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The BMX Team Report of Some Sort

Apr 5 2005 / Tuesday

Garrett Byrnes

Escamilla and Eddie Fiola

Mike Escamilla drove back from Vancouver BC where he was hanging with some of Canada’s finest, Dave Osato, Jay Miron and Dustin Guenther as well as Redline teammate Rich Hirsch. The drive took about two or three days with stops in Portland and San Francisco along the way to visit some folks. Friday Mike headed out for some partying and attended his good friend Mike Ardelean’s birthday party up in Hollywood. Saturday he got to see the first public screening of the new history of BMX movie ‘Joe Kid on a Sting-Ray’. Mike got to hang out with some of the forefathers of the sport and actually has some clips in the final parts of the movie which he was really stoked about. The showing was a big-time red carpet style event with all kinds of Hollywood types there including Rick Thorne and the infamous Jesse James of Monster Garage who actually kicked down some dough to help produce the flick.
Mikes 3rd shoe the Rooftop 3 is in stores now.

Ruben Alcantara spent last week at home in Malaga and has been riding a bunch with the locals. Mid week etnies teammate Sergio Layos came to town and hung out and got some riding in at the trails, some street spots, some small ramps around town and they also got to go ride dirtbikes one day. This past weekend Ruben hung out with his family and was getting ready to head out to New York for the release of the etnies fall line of products at the etnies showroom.
Rubens first shoe the “Terranea” will be unleashed in June.

Sergio Layos spent the beginning of the week and last week at home in Madrid hanging with his friends and family and helping his mom get her business up and running. Riding has been good and mid week Sergio went down to Malaga to hang with etnies teammate Ruben Alcantara where they motorcycle riding and also rode (BMX) at the trails in Malaga that have been awesome lately since getting some rain, they also rode plenty of street aswell as some local ramps. Sergio heads out to California in a few weeks to compete in Jay Miron’s PIG contest down in San Diego.

Joe Rich’s last week went kind of like this… Joe rode the Banana Farm ramp with Wiz and Joel about a week or so ago. Then last Thursday rode the skatepark of Austin with Dave Parrick for the day. That was fun, really fun actually. He put a vert extension back up on the T1 ramp last Friday to get some more speed, like that ramp needs any more of that. Joe’s brother and his girlfriend were in town from Thursday night thru Sunday, so he mostly hung out with them. Also, Sunday he went down to a crazy track outside of San Antonio with some friends and his dad to ride dirt bikes. Good times. Today he feels sick. Blah.

Taj Mihelich rode a bunch on the T1 ramp and did some last minute work before leaving for Tempe, AZ this past weekend. He has been making some plans to give the ramp some needed TLC so to speak. Taj headed to Phoenix, AZ Thursday to rock out with his band “The Snake Trap.” It was Taj and his bands first live show in front of people and things went so-so as they had some rough times probably due to nerves, but it was fun nonetheless getting to play on a stage of that magnitude. After their set Taj got to see Bruce Crismans band play and Taj also rode a demo at the concert where he got to ride a box jump for the first time in a while which he was stoked about. Ryan Fudger was also there to shoot photos for RIDE magazine. Taj heads to New York Tuesday to visit the etnies showroom for the etnies fall product line release.
Taj’s shoe the Roscoe is in stores now.

Roscoe doesn't look scared of no cheetah rockin' "Roscoe's."

Josh Stricker has been playing tour guide again this past week. There are whole crews of people hanging out in Austin, Josh doesn’t mind too much because it keeps him on his bike and shredding. Saturday night there was a party at Josh’s house which went off and RIDE magazines Jeff Zielinski came into town late Sunday to shoot with Josh for his upcoming interview. Josh heads out to the UK soon.

John Heaton has been stoked because the weather has been way better up in the great white north so he’s been shredding some outdoor cement parks as well as riding some street. He also got to play some outdoor hockey believe it or not. The guys who run the skatepark in Toronto allowed John and some friends to ride the outdoor park there even though it wasn’t open to the public. Some of the ramps were covered in snow still but John and the crew cleaned them up in a jiffy and proceeded to shred. The weather went from one extreme to another, later in the week the Toronto area had a snowstorm putting any outdoor riding dreams to bed. John had to drive over to his sisters house this past weekend to go over some plans for the wedding he is involved with and a drive that should have only took maybe an hour and a half to drive took three hours. The only saving grace though was the fact that John got to ride an indoor park right by his sisters house after the meeting. John will be heading out to California for Jay Miron’s PIG contest later this month. Frank the pisser!

Freimuth was definitely not "Designated Dave" on the Local Exposure Tour.

Dave Freimuth hung out with Alan Cooke on the local exposure tour that rolled into town on Tuesday for a week. Dave and the crew spent their days off riding Area 51 and a couple local outdoor parks since the weather is finally lookin' good. Thursday they drove down to Wacousta, Wisconsin for a demo at midway skatepark. Midway has all of the ramps from the old Area 51 park so it's cool to see them set up differently. Wisconsin native, 17 year old Ray Ray stole the show with one of the biggest fufanu's of the entire tour. Friday, Dave snuck over to Area 51 with Steve Buddendeck to shoot a few photos before the demo at undercover skatepark. Dan Emmerich of Wausau, Wisconsin won the demo Friday night with some of the best lines of the night. Saturday was by far Dave’s favorite stop of the trip, Area 51. Since it was the last stop, everyone let it rip. Will Love fufanued a 4 ft railing out of a 9 ft vert quarter, Jeff K. and Dominick Trovato of fame schooled the locals with countless railing tricks and ended up getting first and second for the day and Morgan Wade dropped the bomb of the entire trip by pulling a backflip hand plant over the sub rail...twice!. It has to be seen to be believed. Brandon Hoerres of Sheboygan, Wisconsin ended up winning the entire tour and will be invited on the next local exposure tour. Congrats Brandon. Thanks to Alan and all of the sponsors for making such an amazing tour a reality.

Garrett Byrnes has been digging at the local trails now that the weather has been getting better and he also wanted to surprise his buddy John Jennings so when he got home from a trip the jumps would be up and running. Garret also rode some local cement skateparks this last week with friends and headed out to catch some waves. Surfing has been pretty good this last week but because of an off-shore flow the waves were a little bigger than normal and breaking kinda weird and Garrett has been getting his ass handed to him on a regular basis out there.

Sandy Carson spent the majority of the week riding trails with etnies teammate Joe Rich and all the locals, both 9th street and Jason Sunday’s trails are awesome right now. Sandy went swimming at the Camels hole and Twin Falls and has also been playing music in a local studio. Many late nights have been spent working on his website with his girl Jenn. Currently Sandy has been shooting a bunch with Austin local Chase Hawk and working on an article based around him. Sandy is involved with and has been working hard on three art shows in town that will be going down this summer. That’s about it for now other than the fact that Sandy is as always working on DIG BMXmagazine

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