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A Few Photo Contest Hints For You Numbskulls...

Mar 15 2005 / Tuesday

Getting warmer...this is actually pretty funny, and odd at the same time. This bird's outfit isn't much different from what some pro skateboarders wear nowadays.

Ok kiddies, we at etnies are stoked at all the photo submissions we are getting for this month's Crazy Photo shoe giveaway.

However, for every interesting one that meets the requirements of the contest, we have about 10 that completely ignore every rule.

Here's a few hints:

The photo needs to have a pair of etnies in it. DUH! At least get an etnies logo in there somehow and show us you're trying.
Don't steal a photo off of the internet and send it to us. We aren't that stupid.
The pictures of hot chicks are great, keep 'em coming. We're thankful, but just make sure they have etnies on, otherwise we're just gonna forward the photo all over the office and then toss it.
If the etnies in the photo arent visible or can be proven to be etnies, we can't allow you to win.
No one said you can't use Photoshop. Wink wink.
Smaller-sized files would load faster and help me get home from the office before midnight.

So get crazy, get creative, have fun and keep em coming. Hopefully you can learn what not to do from the sample submissions included here, all of which showed up here in the last few days:

Ok, this photo is ridiculously stupid and great. It might even be trying to make some sort of artistic "statement." However, the self-proclaimed "loser" forgot to show his etnies.

This photo is brilliant, but once again, no etnies, no winner.

Isn't this photo beautiful and serene? Kinda make you want to go mediate right? Who gives a crap?! There's no shoes in it.

Possibly on the right track. Notice the etnies shoe? The chick might even be kinda cute, but we cant see her face and she's wearing far too many clothes.

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