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Bastien and Sheckler in OZ; Stefan in Barca; Rune and Arto Hit Texas

Feb 16 2005 / Wednesday

You saw the results posted here on the etnies site earlier in the week, but it was so good, it must be mentioned again…Bastien Salabanzi destroyed the course in Melbourne, Australia at the World Cup Contest on his way to 1st place, and Ryan Sheckler did the same on his way to 2nd. Bastien basically killed it…but the highlight of his weekend skating was the tricks he did up the massive Euro gap--cab kickflips, big flips, backside double flips, and a nollie big spin heelflip, which he landed pretty much as time expired--hell yeah Bastien! Congratulations to Bastien and Ryan on sweeping the contest!

Bastien will be staying in Melbourne for the next week, returning to the States on February 21st or 22nd for a street skating mission.

Ryan got back home on Monday, and basically went straight to school, where he had to catch up on a bunch of work he missed since he was in Australia most of last week. He has a five-day weekend (meaning no school) this weekend, and the family is planning to take a little trip to the desert to relax and ride some motorbikes.

Arto Saari is currently on a Southwest US mission. Last Friday, he jumped in the car with etnies Europe rider Conhuir Lynn and a couple Finnish homies to search out new spots, skate some ditches, and check out some parks. He is en route to Austin, Texas at the moment and will be in Dallas, Texas this weekend, where he’ll meet up with fellow etnies teammate Rune Glifberg to sign autographs at a couple Fast Forward Skateshop locations, do some street skating, etc. Arto will be driving back next Monday, so we’ll have some trip updates in the next team update.

Rune is back home after his quick mission to Australia for the contest. On Friday, he was practicing for the contest and screwed his knee up a little bit. Nothing serious, just bruised and unable to skate 100% during the contest. He ended up getting 6th place. This Friday, Rune flies out to Dallas to meet up with Arto for the aforementioned autograph signings and whatnot.

Stefan Janoski left Monday for Barcelona to shoot photos and film for the new Habitat video, which is just getting underway. It will be a while before we see the fruits of his labor, but goddamn it will be nice to see another Stefan part! Stefan will be out there for about 3 weeks, before heading to Miami in early March for an etnies trip. We’ll update you on Miami trip plans soon, still in the works…

That’s all for this week. Next week we’ll update you on Arto’s Southwest trip, the signings in Dallas, and we’ll have some photos for your viewing pleasure.

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