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Crazy Photo Contest Extended! Stop Sucking!

Apr 5 2005 / Tuesday

Yea man, do an endo onto some girl's crotch!

Yea yea, this chick likes BMX! Breasts and Bikes! That's a good name for a website.

People! Listen! There's not much time left. Don't you want free shoes and fame? After the last photo posting on here, it looked like people were finally getting the hang of this and we got some submissions that actually made us giggle. But now y'all are back to the usual slackin' off. You half asses!

There's like 12 of you, out of hundreds, who actually obeyed the rules. Which means that three out of those five will win shoes. What kinda crap is that?

I want to be able to give you free shoes and show your photo skills to the entire world. Don't you realize the power of 400 kids called town hall freaking out last week when I pranked their asses for April Fool's Day. That's at least 400 people that will see your work!

We love laughing 'till we cry, but not laughing at you. We want to laugh with you 'cuz your submission is so damn funny! Where's the comedy? Where's the inspiration and creativity? Where's the desire to win free etnies? Stop sucking and get photivated! So get this: In attempts to be fun and fair and get your brains in gear, we are extending the contest until mid-April. This gives you nearly tow more weeks to impress the hell out of us one last time. Do it, or we'll never extend a contest again.

Is this a walk home from school on the "average" day? Maybe I am too old or something, but do you kids usually wear your jock straps outside of school?

The final day for submissions is now Sunday, April 17. So when I get back in the office on Monday, I better be cracking up at what I see or else I might just let nobody win. Muahahhahahahahahah!

Here's a few hints:
The photo needs to have a pair of etnies in it. DUH! At least get an etnies logo in there somehow and show us you're trying.
Don't steal a photo off of the internet and send it to us. We aren't that stupid.
The pictures of hot chicks are great, keep 'em coming. We're thankful, but just make sure they have etnies on, otherwise we're just gonna forward the photo all over the office and then toss it.
If the etnies in the photo arent visible or can be proven to be etnies, we can't allow you to win.
No one said you can't use Photoshop. Wink wink.
Smaller-sized files would load faster and help me get home from the office before midnight.
Don't copy what you have already seen us post here. If we've posted it, it has already been done. Be original or you suck.

Um...weird. For the record, etnies never sponsored a Hitler. We prefer non-racists team riders.

This is just the absolute worst of the Photoshop attempts.

Woah, easy there tough guy. You can't be that rough if you hang a pink Bam Margera poster in your room anyway.

Kinda cute, but no etnies shoes. LOSER! Although the pumpkin carving skills are second-to none.

This is just downright outrageous!

Dude, this is getting out of hand! You put a snake in your pants? I think you meant to submit to some "other" type of site.

Yet another hot chick with her body painted. If you can set me up me to be the body painter on her next photo shoot, you'll automatically win the contest.

Checkout those thugs! Their ghetto gowns are in full effect! Yo yo G-Unit in the hizzy my nizzle fo shizzle!

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