurants. Ruben flew out to Austin to hang out and ride some trails and the T1 ramp with all his friends for a couple of weeks. Ruben fly’s out of the US on April 22, to hit the road for a couple of months with etnies/T1 team mate Joe Rich for a little secret project that they are working on. Also, Ruben wants to let you know that he really enjoys doing taxes…Not! Ruben shoe Terranea drops in June.

Joe Rich got to ride with street legend, filmer par-excellance and pro-slacker Dave Parrick at the skatepark of Austin on Thursday. Ruben also came to town so he and Joe hit the trails. Joe has been working on his own private darkroom at T1 and his Saturday was consumed with that with a little T1 ramp sesh thrown in for good measure. Joe and the T1 crew have been putting in some time working on a little facelift for the T1 ramp which should commence in the next couple of days and will coincidently put Joe in the poor house…again. Friday, Joe and Sandy Carson did a little street riding and filming of each other.

Sick photo of Sergio from Fly Bikes

Sergio Layos and his brother Angel bought a motorcycle and have been fixing it up and giving it a paint job to beautify it and then they are going to go shred the jump on it. Sergio has been chilling a lot lately and hanging with his girlfriend but is still riding quite a bit. Sergio heads out to San Diego to compete in the PIG event at the Mission Valley skatepark.

Josh Stricker had big plans for last week. He planned to go shoot pictures with RIDE magazines Jeff Zielinski for his upcoming interview that they are working on. They got a few good things shot but Josh really wanted to pull this 180 over a handicapped rail that he almost pulled on numerous occasions but this one time got bucked off the bike, back slamming his ass on the ground, smacking his elbow and really jarring his whole body and in turn making Josh cough up some blood which really freaked him out. A quick trip to the ER gave him the all clear much to Josh’s relief. Josh has been taking some well deserved time off of his bike.

John Heaton has been enjoying some pretty nice weather up in Hamilton so he’s been doing a lot of outdoor riding, both cement and street. One night he took off on his own to shred the streets, he didn’t go out until at least 12:30am (he must have got kicked out by his girl. haha). Speaking of John’s girl, Andrea is done with school so John and Andrea went out to celebrate and of course, John being John, he took off riding his bike while slightly uncoordinated and ate shit scraping the crap out of his knee. Dumb-ass! John put together his new signature MacNeil frame complete with new press fit bottom bracket and internal headset. Last weekend John went down to Detroit to check out the Albes contest and to hang out with his friend Nate Moroshan. John is also heading out to San Diego to compete in the PIG event at the Mission Valley skatepark.

Dave Freimuth spent his week committing to a little R&R after last months craziness and in preparation for the up coming PIG contest and the west coast MacNeil tour. R&R for Dave consists of firing up his new gas grill the last four days in a row. (Thanks mom and dad!) By the end of summer Dave will be posting recipes! Hee hee. The weather's been amazing in Appleton and the outdoor parks are getting hit up on a regular basis. Thursday Dave shot the last photos for his RIDE UK interview! He’s finally done! Done! Done! So keep an eye out for Dave Freimuth’s long awaited and heavily hyped RIDE UK interview. Saturday, a whole crew including Dave went to a beer tasting festival and just for your information it's not a dirty white trash drunken event, it’s strictly for the malt beverage coinsurer…yeah right! Now Dave’s going to the park to learn candy bars and flip whips for the PIG contest at Mission Valley Skate Park. Oh, check out the Front Brake Revolution video on bmxonline to witness Dave’s front brake insanity

Crystal and Byrnes

Garrett Byrnes spent last week out in New York City hanging with etnies/T1 teammates Taj Mihelich and Ruben Alcantara at the etnies fall product line release party. Friday Garrett headed home to New Jersey to chill, go surfing and prepare himself for his impending school where he will be studying to be a heavy machinery operator. Garrett will be out in San Diego to compete in the PIG contest from April 18-21.

Sandy Carson has been on the trails tour of Austin seeing as how Austin now has 4 sets of awesome and very different style jumps. He got to ride some of them with Taj and also hit some street with him which made for a fun session. Sandy filmed some street with Joe Rich behind the camera, but Joe being a retard forgot his back-up battery so the session was pretty short lived much to Sandy’s dismay. Joe did get one thing right though, he managed to shoot some cool photos of Sandy riding his skateboard on the T1 ramp. Speaking of the T1 ramp, Joe and Sandy had a fun filled session on that thing to. Sandy has a DIG BMX deadline coming up which he has been stressing about but thinks he’ll get it done it time. Sandy has a new clothing sponsor called “Hollywood Wife” which he is stoked to be riding for and is very excited about. Saturday night Sandy was down town in a crowd of a lot of people and apparently there were some gang bangers not having a good time and decided to pull their guns out in the huge crowd and scare the piss out of everyone…needless to say, everyone split real quick in a HUGE stampede and Sandy survived to write his weekly team report for all you folks.

Thanks for go ride!

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