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Fast Forward Signing, Destroyed Shoes and Harsh Rain!

Feb 23 2005 / Wednesday

Last weekend, Arto Saari and Rune Glifberg went out to Dallas, Texas to sign autographs at a couple Fast Forward shops in the area. Arto was actually already in Texas on his Southwest mission, and Rune flew out to meet him. The signings were on Saturday and Sunday and went off without a hitch. At the Hurst location on Saturday, a couple hundred anxious kids waited in line to get their autographed posters, pictures, and their lucky chance to get some free etnies gear.

Those already wearing etnies gear (and sometimes Flip gear) got a free t-shirt or pair of shoes, until there was none left to give away (remember to rock your etnies gear at future team appearances!). Sunday, the signing went down at Fast Forward’s Mesquite location and about four to five hundred kids showed up for this one! The line went out the front of the store and wrapped halfway around the mall! A great turnout both days!

Obviously, kids have love for the Arto shoe. When was the last time you saw such demolished kicks? Thanks to Beedle and the entire Fast Forward staff for making the signings a huge success!

While in Dallas, the X-Games skatepark, as well as some random spots around Dallas were graced with Arto and Rune’s presence. Saturday night, they got the chance to skate a bowl secretly located in town. The bowl was four feet high with a six-foot extension. The four-foot section had pool coping, and the six-foot section had brick coping. The bowl was small and the trannies were pretty tight, but some destruction definitely went down (check the team manager digi cam photo of Rune’s back smith…locked and loaded). Be sure to check out Rune's Tip shoe at a shop near you.

Arto is currently in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma skating, and is eventually headed to Albuquerque, New Mexico, then to Phoenix, Arizona, before going back to Southern California this weekend. He has been on the mission with Conhuir Lynn (etnies Europe team), a couple Finnish friends, and Gabe (all around amazing man/photographer they met in San Antonio). They’ve been on the road for about 10 days now, and everyone is having a blast skating new spots and meeting new people.

Rune flew back on Monday morning just in time to handle some business regarding his new house. Everything is good to go--congrats Rune! This weekend Rune is heading out to Arizona to meet up with Arto and crew to skate some random stuff in the Phoenix area.

Bastien Salabanzi got home from Australia on Monday, but no word yet on how the rest of the trip went after the World Cup contest he won. He’s probably been on a sleeping mission as the jet lag is pretty damn gnarly traveling from Australia to California. We’ll update you on the next report.

Ryan Sheckler took a short trip over the weekend with his family to relax and ride motorbikes somewhere in the desert. It was probably a pretty soggy ride since it has been raining in California for the last week! It seems like it has been a year…No skating going down during these rainy times, so Ryan stopped by the etnies offices last week to hang out for a bit…check the photo for proof of rain falling on Ryan in SoCal.

Stefan Janoski is still in Barcelona skating (probably with amazing weather) everyday getting photos and footage. No updates since he headed out there, but we should be hearing from him soon. Wonder if he knows Hunter S. Thompson passed away on Sunday. Stefan is a huge fan and has probably read every book Hunter has ever written. R.I.P. Hunter.

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