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Moto Team Report From Beaumont

Mar 28 2005 / Monday

Stands are for pansies; Garland just turns off his gas and lays it in the dirt.

With no Supercross this weekend I was wondering what I would write about for news on Monday. I usually write about the results and stories that come up about etnies riders in Supercross over the weekend. But etnies also has a lot of other riders that don’t race Supercross or win X games every year that are just as cool, well almost.

When Cameron's race team isn't landing upside down in the trophy truck, he gets upside down on his RM

Friday night, on my way home from the office I got a call from my good friend, etnies rider and ESPN TV dork Cameron Steele. “Hey pussy let’s go to Beaumont. The dirt’s crip, be at my house tomorrow by 5:30.” Beep. Well that settled that, I would do a team report on riding in the hills with Cameron, Derek Garland and Trigger Gumm, all etnies guys and all bad ass riders.

So I called off all booty calls, washed my rotting gear, charged my camera batteries and got to bed early (12:00am) in hopes of tacky dirt and perfect kickers. We got there and the dirt was as good as I have seen ever seen it, day old chocolate cake (just a little dry on top) and the weather was perfect. The only problem was that with so much rain the hills were overgrown. No worries, we all brought our 250cc weed whackers.

On our first ride, Trig got t-boned by our friend North who happened to be riding by in 5th gear where Trig was jumping out of this little ravine. Considering North was thrown 30ft away and Trig landed ass first in an extremely sharp rock garden, they were lucky no one was hurt too badly. Both were alright enough to ride another session and hit some kickers. Trigger will be leaving to Australia in early May where he will break his own 500cc world record at the Day of Records and then go on the whole Crusty tour.


Derek Garland is an up and coming Mulisha rider and when not practicing on the ramps at the Mulisha compound or doing demos around the world, he will show up in the desert or the hills and boost bigger than anyone. Derek will be riding some freestyle demos at the Long Beach Grand Prix from April 7-10.

Well know for his golden tongue on the microphone, trophy truck racing and not answering phone calls, Cameron is also a damn good rider. Always taking a line up a hill that looks impossible, getting to the top first try and waiting up there heckling everyone while we tumble our bikes down vertical cliffs in attempts to reach the top. He can always find that perfect transition hidden in some bushes that no one would have ever seen, dig it out with his boot and then lay down some flatty whips. Cameron has been off from announcing Supercross the past few weeks because of the IRL, but he will be back on the Supercross broadcast for the Pontiac Supercross on April 9.

See the rest of the photos from Beaumont in the photo gallery.

Cameron, Garland, Trigger, Lamchop in the back and North

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