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So Much Is Going On...

Apr 1 2005 / Friday

Yes, this is large

Alright all you snow bunnies, here's a brief update of what the ThirtyTwo/etnies snow shredders have been up to...

The Empire Shakedown (March 19, Montreal, QC Canada) might as well been called "The Claim Down." Before dropping in to the course, the riders had to claim what trick he was going to stomp. That's right "Claim."


The Mega Gnarly kicker was just a meager 20-foot Woo-tang booter measuring about 50 feet long, right into to a flat landing, ouch! Makes my back and knees ache just saying it. Anyways, the rail course was built to follow the gargantuan kicker. It was at the bottom of Mt. Saint Sauveur, quite impressive since they tried to provide a little bit of street style into it. The rail course was built on an 18-set staircase with three obstacles.

On the left, built out of concrete, a down flat down ledge. Yes, the ledge was made of concrete blocks with wax melted on top... Kinda crazy! In the middle was a nice 30-foot flatbar metal handrail, oh and by the way, after the qualifying round a few local skaters decided to put on a little rail session just to show some of the snowboarders how it's really done. Yeah, no shame here, we all know skaters can be crazy. Anyways, on the far right was a nice flat ledge with marble top to a 10-foot drop. In the end, everyone was hyped. The weather was perfect and the riding was amazing.

Handrail craze!

Benji Ritchie, Tyler Lepore and Kevin Sansalone represented with style and grace. Stand-out performances were from Canadian ripper and ThirtyTwo representer Matt Dano for 1st place and Morgan Parker (also representing ThirtyTwo) for 3rd place. Matt pulled off a backside 900 to a nice front board on the marble ledge "Claiming it." Or was it a switch nine? Either way it was dope!

Congratulations Matt and Morgan! And thanks to everybody for representing ThirtyTwo and etnies. This was a great event to experience. The Canadians pulled it off again with amazing support. Big shout out's go out to Garret Louie at Timebomb,Dave Birnie, Matieu, Alex, Dan, Mike D, the riders and the rest of the Timebomb crew! Thanks again guys for all your continued support. Looking forward to next years extravaganza!

Custom noisemakers!

Onto the rest of the team...

Wille Yli-Luoma will be in Japan from March 29-April 5 getting his fill of sushi and sake bombs. He'll be on a week-long mission to throw down at the Slopestyle event along with sharing some fun stories and plenty of pictures with fellow Japanese fans. He'll most likely purchase a handful of pellet guns and electronics with Japanese instructions but what else do you buy when you're browsing through Akihabara?

John Jackson is getting ready to venture to the Canadian Rockies. Yes, he'll be on the never-ending powder quest, riding in helicopters with Standard films to jump and frolic along some cliff band in Northern Canada.

See those people trying to steal our banners? Thats cuz our shit is tight.

Benji Ritichie was talking about going to Alaska because he was so tired of waiting for the snow in Whistler. He's trying to gather as many resources to head north where he'll be filming with the Whiteout crew. Good luck Benji, we'll see you in Mammoth in a couple of weeks.

Markku Koski will be competing at the Arctic Challenge this weekend. He'll be representing with the rest of the TTR (Ticket To Ride) crew in Norway. He's planning on heading back to the States right after the contest to start filming with Standard films and attend the ThirtyTwo team photo shoot in June Mountain (April 15-22).

Upcoming events

April 3 Spring forward - 2:00AM set your clocks ahead
April 11-14 TransWorld Team Challenge, Aspen, CO
April 15 Tellus Festival/Ripzone contest, Whistler, BC
April 16 Nikita Chikita Showdown, Northstar at Tahoe
April 15-22 Thirtytwo Team photo shoot, Mammoth/June Mountain

Being surrounded by chicks is never bad...

Neither is winning contests and money

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